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Pelanoi Accounts

This is where you'll find all relevant character submission info for my RE story:

Character Sheet:









Occupation :



Family :

Brief History: A quick summary of your character's life and what they were doing before the outbreak

Unique skill: What skill does your character bring that sets them apart from the rest? Can they fly a plane or drive a boat? Is there something physical they can do?


Inventory: What your character has on them

Opinion of others: Tell us what your character thinks of the others in the group (ideally you'd discuss this amongst yourselves after checking out the others on the list below, admittedly I think I probably jumped the gun on this one)

Character Submission rules:

No Marty Stus or Mary Sues. Sounds easy enough to remember but I’ve seen enough people submit them to these things all the same. These things aren’t characters, they’re big, boring vacuums that suck up any and all interest and meaning the story has.

Weapons: your character is allowed no more than two weapons of any great length, more – naturally – if they’re small weapons like handguns (though no more than two handguns) or knives. Improbable weapons (like shurikens, tridents, morning stars etc.) are not permitted and will be ignored should you provide them on the submission sheet.

Firearms will be allowed (civilian and police-issue, no military hardware) but you’d better believe you’re not going to possess much ammunition. What they’ve got loaded in the magazine is all they have until they find some more or find something else.

I’m accepting eight other characters for the main group of survivors. Anyone submitting after the group is confirmed will make a cameo appearance and will likely partake in an exquisite (and depending on the situation, possibly noble) death sequence.

One slot open for a Police character; meaning all the perks that go with the job (physical fitness, rudimentary to competent marksmanship, fancy uniform and hat etc.) will automatically apply. Any who choose to apply for the slot will be judged on how well I believe the character fits the job. As such should you apply for the slot, please create either another or an alternate character sheet in case I don’t select yours.

Unique skills: Your character is allowed ONE unique skill, this may be whatever it is you wish provided it’s something grounded, realistic if you will. Any more than one and I’ll ask you to pick one you want to keep and disregard the rest.

Inventory: No overloading your inventory with stuff Bear Grylls could survive for a year on. The outbreak has been going on for a day, and with all the ensuing chaos your character will not have had time to raid enough supplies to fill a nuclear bunker. Some foodstuffs, a drinkable or two, and some other basic stuff like matches or other random items will do you fine.

Thank you

My Character:

Name: Ethan Meyer (zipscool)

Age: 21

Sex: Male

Nationality: American

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 84kg

Appearance: Light brown hair, bandages are wrapped around his head, covering his left eye which he claims was injured in an earlier incident, grey eyes, average build, a light stubble is growing on his face. He wears a faded blue short-sleeved shirt and tan cargo shorts. He wears a pair of white sneakers, which he claims are fairly new but are now dirtied.

Personality: He doesn’t like to speak of who he was before the incident, as he is now he is a fairly unpleasant character; rude, snarky and generally dismissive of others in addition to being unhinged – believing that he can hear his dead best friend speaking to him. He loves alternative punk/indie rock, and is generally much more agreeable when he has an earphone in, claiming that the music calms him down.

Occupation: None

Likes: Surviving, his best friend, tinned peaches, pizza, chocolate, horror stories, alternative punk/indie rock music

Dislikes: People insisting his best friend is dead, BOWs, sudden loud noises, cats, pop music, cauliflower

Family: Father and mother (deceased)

Brief history: The only son of a fire-fighter; Ethan grew up in Elspeth city in a fairly modest lifestyle. He managed fairly well in his physical education classes, not quite as well in his studies, though his grades were never bad. Since leaving education he’s been in between jobs, never staying in any one occupation longer than a couple of months, citing to his friends that he is just looking for ‘that one dream job’. Come the outbreak he was staying over at his best friends’ apartment after a night out, which was subsequently attacked by a crowd of undead, Ethan only managed to escape because the dead were feasting on his friend.

Unique Skill: Good reflexes, assisting him greatly in the initial stages of the outbreak, though he lacks the fighting ability (and depth of vision owing to one eye being covered) to put said reflexes to the greatest effect against the various monsters infesting the island

Weapons: A fire axe, four bullets for a .357 revolver, a length of lead piping stuffed into a rucksack

Inventory: A small rucksack, two cans of meat and a tin of peaches, a flask of water, a flashlight and several batteries, a small first aid kit (though he has no skill with first-aid whatsoever), iPod with roughly 90% charge remaining

Opinion of others: Has precious little love for the people in the group, only tagging along because he believes dying in company is preferable to dying alone, a concept the others find strange owing to his often anti-social behaviour.

Accepted characters:

Name: Cassidy Straum (Cattivo)

Age: 27

Sex: Female

Nationality: American

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 130 lbs

Appearance: Cassidy has a slender build, but she's not all that athletic. She has brown hair that usually she ties back in a ponytail, just below shoulder length, with a pair of long bangs framing her face. Blue eyes, somewhat sunken cheeks. As far as any distinguishing marks go, not much there to speak of. Her occupation doesn't exactly see her getting battle scars. Her clothing style is pretty casual; usually a T and blue jeans, or a blouse and slacks, if in a professional setting.

Personality: While Cassie prefers close groups, she tries to get along with most people and leans more toward optimistic, she likes people. She's polite with new individuals, and has a soft spot for kids. In a group setting, she's more likely to be a mediator, a voice of reason that tries to keep everyone from killing each other than a leader. She's a compassionate and warm person, and tries to give everyone a fair chance. She's not meek, though she's more likely to try and reason with people who are confrontational or reckless than engage in a shouting match, if even she'll be irate and even sarcastic as she does so. She's level headed and practical in most situations, as well as organized, though there ARE times she'll be a bit scatterbrained if she's a little too focused on her current task. Given the situation, I imagine she'll be in quite a bit of shock at what she's seeing, though she'll recognize it quickly enough and try her best to make sure everyone stays safe rather than throw herself on the front lines or be reckless. As for why she recognizes it, well, I'll get to that.

Occupation: Journalist

Likes: cool weather, swimming, horrible old B movies, she's also got a bit of a sweet tooth (and she's not picky there), reading, traveling, meeting new people.

Dislikes: Smokers, tardiness, humidity, people who talk excessively, people who are overly aggressive.

Family: Her parents were Pamela and Jeffery Straum, and she has one younger brother, aged 23 named Graham.

Brief History: Cassidy was originally from Long Island, New York, graduating Long Island University with a B.A in journalism. As a journalist, working on a piece for the Long Island Star, she was gathering testimonies and interviews from past victims of biohazard outbreaks. Meaning yes, she's studied these outbreaks and heard these stories quite a few times before, even if she's never been up close and personal with them. Really she was trying to write a big expose on "the corporate reality", to make everyone see the dangers of allowing companies like Umbrella to corrupt and control the civil liberties of the people they're supposed to be serving. She was also trying to gather any information on other pharmaceutical companies, which meant Grant and Glukhovsy caught her eye and found her in Pelanoi.

Unique Skill: Cassidy knows how to drive a boat. Her father taught her just about everything she knows about it.

Weapons: A simple handgun. One that she has a basic knowledge of how to use, since knowing her she has it for self defense and took a safety class. So no, she's not an idiot with it but she's not exactly an expert marksman.

Inventory: Cassidy won't be carrying much. Just a handgun, some food - perishables like bread and canned foods - and a few bottles of water, and of course her tape recorder.

Opinion of others: She won't take well to people who try to act recklessly, or people who are hot tempered, hard as she'll try to be a voice of reason. Younger kids in this, in the event they're involved, she'll try to be protective over.

Name: Kit Joseph Matthews (Wandering Letters)

Age: 20

Sex: Male

Nationality: American/Asian

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 175 lbs

Appearance: Athletic build due to his constant activities but isn't by any means a bodybuilder. Light creamy skin, dark brown eyes, short jet black hair. Kit prefers to wear long sleeved clothing and usually wears a leather jacket in tandem with slightly baggy jeans along with sneakers. Kit also has scars on his back from a bear slashing him during a hunting accident.

Personality: Kit is usually a cold individual, not really caring much about others except those closest to him. He is slow to trust others but has the natural instinct of working to protect those around him regardless of friendship. He is usually a silent type and isn't afraid to speak his mind, which can be optimistic at times but most times he tends to be realistic about everything that happens. Kit had his heart broken at the age of 16 by his first crush and as such is slightly desperate to gain hope of not having to be alone in this world.

Occupation: Engineering Student

Likes: Hunting, Parkour, Reading, Martial Arts, Tinkering with objects, Video Games, Swimming.

Dislikes: Self-conceited people, vegetables, extremely tight spaces, seeing others get hurt (especially those close to him).

Family: Lisa Matthews (little sister) Regina Matthews (mother)

Brief History: Kit was an engineering student at Stanford University. Due to his life almost totally being dedicated to his work, his sister Lisa urges him to take a vacation at Palanoi. Kit up to then was a straight A student and was active in martial arts clubs, swimming and parkour. He also took part in learning first aid to an advanced degree. This knowledge helped him save his sister when she was shot in a hunting accident by his neighbor in addition to himself when a bear slashed his back. Kit comes to the island with hopes of finding people he can trust and perhaps, "the one".

Unique Skill: Kit is naturally gifted with machinery and as such, is able to drive a car well and knows how to fix many things in addition to making them.

Weapons: Kit carries two survival knives on him at all times. He also has a crowbar which he found on the island and keeps it as both a weapon and a tool. Lastly, Kit is competent at hand to hand combat so his fists count as well.

Inventory: Kit carries a backpack that comes with a simple first aid kit along with some perishables such as food and water. Kit also carries his knives on his person in addition to improvised lockpicking tools. Kit also carries a crowbar in his backpack.

Opinion of others: Kit is protective of the others but is still silent and speaks only when spoken to. He makes decisions that benefit the group rather than himself.

Ethan: Sees Ethan as a very experienced individual and constantly tries to learn more from him in order to be of better use to the others though he doesn't do this so that everyone notices. He also tried to look out for Ethan due to the traumatic experience of seeing his best friend get eaten alive.

Cassidy: For the most part indifferent. He'll readily help her if she needs it and he shows interest in learning all about the company she's trying to expose.

Randolf: Annoyed to an extreme extent but will still help him if he needs it. Other than the mutual desire to stay alive, he doesn't care for his existence. One thing that annoys him especially is Randolf's lack of something significant to contribute to the group.

Sema: Protective of her. Again will readily help if she needs it. Admires her expertise in medical knowledge greatly and respects her intelligence.

Sydney: Protective of her due to her being the youngest of the group. Get's along well with her and admires her resourcefulness, especially with firemaking.

Ellen: Slight annoyance at her cold attitude to others. He however greatly respects her and feels that he has a rivalry with her. Gets along fine with her. Despite her obviously greater skill in recon, he would rather go than her because her combat skills would greatly benefit the group if he was in the situation.

Tiffany: Drop dead gorgeous in every aspect but tries to focus on the task at hand rather than her. It's needless to say that he would risk life and limb for her. Out of everyone in the group, he cares for her the most. Is also very interested in her military background and tries to learn as much as he can from her in just about everything so he can be of better use to the group. Tries to show her that revenge isn't always the best solution as well (after seeing how focused she got when he found out about her mission).

Leah: Respects her physical fitness and gets along well with her. Is vaguely aware of her attraction but does not understand it. Dismissive of her advances as his true interest lies in surviving and also in Tiffany.

Name: Randolf Wallace (Guest 1)
Age: 22
Nationality: Australian
Height: 5'8
Weight: 420 pounds
Appearance: - black, receding hairline
-strong acquiline nose
- deep blue eyes
- wears tight-looking jeans or shorts with a t-shirt, usually snot green in colour
- has the most tasteless swimsuit known to humanity: a pair of briefs with a surprised koila bear's head (made from felt) sown onto the crotch
- work uniform: a full-sized whale costume with restraunt logo on the chest and over-sized headpiece that looks comically demented with one eye significantly larger than the other
Occupation: Mascot for local restraunt
Personality: - horn dog
- cynical
- confident
- charismatic when with a group
- alcoholic
- smoker
- sarcastic
- loyal
- crude
- speech often slurred, though he tries to hide it
- strong sense of integrity
- patient
- kind

Likes: - booze
- women
- entertaining people as Bobby the Blue Whale (the mascot he represents)

Dislikes: - mornings
- hangovers
- arrogance

Family: Uncle Emile (fisherman)

Brief history: Born in Melbourne, Australia, Randolf moved to Pelanoi at a young age over to his uncle's. Having been home-schooled, his dream is to move back Australia and attend some sort of college to make a name for himself. He works as a mascot for a local restraunt called Oceanview Burger Palace, where roaches the size of a Buick are found aplenty.
Unique skills: none
Weapons: boat paddle
Inventory: backpack filled with candybars warped into interesting shapes by the intense heat, a number of X-rated magazines that would make Satan himself vomit, a towel and his 'swimsuit'

Name: Sydney Henry (skidney)

Age: 18

Sex: Female

Nationality: American

Height: 5'4

Weight: 145 lbs

Appearance: Sydney has a slender build. She has dirty blonde hair that just barely touchs her shoulders. She normally keeps it tucked behind her ears. She has sky blue eyes and wear glasses. Most of the times she wears either a red headbands or a hat. She wears baggy cargo pants most of the time. She also wears a black hoodie with hear graduating year on it 2012. She wear sneakers.

Personality: Sydney is shy around people she doesn't know, but once she gets to know someone she loses that shyness. She has weird sense of humor that tends to confuse people. She can be a little hyper at times. She tries to get along everybody. She dislikes people who think their better than everyone else. She tends to talk a lot when she gets nervous.

Occupation : College student studying Elementry Education

Likes: Reading, Harry Potter, video games, and playing soccer

Dislikes: Stuck up people, bullying, Spiders, and bugs in general

Family : Derrick Henry(younger brother) James Henry (dad)

Brief History: Sydney was a college freshman. She decided she wanted to be a teacher after graduating highschool and that's what she set out to do. Growing up her mother wasn't in the picture and her father was overprotective so she was never allowed to get a job. Because of that she would spend most of her time playing video games or reading. In college she had recently joined the Judo Club.

Unique skill: She knows how to build a fire without using matches or a lighter due to her Boyscout brother teaching her.

Weapons: baseball bat and a Pocket Knife that her brother gave her.

Inventory: A red backpack filled with a couple bottels of water, 2 Notebooks, a few pens, a large box of matches, the last 2 Harry Potter books, a small axe, and a couple cans of soup.

Opinion of others: Doesn't really have one

Name: Sema Smith(Sema is a Turkish name meaning Sky) (Guest 2)

Age: 25

Sex: Female

Nationality: 75% Turkish from both sides of family, 25% German and 25% French on dad's side.

Height: 5'7

Weight: 167 ibs

Appearance: Rather thin, with short, choppy black hair and dark brown eyes. Has natrually tan skin and wears an mostly anything with a button up shirt and a pair of flats. Or to be specific what she wore before the outbreak, a sky blue button up shirt, a black skirt, white tights, black flats and a brown belt. Also wears an silver watch(a gift from her grandmother) and pearl earrings.

Personality: She may like a shy, fearful helpess girl at first, but she can hold her own. A hard-working woman with a detemined and somewhat focused attiude, she is quite mature and rather brave. However, she can be somewhat arrogant and skeptical at times. She can also be rather sassy when she wants to be and a bit of a smartass. But once you get to know her she's actually quite nice, just it's going to take a while for you to notice.

Occupation: She works as a nurse and had a part-time job as a pharmacy cashier in college.

Likes: Classical music, smooth Jazz, Tulips, Mystery and Crime novels, white chocolate, Comedy flims, Sci-Fi movies, Newspapers, her family, researching(mostly when boredom strikes), carrots, her family and mangos.

Dislikes: Spiders, douchebags, monkeys, racism, Horror flims(irony is delicious), chessy Action flims, dumbasses, sexism, Zombies(irony again), Thorn-covered roses and Peanuts(is allergic to them).

Brief History: Born in a upper-middle class family of 7(being the eldest child in the family) neighboorhood in West Virgina, Sema has been interested in medicine and hospitals ever since she was 6, and started to study sometime in Middle School. She got a part-time job at a Pharmacy for her first year of Medicial School and got a job as a nurse in a hospital after she finished Med School. After a few years, she heard about Pelanoi Islands and decided to go there on Vacation with her friend Peter.

Unique Skill: Expert on anything-medical related, including Herbs.

Weapons: A pistol from Peter and a Kukri(a type of knife), a gift from her paternal grandfather.

Inventory: A good amount of herbs, two boxes of pistol ammo also from Peter(he worked in a gunshop), a compass, a few water bottles and a low-on battery cellphone.

Opinion of others: Dislikes reckless and idiotic people, soft spot for kids, likes nice people and anybody that can take of themselves. She isn't quick to judge and needs sometime in order to finally set her opinion on them.

Name:Ellen Rodd (MidnightChaos137)





Weight:140 lbs

Appearance: Ellen has medium length light brown hair that is in a low ponytail and wears a green military style hat. She wears a black t-shirt and military green cargo shorts with black and blue running shoes. She also has gray eyes that are usually hidden by a pair of black sunglasses. She has multiple scars on her arms and one prominent one along her jaw.

Personality: Ellen has a rather icy personality, she prefers to work alone and gets irritated easily. She has been known to speak before she thinks and will say whatever pops into her head, rude or not. She doesn't say much in social situations and what she does say is usually sarcastic. She does have a nicer side, but it is extremely hard to find.

Occupation :Former computer programming student

Likes: Weapons, rock and metal music, art, traveling, fighting, computers, being left alone, being undetected, smoking.

Dislikes: Crowds, mainstream music, overly emotional people, children, being found while sneaking around, drunks, fake people.

Family : Michaela Rodd (mother) and Jacob Rodd (deceased father)

Brief History: As a teen, Ellen's father had a collection of weapons and he would take her to a shooting range every so often. He also signed her up for martial arts which she took happily. As she didn't act like a normal teenage girl, she was shunned. This cemented her belief that she can only work alone. She dropped out of university after her fathers death when she was 20 to study fighting techniques around the world and eventually ended up on Pelanoi Island.

Unique skill: Ellen is an excellent close quarter combat fighter with her knife, but her specialty is recon. Investigating things without being seen or heard is a technique she picked up while traveling that has been very useful to her.

Weapons: A combat knife and a Smith and Wesson Model 686 Plus revolver. (Both with holster)

Inventory: A pack of cigarettes, lighter, a water canteen, three packs of rations, and a laminated picture of her with her parents. (everything in pockets of cargo shorts)

Opinion of others: She does not think highly of bossy people or those that like to stick their noses in matters that don't pertain to them, though she has a strong respect for medics as she is useless in that field.

Name: Tiffany Elizabeth Connors (Jen Jen Yuki)

Age: 21

Sex: Female

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 150 lbs

Family: Asuka Connors (Mother) Carlos Connors (brother) Matthew Connors (Father)

Appearance: Slim but athletic figure with plenty of curves and contours. Long dark brown hair that stretches half way down her back that she usually keeps tied in a ponytail. Light skin that's almost sand in color but just a tad darker. Flawless face apart from a small scar from a sparring with her friend in the Marine Corps. She usually wears her army uniform, casual wear is most commonly a black tanktop and combat fatigues with boots.

Personality: Tiffany has a hardened heart after completing several operation for the Marines in the name of the eradication of bioterrorism. Despite her training to not care much for anyone due to the level of danger her work entails (especially operations against B. ), she maintains a very caring personality and will readily help everyone she can. She is also a natural leader (having lead some of the operations herself) and is a great motivational speaker. Her squadmates usually call her "Mother Tiffy" due to her caring yet stern nature about her work. Tiffany is also lonely, having not had many friends in school despite her good looks.

Likes: Training her body, reading, spending time with her family, casual gaming, swimming, running, meditating, going out to eat, movies

Dislikes: overly reckless people, being unable to help others who are important to her, stupidity, being ignored when she is trying to help.

Brief History: Tiffany was born in Colorado and grew up with her older brother and her mother. Her father was a high ranking officer in the Marines and she was inspired to become one herself by him. By the time she was in her junior year in college, she was already a lieutenant due to her brilliant skills and natural affinity for tactics. What really helped her career was that she managed to become the youngest woman to ever complete the intense survival course in which she had to find her way out of a swamp with only a compass to guide her. This obviously greatly honed her skills and increased her endurance. Tiffany's father was killed by a terrorist and this greatly affected her and this inspired her to help the B.S.A.A with whatever operations she could. This is why she has experience with B. . Along the way, she read the Kennedy Report and trained extensively with the use of firearms and CQC. She visits Pelanoi due to getting a tip from a contact that the terrorist that murdered her father may be there in hiding.

Unique Skill: Amongst all the perks of being an experienced military operative, her greatest asset is undoubtedly her ability to adapt to situations. She is an excellent tactical thinker and takes the abilities of everyone into account before formulating a plan with pinpoint precision.

Weapons: She always carries her trusty FN Herstal FNP-9 on her and her combat knife. Her body is a weapon as well due to her extensive training in CQC. Despite only having a pistol, she is very proficient with many weapons due to her military training.

Inventory: Tiffany has a backpack which contains a large water canteen, a full set of walkie talkies, a basic first aid kit, some perishables like food and water, a compass and a map of the island. Tiffany also carries pictures of her family.

Opinion of other characters:

Kit: Attracted to him at first sight, finding herself baffled and allured by him at the same time.
Ethan: Totally screams son material for her.
Randolf: Dislike but mutual desire to survive makes em friends.
Sema: Sisters
Cassidy: Annoying little sister
Ellen: Admiration.

Leah: Treats her like a spoiled child, unaware of her attraction to Kit.

Name: Leah Bartford (Guest 4)
Age: 20
Sex: Female
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 148 lbs

Occupation: Professional Surfer and Swimmer.

Appearance: Slender build. Slightly curvy but not too attractive. She has brown skin and a flawless face. She has long black hair which she normally keeps tied in a bun. She usually wears slightly revealing clothes but only because she gets hot a bit easily. She usually sports a tanktop with shorts or jeans.

Personality: Leah thinks of herself as the most important asset to any and everyone. She believes that she should be the top priority and as such, is self-conceited but does have a humble side once you get to know her. Ordinarily, she will be helpful but only when it benefits her as well. She's very friendly but doesn't know how to treat others with respect, a fact that she is reprimanded for time and time again. She's also playful but will be serious when the time calls for it. She however is easy to scare and easily shrinks down to almost helpless unless motivation is given or just assisted otherwise.

Brief History: Leah prefers not to talk about her past but it is known that she grew up in Miami with her father and younger brother. She joined the swim team at an early age and progressively became more skilled at it until her America chose her to represent them internationally at meets. Because she loves going to the beach so often to swim, she picked up surfing and mastered it over the years she spent practicing with the surfer club at her school. Leah originally aspired to be a model but after seeing how much time they spend in the locker room as opposed to onstage or in front of a camera, she opted out and changed her aspiration to that of an athlete. In addition to her everyday activities as a swimmer and a surfer, she occupies her time with yoga, regular jogs and tae kwon do. Her most prominent hobby besides the water is drawing. She goes to Pelanoi Island for a vacation.

Unique Skill: Leah is an excellent swimmer. Due to the conditioning of her training, she has above average endurance and cardio for any task but is right at home in the water as well.

Likes: Swimming, Surfing, Drawing, Yoga, Italian Food, Meditating.

Dislikes: Being told what to do (unless it is important), people who don't admire her, self-conceited people, people that don't know how to swim, heights, smoking.

Weapons: Leah's only weapons are her body and proficiency with some melee weapons from her tae kwon do training. Despite this, she has a snub nose pistol and a taser in case they aren't enough.

Inventory: Leah carries food and water wherever she goes due to her fast metabolism. She stores everything in a medium sized backpack. She also has a whistle, several sets of goggles, a stopwatch and pain medication for the occasional times she gets cramps after swimming or running. She also carries a book on different herbs due to her interest in learning about them.

Opinion of others:

Kit: Admire his bravery and willingness to do the right thing. Finds him attractive but due to her self-conceited nature, she strays from acting on it, especially after seeing his own attraction Tiffany first hand.

Ethan: Feels sorry for his traumatic experience and becomes a sister figure to him. She even begins to develop a fondness for him.

Randolf: Finds him hilarious and considers him a friend.

Sema: Admires her intelligence but dislikes it when she outshines her in any situation.

Cassidy: Dislikes her job as a journalist but agrees with her ideas of exposing the companies.

Ellen: Is positively irritated with her cold behavior and attitude. She however sees her as a valuable ally to survive the task at hand.

Tiffany: Is jealous of Kit's attraction to her but they otherwise get along fine.

The Mercenaries

Name: Elias Dunbar (zipscool)

Age: 30

Nationality: British

Sex: Male

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 90kg

Occupation: Squad Leader of Grey Team

Appearance: Dressed entirely in form-fitting dark combat gear, Elias wears a specially designed, reinforced respirator mask, protecting his face from harm and any hazardous materials present in the atmosphere. Well built, lean and burning maroon eyes.

Personality: While driven by greed, Elias prides himself on being utterly focused on whatever task he is employed for, carrying it out with a single-minded determination that borders on suicidal. He cares little for others, and has no stomach for weakness in his unit.

Brief History: Elias keeps much of his history under tight lock and key, however it is known that he was once a promising SAS candidate. Some time while he was undergoing selection though, an incident occurred that the British Government has since clamped down on. Details are sketchy, but Elias is the only recorded survivor. Since then he left the army and joined a Private Military Corporation, eventually finding his way into Grant & Glukhovsky’s employment.

Unique Skill: Elias possesses endurance and a will unlike any other in his line of work; where others would pack up and take what they have been given so far, Elias strives on undeterred. It is this that makes him a most frightening opponent.

Likes: Money, success, executing a well-formed plan, light horror novels

Dislikes: Failure, weakness, having his orders disobeyed, new recruits

Weapons: Elias wields a modified H&K G36 assault rifle, with a grenade launcher, folding stock, reflex and laser sight. He also has an H&K MP7 that he uses for close quarters, similarly modified to his assault rifle (sans grenade launcher). He also has a wickedly curved combat knife.

Inventory: Several magazines of ammunition, two fragmentation grenades, two flashbangs and two smoke grenades. Several days worth of MREs and two canteens as well as a map and compass.

Name: Alaina Jenkins

Age: 21

Sex: female

Nationality: Irish (has a strong Irish accent).

Height: 5.6

Weight: 115

Appearance: Alaina has light blind hair that straight and just a little below her shoulders. She's got narrow blue eyes, very petite and short.

Personality: She's got a fiery temper, stubborn, and prideful. But she's willing to listen to orders, and won't do anything that could potentially harm her friends. She's as though as nails, blunt, and doesn't care what others think. You have to gain her respect, and that is not easily done. She can't stand whiners, but has a soft spot for kids.

Occupation : Bomb expert.

Likes: Action/horror films, chocolate (strange obsession with it). Her job.

Dislikes: Being bored, no action, crybabies, the strong picking on the weak.

Family : She has fiver younger siblings who are safe in Ireland, and two parents.

Brief History: She worked on a farm all her life, just dying of boredom and wanting to do something more, that's when she decided to be a mercenary, she's started working as one soon after, pretty simple.

Unique skill: She's the one with the explosives, she can make a bomb out of almost anything and enjoys it incredibly.

Weapons: Shotgun, 9mm, and tons of grenades, Mines, and fuse to last a lifetime.

Inventory: A bottle of water, utility belt (to hold all her stuff), and some Military food.

Opinion of others: she really doesnt give them the time of day, she cares for her mercenary group, and that's it. Respects Elias.

Name: Natalia Brookes

Age: 29

Sex: Female


Weight: 169

Nationality: British

Occupation: Reconnaissance

Personality: She is very sneaky, Sometimes you can forget she's even there. She LOVES explosives she says that ,pIt helps her calm down and she is very skilled on making them out of random materials if she has the main items.
She is quiet but when It comes to her teammate's job (Alaina Jenkins). She loves to ask questions about them.
But since she is quiet and sneaky she does Recon. She is very slick and she is smart at some points has random outburts, she is respectful and loyal.

Appearance: Dark red(dyed) and has brown eyes, she wears a black body suit and a belt that holds her equipment for when she goes to scope out the area, she wears her Long hair in a tight bun. She wears boots but they don't make noise when she runs.

Likes: Explosives, High tech Recon equipment, Guns and Tranquilizers

Dislikes: Alarms (she is afraid of loud sirens), Mistakes and being lazy.

History: She came from a rich family but she hated having people treat her like she was weak so she left and she lived on her own she was very smart and she loved to experience new things and explore places. Then after she joined the mercenaries, has high respect to Elias and Alaina.

Weapons: tranquilizer a Silenced handgun and knifes

Inventory: hacking equipment, A bottle of water and small snacks like fruit some smoke graneades and a small tool kit.

unique skill: she is a good marksman but never uses It to her advantage and is very flexible.

Opinion of others:
Elias: Looks up to him and has high respect towards him She always felt that he was a born leader and she would do anything for him.
Alaina: LOVES her job she sees her as a sister likes to scare her when she sneaked up on her. Respects her and would always be any help to her.


Age: 32

Height: 6'8"

Weight: 245 pounds

Nationality: Unknown

Physical Appearance: Clad entirely in black; kevlar vest, combat pants, leather gloves and boots. Motorcycle-like helmet with a breathing apparatus and a yellow, skull-like, viper's face decorated across the front of visor.

Personality: - loner - has a tendency to be distant from his teammates
- cold and calculating
- strong sense of integrity within his profession - will carry out contracts as long as he is paid - will not target children
- absolutely despises B.O.W.s (sees them as a blight on the profession) - when given the option, would rather use his own fists than operate them

Brief Biography: A contract killer for hire, VIPER is one of the most ruthless and enigmatic in his profession. Little is known about his identity, though rumours claim that he was one of the infamous child soldiers from the South African region. He has appeared in numerous countries where outbreaks were present. It is believed that he would claim the heads of B.O.W.s as trophies. It is debateable as to whether or not he causes the outbreaks as a means to hone his own skills.

Weapons: - G-36 carbine rifle
- silenced 8 mm handgun
- combat knife

Skills: - masterful practitioner of a mixed Tae Kwon Do/Hapkido variant learned from South Korean Special Forces
- highly intelligent - carries with him the philosophy that anything and everything could be used as a weapon, including information, words, or even simple phrases to intimidate or break his opponents and targets. As such, he is a masterful manipulator and a brilliant tactitian.

Name: Felix Jäger

Age: 28

Sex: Male

Nationality: German

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 190 lbs

Appearance: Felix has short dark brown hair that has a tendency to stick up and pale blue eyes. He wears a black combat suit with a mask covering his nose and mouth (think Four-Eyes' mask without the glowing blue patches). He also has a pair of thermal goggles that usually rest on his forehead when he is not using them.

Personality: Felix is a rather relaxed person but gets bored easily; even with the job as a mercenary. He finds it difficult to interact with people, but makes an attempt to get along with the other mercenaries so he isn't bored when a stop for rest is required. He has a tendency to ignore orders that he doesn't feel will benefit him in the long run and is often seen as rather disloyal because of this. He is also cocky about his abilities as a sniper and if anyone questions him, he is quick to show his skills.

Occupation: Sniper

Likes: Being on a higher level, having a clear shot with his rifle, and anything that will benefit him or keep him occupied.

Dislikes: Being stuck in a low area, being in close proximity to enemies or zombies, missing a shot, boredom, winds that change quickly, and people doubting him.

Family: Adam Jäger (Father), Iris Jäger (mother), Laura Jäger (twin sister)

Brief History: He grew up with his twin sister, Laura, in the countryside of Germany being homeschooled by their mother. His father, also a mercenary and sniper, began to teach him all he knew when he turned 21. Since he didn't want his sister to be left alone, he demanded that his father teach her as well. After 5 years of training, he was given the nickname of Hawk-eye by his father and sent into the field for the first time. It almost ended badly as he is not very good at fighting in close proximity and he has spent the past few years trying to improve (unfortunately he hasn't gotten much better). He also hasn't seen his sister since he was sent on his first mission and often wonders what happened to her.

Unique Skill: His ability with a rifle is unparalleled, and as his nickname hints, he can spot most threats before anyone else.

Weapons: A H&K PSG1 sniper rifle with a bipod, as well as a 9mm H&K USP and a combat knife.

Inventory: Various scopes for his rifle, a water bottle, some rations, thermal goggles, and a decent amount of ammo.

Opinion of others: He sees others as an outlet for his boredom, yet also shows them enough respect when necessary.

Name: Jake 'Ghost' Burke

Age: 28

Sex: Male

Nationality: Canadian-American

Height: 5'9

Weight: 178 lbs

Appearance: Wears the Canadian Military Issue C3 Gas Mask with red glass eyes. Wears the black light Kevlar vest, combat boots and gloves as well as the combat pants. Painted a red cross on his left arm

Personality: Kind and caring, likes to assist anyone, no matter who they are. Rambles countless of times about anything he can think of when non-occupied. But sometimes he has to talk slowly, or else he'll start to stutter.

Occupation : Recon...No, taken. Sniper..Dammit! Taken!...Oh well, let's be a team player: Medic

Likes: Read, write, all animals, the good people, his teammates (even though they all seem a to him.) his family, and his medical equipment. (Claims to have saved his ass and others countless of times.)

Dislikes: Heights and Spiders, as well as CQC. Tends to avoid that at all costs.

Family : Has a brother, mother and father.

Brief History: Jake has longed to be a doctor in the field. When his brother, who worked for Umbrella, offered him a job as a Medic, he immediately jumped in for the chance to help save lives. He had NO idea this was the kind of work he'd be dealing with. Zombies? Who knew. Now he has to make sure gun-touting mercs don't die on his hands.

Unique skill: Incredible speed and agility. When shooting, he doesn't tend to stay in one place.

Weapons: SG553 sub-machine gun, MP-443 Grach Russian pistol, and the P30 knife.

Inventory: Sub-machine gun, pistol, knife, a few magazines for both guns, medical kit and a picture of him and his family.

Opinion of others:

Elias: Doesn't like greedy people, but knows he's a good leader, even if he cares little for other human beings.

Alaina: Doesn't like her, either, even if she isn't greedy.

Natalia: He sees her as a little sister. With her sneakyness, (which he can almost match. Almost, not entirely.) he likes to remember the good old days of playing hide and seek with his female sibling.

VIPER: Respects him for his wisdom.

Felix: Reminds Ghost of his brother, with his 'cool-dude attitude'. Understands where he's coming from with the whole 'not liking being close to zombies' thing. Also doesn't like to follow orders, only if he feels they aren't right, like shooting civilians.

Name: Tech






Appearance:He is a average looking young man with curly black hair and blue eyes. He wears black dragon skin(look it up) body armor, blue combat fatigues, matching combat boots, black combat gloves and a custom made hooded data mask fashioned after the mask from the scream movie series. He has an average build for someone his age.

Personality:He is very conceded and care free, considering most others inferior to himself. He doesn't care much for anything outside of his contract and his teammates. Once he gets an understanding of something, he formulates solutions for all possible situations relating to that something that could possibly endanger him or his team.

Occupation :Field Tech

Likes: Technology, His mask, money and knowledge.

Dislikes: betrayal, calculations going wrong.

Family :None

Brief History: He is a child prodigy who skipped five grade levels at the age of 14. This boosted him directly into college education, he then took his new found time to further his pursuit of knowledge. After finally turning 19, he became a mercenary in hopes of secretly caching confidential information. This will be his first mission.

Unique skill: His skills with technology, allow him to gather and analyse large amounts of information and download it directly to almost anywhere via his data mask. He is also a fencing master.
Weapons:scilenced mp9 machine pistol with holographic sight and mounted heartbeat sensor. He also has a M1832 Artillery Short sword.

Inventory: He has too much ammunition, three flash grenades, two incendiary grenades, one Nitrogen grenade ans two rubbing stones for his short sword.

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