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Author has written 5 stories for Inuyasha, and Justice League.

If I have to describe myself in three words it would be proud, arrogant and dependable, but still I personally think I am a nice person, although I get a little crappy sometimes due to extensive school pressure! I am based in India, and a 16 year old. I had been a fan of fanfictions for a long time but made up my mind to write some a while ago!! I am a die hard fan of Inuyasha, specially the side couples who do not get much attention in the real Anime/Manga. It's not like I hate InuKagome fics, it's just that I think that the creator Rumiko Takahasi has done enough for that couple so the side couples deserve some more attention. I also hate Angst & Tragedy fics as I personally think there are enough sorrows in this world to keep us sad, so through fanfics we should try to cheer people up and not sadden them some more!!

About Me:

Country: India

Sex: Male

Age: 17+

Movies: Pirates of the Caribbean (All three of them), Forest Gump (Yeah so I get emotional sometimes…very rarely though), Mission Impossible (All of them), Bollywood (I live in India remember?) and many more. For some strange reason though I don’t like Harry Potter, that includes the movies, games as well as the books.

Music: Anything that fits in with the current mood!

Interests/TV shows: I love watching WWE, then I am also a regular fan of the EPL, and other things related to soccer. My favorite footballer is David Beckham (Not Beckham the celebrity, but the footballer, I adore his commitment to the game and determination to achieve his goals, besides his manner of silencing the critics also amazes me), and if you are a cricket fan let me tell you that I am great fan of Sourav Ganguly (Even though he has retired)

Things that can't be ignored about me: Well I should tell you guys that I am a very religious person; I think the greatest thing for a person after his family, friends and motherland/fatherland is his religion. But still I am not an orthodox person and am quite liberal in my views. I don’t like unnecessary chatting or talking just for… ya know…..talking, although I talk a lot when I am required to prove my point or when an argument heats up between me and my opponent (Whoever that might be), but otherwise I rarely speak unless I am spoken to! Oh and they say that I am also a good comedian!

Favorite Anime and Mangas:

Inu Yasha: My first favorite, can't say why but guess it caught my imagination.

Rurouni Kenshin/Samurai X: I love it, the fighting scenes also impresses me a lot.

Get Backers: Extraordinary plot. The author must have been a genius!

Hungry Heart Wild Striker: Hey I am a soccer fan remember? And it's easily one of the best animes on soccer.

Slam Dunk: Although I am not a great basketball fan but still I like it.

Other favorites include: Detective School Q, Saber Marionette J, Ranma ½, UFO Baby and many others!

Characters I like:

InuYasha: Almost everyone in the anime, the only ones I don’t like are below (In the dislikes section)!

Kagura: She gets special mention because her personality seems to be a mixture of everything, independence, strength, cunning, arrogance what more can you ask for in a woman?

Sesshomaru: Well he gets special mention as he is the most mysterious one of them all, although he seems to have a heart of ice still it seems that he did almost fall for Kagura, although he dislikes humans still he cares for Rin, he is the perfect male character ever created!

Get Backers: Ban Midou, no one even comes close.

Well I can't tell you all of my Likes here now can I?

Characters I dislike:

From InuYasha:

Naraku: Do I have to say Why?

Kagome: Yes although it's unbelievable but I still think that she is just another whinning school girl, she is so immature that she can't even interpret Inuyasha’s feelings!

Okay I don’t want to bore you up now!

Pairings I like:

Sesshomarou/Kagura: Is there anyone better for those two than each other? Even then I feel that they are the most neglected pairing. I absolutely hate Sesshomarou/Rin pairings, I mean she is just a young girl, surely one can understand that, how can she be paired up with Sesshomarou?

Miroku/Sango: One of the best couples ever! One can't think of Inuyasha without Miroku's womanizing instincts and groping and Sango’s slaps.

Inuyasha/Kikyo: Ok this seems weird but I really think that they are perfect for each other. They can understand each other and is best suited for each other. She is just a misunderstood miko!

Pairings I absolutely dislike:

Kagome/Sesshomarou: They are so unlike each other, you must have hell freeze before those two can get along!

Naraku/Anyone: He is not exactly the falling in love type.

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Do you think I'm fat?" FLUFFY-MS. Pretty self-explanatory.
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