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So… I’m female, I’m already 22 years old (I’m old! but does it really matter?) and I come from Poland. I can’t say Beyblade is my favourite anime, but I started watching it when I was young and that’s the main reason it holds a special place in my hearth. Call it sentiment. Besides, it was Beyblade that lead me here. I’m also thinking about writing Bleach & Ouran High School Host Club (the funniest anime ever!) fics, but that’s the future. Also can’t forgot about Death Note ( a masterpiece!) and of course, Gintama, which makes me LOL all the time.

BUT I’ve promised you an explanation why I wasn’t here for like ages. Basically, there are two reasons (apart from real life of course which surely gets me pretty busy):

The first one is GACKT. I don’t know if you’re into j-music, but you definitely need to check him out. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to explain his phenomenon (because he is a phenomenon) to you. He’s inspirational. He’s a creator. He lives his life the GACKT-way, wanting to give as much as he can, to convey as much as he can and to show the best he has. And on a lighter note, he’s an adorable, otaku dork, especially in recent years; some time ago he maintained his “cool” image and didn’t do so many dorky things as now. And he smiles a whole lot more now and it makes your heart beat faster and reduces a fangirl into a jelly. Summarizing, he’s great. (and he’s talented, his voice is unique)

And now some link spam: mostly PVs and classics;)

The second reason which steals a great amount of my time is Arashi. Once GACKT was a guest in a variety show hosted by a idol pop-group consisting of five boys (well, men, but sometimes they look like 17 year old boys). Because I’m a curious creature, I you tubed them once. My reaction was like “oh, a boys-band. At least they have a nice pv with water pouring down the walls”. But a few days later I caught myself humming this song. And I have never ever been into boysbands! Well, now I completely addicted. Because if you check them, you’ll see what a wonderful bunch they are. They’re adorable, they’re dorky, they so earnest about their job, they make you smile when they’re smiling, they make you laugh when they do something stupid (which means very often). They sing, dance, act in movies and dramas, host variety shows, gets eaten by wild animals, read news, advertise mascara, beer and Nintendo. The amount of stuff they do gets me frustrated because it’s hard to keep up with them. They’re the most successful artists in Japan three years straight. And yes, they’re handsome, each one in his own way. And they’re sweet, they’re best friends or a family and they totally love each other; it’s not even difficult to see it with all the member-ai. They’re sparkly and gay. Do you need any more reasons? It’s the rainbow;)

With Arashi giving you links is harder since you tube recently deletes almost everything, but I'll try: ->this one is a fanvid but give it a try, it's a compilation of some really great moments

Sorry for this incoherent rambling, but I just had to pimp them and I can’t really do it in a organized way. If you have an lj account, you may say hi (if you want, that is). I’ve got the same username there (blackines). To be honest, I use my account mainly for stalking and commenting, so there’s not much there. (but Arashi fans are wonderful and they like to share so lj is my arashi stuff paradise)

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