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Author has written 20 stories for Doctor Who, Torchwood, Stargate: Atlantis, X-Files, Bones, Criminal Minds, Glee, and Gorillaz.

Hello, I'm Fear Herself.

If you reading this then you just lost the game. Oh wait...so did I...

Well, I'm not too interesting. I live in a closet up in the North Pole and have a pet penguin named Billy Bob. Okay, I lied, there are no penguins in the North Pole.

I'm your typical wannabe actress-writer-historian geek with an obsession for Broadway plays (Wicked is my favorite with Next to Normal in a close second), science fiction and crime shows. I will not tell you my age, but you can probably figure out the general range. I don't bite, so feel free to talk to me. Quick warning though; I talk a lot, so if I get into a VERY off-topic rant, you're just the unlucky person who was the first I saw online. XD Ask any of my friends. Oh, and if it takes me a while to respond to your PM, sorry about that, I'm often busy with school. I've been known to take months to reply (if you did ever send me a PM, I'll reply eventually, I promise!).

Sorry if a story goes without an update for a while, I have a lot of work that needs to get done before I can write.

I'm on Twitter now! My God, it's pointless. But hey, it lets me annoy twice as many people; http://twitter.com/ScienceRebel

DeviantART (Yay for shameless self promotion!):

I am a Doctor Who, X-Files, Invader Zim, Torchwood, Castle, Bones, Criminal Minds, Glee and Stargate: Atlantis uber-fan.

Pairings: I'm not very big on it usually (there is the odd exception). I like canon pairings quite a bit, but I have my favorite non-canon ones.

Invader Zim: None/None. Self explanatory.

Doctor Who: Jack/Jenny, Jack/Donna, 10Rose (As much as they irk me).

X-Files: MULDER/SCULLY FOR EVER! It's impossible not to like, okay?

Torchwood: JANTO (:D Ultimate), Gwhys, Towen, Ianshiko & Myfanwy/Everything.

Castle: Caskett.

Stargate: Atlantis: Sheppard/Weir (Favorite non-canon. Ever. Influenced by my first SGA episode), Teyla/Sheppard, McKay/Keller, Beckett/Cadman, McKay/Elia (Don't lie, we ALL want to see this).

Bones: Booth/Brennan, Angela/Hodgins, Cam/Vincent, Sweets/Daisy (They make an adorable couple).

Criminal Minds: Morgan/Garcia, Reid/JJ, Hotch/Prentiss

Glee: Kurt/Blaine!

Crossover Pairings: Sweets (Bones)/Garcia (Criminal Minds), Jack (Torchwood)/Beckett (Castle), Tosh (Torchwood)/ Beckett (SGA),

My Stories: Down there. Go look if you want, although they aren't very good (I choose not to try hard with fanfiction since it's just for fun).

Possible Upcoming Stories:
(If you see something you like, let me know as it might persuade me to write it).

SGA: Death is Just a Small Complication: (Possible Beckett/Cadman, set after series finale). Running into your ex-boyfriend is bad, but running into your dead ex is even worse...

TW: A Light in the Darkness: (AU of episode five of COE). Steven turns out to be a lot more like his grandfather then anyone thought...

TW: Pretty Little Monsters: 5-year-old Melissa Moretti has a monster under her bed and asks her father to make it go away...

DW/TXF: The TARDIS Files: (AU of season 8 & 9). When Fox Mulder is abducted by aliens, his partner Dana Scully finds herself trekking the universe in a little blue box with a technobabbling Time Lord to get him back... (Collab with WishingWell44, will not be done until "Raise Your Hand" is finished).

SGA: Defying Gravity: Doctor Marina Thompson never expected to go into space, she never expected to fall in love and she certainly never expected to defy gravity, but somehow the Atlantis Expedition did all that. POSSIBLE Beckett/OC An elsewhere fic.

Bones: The Past in the Present: When Sweets goes missing the squints work with Booth to find him, but turn up some secrets along the way. Meanwhile, Sweets attempts to deal with the ghost from his past bent on making him relive it. Daisy/Sweets.

Bones: An Inhuman Heart: AU. FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth has seen his share of strange cases. But none as strange as the ones that he looks into with Doctor Temperance Brennan. From vampires with wooden stakes through their hearts to shrunken bodies, Booth finds himself a little out of his league dealing with the downright bizarre cases ofthe supernatural community. Luckily for him, he's got the Squints, Brennan's team of not-so-human scientists, on his side. With the help of Dr. Jack Hodgins, a vampire, Dr. Zack Addy, a werewolf, Angela Montenegro, an elf, Dr. Camille "Cam" Saroyan, a fairy, Dr. Lance Sweets, an empath and Brennan, a witch herself, Booth is determined to figure out this new world and prove that a human can take on the supernatural and live. Set in the Matterverse.

Bones: The Hollywood Couple: Sweets and Daisy know relationships are never like the movies, but that isn't going to stop them from trying to find their silver screen ending. Sweets/Dasiy.

Bones: Two-Way Turns and a Cup of Coffee: Booth, Sweets, and an all-night road trip, what's the worst that could happen?

SGA: The Ripple Effect: We've seen SGA-1 fly into action hundreds of times, but what about the other teams on Atlantis?

Criminal Minds: Mind Over Matter: AU. Aaron Hotchner and his team are the FBI's worst kept secret. Set in the Matterverse.

Glee: A New York State of Mind: Klaine. When Blaine and his family pack up and move to New York City, Kurt finds himself trekking across the great distance between them for the chance to say "I love you".

Glee: Creatures of the Night: AU. When less-than-friendly mystical beings begin to converge on Lima, Ohio, the resident supernatural outcasts band together in the disguise of a Glee club to protect their town. Set in the Matterverse.

Glee: Bad Romance: AU. It's the ultimate insult when your mother fakes her own death to get away from you. It's even more offensive when it turns out she's a wanted international thief, and has just used you as a storing place for her newest loot. It gets worse when other thieves want said loot, but the thing is your mother can't just steal royal jewels and old paintings like a normal international thief, she steals magical things, and this particular one is rather clingy. But hey, the fact that a top-secret organization just assigned a very good-looking secret agent to keep the object (and you) safe kind of makes up for it. Klaine.

The Matterverse
The Matterverse is the shared universe of a few upcoming fics; Mind Over Matter, Creatures of the Night and An Inhuman Heart.
In it, supernatural beings exist and secretly live among Humans. These stories focus on two sub-units of the Occult Crime Division (for the love of God, do not make an acronym joke in front of Taffet or Rossi if you value your continued existence). In An Inhuman Heart, it is the forensics division which is housed in the Jeffersonian. In Mind Over Matter, it's the BAU team of Aaron Hotchner who specialize in supernatural cases. The Matterverse is nearly identical to reality with the exception of slightly more advanced technology in certain areas.

WARNING: There is a new disease going around called "Torchwooditis" that comes from watching too much "Torchwood".
The symptoms include:
Crying over Ianto Jones' death
Wanting to punch Gwen Cooper
Understanding Toshiko Sato's technobable
Thinking Torchwood is real
And dressing like a 40's US air force captain.
If you have any of these symptoms, we advise that you see out a psychiatrist, a set of "X-Files"
DVDs, to copy and paste this to your profile and add your name to the list of those infected.
Spread the word!
Infected: Fear Herself

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Well, in the words of the pig, that's all folks!

~Fear Herself

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