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I am completely obsessed with Twilight!! Me and my two besties are just like Bella, Alice, & Rosalie!! Can you guess which one I am? Ya...I'm Rosalie!! YAY!! :) I'm not the greatest writer ever but I see fan fics all the time and I wanted to try something new! I LOVE Paramore, Metro Station, Flyleaf everything else too! Everything can be manipulated into Twilight music!! :) I am really hyper right'm gonna go now...bye!!

(P.S. Rosalie will kill you!!)

HEY!! I am sooooo sorry i haven't updated anything yet!! I am sooooooooo sorry! Again...well...if anyone has some ideas...message me or something!! :D


How you know you're obsessed with Twilight

You make your parents drive around the parking lot to see if you can find a silver Volvo

You call yourself Rosalie and your two best friends are Alice and Bella

You make your parents buy a silver Volvo

You own all the books

Every time you hear any word relating to Twilight in any way,shape, or form, you scream

You learn how to play part of Bella's lullaby on the piano

You think you are a vampire (I do not think I am a vampire, I know I am a vampire)

You go "hunting" every other weekend

When it's raining you scream "BASEBALL!"

You and your best friends made a secret coven

Every time a teacher says something that reminds you of Twilight, (ex. premonition, wolves, meadow) you and said coven start laughing

People look at you funny when you randomly scream or laugh

You are in love with Twilight characters (Edward will come for me someday...Alice said so!)

You're computer background is Twilight related

You're computer screensaver is Twilight related

You're phone background is Twilight related

You knew that the movie was going to suck but you saw it any way

You have seen said movie more than once

You screamed every time a character said something from the book or previews

You own want Twilight inspired clothing/accessories

You own Twilight inspired clothing/accessories

You know what air conditioners and space heaters really are

Your friend from your coven has taught her little sister that her sister's real name is Renesmee, she is Alice, her boyfriend is Jasper, and her two best friends are Bella and Rosalie

You read fan fiction

You write fan fiction

You subscribe to MysteryTwilightVoice on YouTube

Your sister thinks that Edward is ugly and you smack her

You now love apples, red & white flowers, red ribbons, and chess

You are nodding and thinking yes this is just like me to every one of these

You are reading this


Oh. My Freakin. Emmett. Cullen. My coven has just given another sister the power of immortality. Bella is now a vampire. She has been waiting for this day for the past two weeks. I took her by surprise when I grabbed her wrist and bit her during P.E. but it was very effective. Alice thought I was crazy because all I wanted to do was finish her off...but no! Edward would have killed me. I bit her. Three times. And didn't kill her. Of course, the loud screaming freaked everyone out, but it was apparently worth it. Crap. Now Bella can't die. :( I think I might get over it. Maybe we could even be friends...maybe.


Wow. It's been more than a month since I've written anything! I am so sorry about that. I've been really busy the last couple of weeks. Well, on New Year's Eve I realized that I didn't have a New Year's Cullen story for my two besties to laugh at. I went home and I started writing New Year's With the Cullens. Unfortunately, my internet was down so I couldn't put it on here! Anyway, I am working on getting that and another chapter for Rosalie's Hair. Again, sorry about the wait!! Oh ya! Please review me!! If you don't I will run over you with my red BMW M3 convertible. :)

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I randomly thought of a story when Rosalie has a really bad hair R&R please! DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of these characters. If I did I would be a very rich and happy person. :D
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