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Hello! I'm Elyse! (Just Elyse, I have no last name o.o) Ya wanna know who am eh? Ha,Too bad! You have to read it to find out! It's not going to just pop into your head. Duh, even I know that!

Full name: (I think we already covered this...) Elyse

Age: 14

Sex: Female

Grade: 9th

Lives: (wouldn't you like to know all you stalkers! jk) Chattanooga, TN

Hair/eye color (since they are the same)Brown (ha! you thought I was gunna say blue didn't you!?!?!)

Fav Books: Just Ella, The Giver, Princes (AWESOME BOOK!! GUY TWINS IN SILK BOXERS! lol) Harry Potter (fav is # 3), Canyons and the whole Sword of Truth series (READ 'EM THEY ARE THE BEST!!!) and almost all books that have mysterious...people in them. My absolute favorite is (drum roll please) THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. Erik, a mysterious man in a mask, has stolen my heart! If you see him, please ask him to give it back. (I know that wasn't funny, it wasn't supposed to be. It's the truth!)

Fav movies/ plays- Spiderman (it's the mask thing that always gets me) Once upon a Forest, (I know it's a kiddie movie but it is so much deeper than you realize! Watch it again! You'll see! hmph.) Monty Python and the Holy Grail The Phantom of the Opera (play) Aida, Les Miserables, Sweet Smell of Sucess (it's off broadway now! waaaaa!)

Other favs: The color blue, swimming, basketball, Elvis Presley (I know it's weird but I kinda like that dead guy) Monty Python, all types of music (from rap to pop to rock to blues to jazz to classic, I love it!), surfing the web, getting e-mail (I love e-mail!) Bible Quizzing (it's fun if you really get into it) Flirting (welllll...) Getting snail mail. (*shurgs* in the immortal words of Vegeta [DBZ] "Children, so easily amused.") Playing Sonic (those chaos sre sooo cute! and shadow is the coolest!) and Spiderman for Gamecube, playing with my dog( you'll never guess his name! oh, alright, PHANTOM!) Going to District events in my church, well, until I think of something else, that' it.

Fav cereal: Lucky Charms (they're magically delicous!)

My answer to the enevitable question, the chicken or the egg: chicken, I mean, if it were the egg, how would it have survived without a mother. So there.

My answer to the other enevitable question: My brother let the dogs out!

Fav joke: Forest Gump dies and goes to heaven. Saint Peter says to him, "To get in heaven you must answer me these question three ere the other side you see." (If you haven't noticed thats Monty Python ^^) "'k," says Forrest. "Alright, first, what 2 t's start the names of days of the week?" "Well that's easy! Today and Tomarrow!" "Well...uh... I guess I can't argue with that... Ok, the next question is how many secounds are there in a year?" "Wow, that's easy too! 12!" "Huh?" "January 2nd, Febuary 2nd..." Peter hits himself in the forehead, "Alright last question, what is God's first name?" "Another easy one! Andy!" "Now I know that isn't right!" "Yes it is!," Forest starts to sing,"Andy walks with me Andy talks with me Andy tells me that I am his own!" tee hee

Fav Quote: The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout, down came the Goblin and took the Spider out. ~Green Goblin. AND Tis better to have love and last than to have never loved at all. (*tear*)

That's it. Aren't you happy, because I'm not funny and I'm just an idiot rambleing on and on and on and on and on an...

Never is a Promise by LoPotter reviews
HrD fic, they're head girl and boy and having an interesting year. June 19! I finally updated! It's been a year, sorry. But here's Chapter 45. Oh nelly :
Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 45 - Words: 110,087 - Reviews: 3475 - Favs: 654 - Follows: 148 - Updated: 6/19/2005 - Published: 11/28/2001 - Hermione G., Draco M.