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1. My name is not important for you to know, but it means God's helper and advisor. If you know me you'll find it fitting.
2. The reason it's so fitting is because I love to help people. I cannot turn my back on anyone in need, people who do that sicken me to my very core.
3. I'm an Aries in every sense of the word. I will destroy anyone who hurts my friends, and I am stubborn. I will break you, eat you, spit you out, and when I'm done I will leave to rot. I will break you down and reduce you to a worthless piece of shit. Go on... fuck with my friends.
4. I am an INTJ. I am one of the most analytical people you'll ever meet. I'm so analytical, I was once told it was scary (you know who you are). I will deduce who are, how you feel, and how you think in five minutes flat and leave you awed at how I did it.
5. Because of that people come to me for advice, and half the time I know they won't take it, but I still give it to them and tell them what I think about the mess they got themselves into, sparing their feelings.
6. If a person ignores my advice, gets themselves in more trouble and comes back for my help again. I will say fuck it and hurt their feelings. You should've listened to me the first time.
7. Two of my favorite colors are black and silver. They represent me, a misunderstood girl with a heart that beats for others and is usually the glue that holds friendships together.
8. I like to design clothes and hope on day to be a famous fashion designer who donates her clothes to the orphans, homeless, and starving African kids. Problem is I can't sew.
9. My final designs are usually the fifth or sixth drawing I've made because I have OCD and am a perfectionist when it comes to creating things.
10. I feel perfectionism is a lost cause, and that only deepens the fact that I am full of contradictions.
11. People think they know me, but you will never really know me unless you know my story.
12. I am in pain most of the time because of the headaches I get. I feel like my brain is going to explode, and splatter all over my room.
13. I get these headaches because sometimes the blood doesn't flow to my brain properly.
14. The reason the blood doesn't flow right is because I was born with the hole in my heart. Another contradiction. I don't have a complete heart, but I am one of the strongest people you'll ever meet.
15. I have a scar on my chest from the surgery I had to repair the hole in my heart. Ironically, it's still there, they just put a patch over it.
16. Most people think I'm should be ashamed of my scar because it takes away from the beautiful girl I am. What they don't know is the scar is what makes me beautiful.
17. I am a survivor
18. I am a fighter
19. I can write my ass off. I am writing a book with the hope to use the profits to fix up the homeless shelters and orphanages and make them more like homes. They need beds, blankets, their rooms need to be painted with some color, and some televisions with DVD players wouldn't hurt.
20. As referenced above, I am also an interior designer. I love to make rooms look nice and give a place color and scenery.
21. I like to cook, and of course want to make food for those less fortunate so they can have a taste of the finer things. Rich people aren't the only ones who should eat well. Souffles anyone?
22. I have tendency to take on too many things at once, and sometimes I'm overwhelmed.
23. Sometimes I'm the one who needs help, and I have friends ready to do that.
24. I am selfless.
25. I can change the world, and according to someone... I already am.
26. I wore a mask at school of an obnoxious, loud ghetto diva. On the inside I'm crying.
27. If you looked close enough, you'll see the unshed tears in my eyes... even through the mask.
28. I wore my mask because I didn't want to have to answer questions about why I was so sad and angry.
29. There was only sadness and anger because I was told on a daily basis no one loved me, and no one ever would.
30. Now I'm not sad or angry at all, I have friends who love me for me.
31. I acknowledge the fact that am one fucked up individual because of the psychological torture I went through because of my own flesh and blood, but that only makes me strive to overcome it.
32. I have lived the philosophic words of one of the greats, "The wisest person is often the one that has made the most mistakes.
33. My favorite song in Love The Way You Lie. I've been through the words of the chorus more times that I can count. I love the fact that people think they can take advantage of me. I've already been through enough of that. No one else is hurting me... I'll make sure of that.
34. My favorite book is Heart and Salsa. I would love to go to Mexico.
35. My favorite movie is The Bucket List.
36. I even made a bucket list as homage to the movie.
37. One of the things on there is, "Get a tattoo." I've decided it'll be the Chinese kanji for endurance. What's a better description for a fighter?
38. Another thing is, "Dress up as an angel for the sick kids in the hospital." Those kids need hope, and an angel is the most hopeful thing I can think of.
39. My true friends are the ones who see the real me. They can look past the hurt and see the angel I am on the inside.
40. I don't see color, gender, or religion. When you're a friend, none of that matters
41. As said before, I can get violent when it comes to my friends. That's because I've never had that many.
42. Don't piss me off.
43. Believe it our not, I was the awkward kid. I had braces, and glasses. I wore my hair in for braided pigtails, with big, gotty barrettes up until the 7th grade and my clothes fit funny.
44. Look at me now.
45. I want to get blue contacts. It's not that I don't like my eyes, I love them. I just love the color blue.
46. I wear corset tops and ripped jeans with finger less gloves and fishnet stockings. If I could, I'd get purple highlights.
47. I'm a rocker.
48. I wear pinstripe suits and high heels, complete with glasses and my hair in a tight bun.
49. I am a professional.
50. I'm one of the most laid-back people you'll meet. I generally don't care about trivial things, only things that matter. That's part of the reason why guys love me.
51. I understand the opposite sex better than most of my girlfriends. Maybe it's because I live with my dad.
52. True Blood is the best show ever, and I can't have a conversation without referencing it.
53. For Halloween, I want to be a vampire. Why? I like fangs.
54. People think I'm weird.
55. I take that as a compliment.
56. Eminem is the best rapper alive. It's like he opened a window and looked into my past. He understands my pain.
57. I am Native American, I belong to the Cherokee tribe. I am also black, and French But that's not who I am... it's what I am.
58. I am a Christian, but I feel Christianity has lost all meaning. How can it be truth, when all they do is lie?
59. Don't try to tell me who I am, because you'll never get inside my head. Matter of fact, I'll get inside yours and fuck with your psyche. I'm just that cruel.
60. I sleep with a stuffed moose named Chocolate.
61. I have to listen to music to get to sleep.
62. I hate pink.
63. I love black.
64. I don't believe in labeling people. You don't know what the fuck they've been through.
65. I'm easy to talk to because I have the uncanny ability to understand people. Comes in handy.
66. I understand people so well because there's almost nothing I haven't done or been through.
67. "If R.Kelly goes to jail imma piss on yo' cat!" Best line ever.
68. I believe that dreams can become a reality should you try to achieve them.
69. I'm 17 and smarter than most of the adults I know because of the shit I've done.
70. I can sing.
71. I can't dance.
72. I write my statuses to make people laugh, convey a serious message, or just tell you how I'm feeling.
73. I'm not depressing, I'm a realist.
74. I'm not crazy, I'm an optimist.
75. Inspirational posters drive my existence.
76. Water's my favorite element. It represents me completely because it's full of contradictions. It's calm, yet violent. Soothing, yet harsh. It's also the strongest element. Yep, it's just like me.
77. The fact I'm an Aries and my element is water is a contradiction in itself.
78. You'll never know me completely.
79. I have to keep some secrets.
80. They're what makes me unique. If you knew them all then I'd be boring. And I am anything but boring.

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Just how full of himself could he really be? People say arrogance gets you nothing, but maybe, in some cases, they're wrong. Sometimes being arrogant gets you noticed. First in the foreplay challenge. Smut. Spitfire.
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Hellfire Consumes The Soul reviews
Hate witll consume him and only the blood of their souls will ease his pain. His soul is set ablaze by the fires of hell. Blood, gore, and graphic sceens of carnage. I'm back , and no one's reporting me this time.
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Darkness in An Innocents Heart reviews
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Opposites Attract
Meet Kuromaru, he sexy cat kunochi who can knock KIba off his feet and send hi soaring in one breathe
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