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Author has written 11 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, Kirby, Three Delivery, Avatar: Last Airbender, Boktai, Lilo & Stitch, and My Little Pony.


Aeria Games profile: KibyKirby101

Age: 18

Birthday: July 7, 1995

Chinese and Western Zodiac: Cancer and Pig

Weight: 106 or 107 pounds; since Oct. 23, 2011: 115 pounds .; (2014): Um... I forgot how much I weigh, but it's probably somewhere between 105-120 lbs.

Height: 5'2"

Gender: A female.

Likes: To help friends people, play video games, read, write...

Dislikes: Anybody who pushes me to the limit, bullies, skeptical people, really mean people... (I can be a skeptical person too now; comes along with my growing cynicism... so I can't really dislike myself, now can I? =3 Besides, being skeptical of something can be a good thing at times! XD)

Personality: I am a very sweet one who can be a tough cookie. Watch out when I am angry! Kind, sensitive, really random, (2014) a jaded optimist, can feel numb sometimes...

Supernatural Being: Vampires! I still like werewolves though.

Wishes: World peace, that Sonic the Hedgehog is real, that Kirby is real, that everyone was nice and would stop arguing and fighting.

Favorite Characters: Sonic, Kirby (NEW FAN), Mario and (almost) everyone in their respective universes: Tails, Meta Knight, Knuckles, Luigi, Amy Rose (sometimes; when she's not chasing after Sonic or trying to get him to marry her), Chef Kawasaki (is pretty clever in his own way), Sally Acorn, Rotor the Walrus, Fumu *Tiff, Bun *Tuff, Shadow the Hedgehog, Rouge the Bat, Silver the Hedgehog, Scourge the Hedgehog, Princess Peach, Cream the Rabbit and Cheese the Chao, Vanilla the Rabbit, King Dedede (sometimes in the anime, when he's not destroying the environment or trying to "get rid of dat dere Kirby!"; in the games), Escargon, Lololo and Lalala, Decoe and Bocoe and Bokkun, Sword Knight and Blade Knight (remind me of Decoe and Bocoe of Sonic X), Optimus Prime (TFP), Ratchet (TFP), Miko Nakadai (TFP), Rafael Esquivel (TFP), Jack Darby (TFP), Starscream (TFP), Bulkhead (TFP), Arcee (TFP), Knockout (TFP), Break Down (TFP), Bumblebee (TFP), Fluttershy (FiM), Applejack (FiM), Twilight Sparkle (FiM), Pinkie Pie (FiM), Rainbow Dash (FiM), Rarity (FiM)...

Favorite Games: Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Sonic and the Secret Rings, Sonic and the Black Knight, Sonic Adventure DX, Sonic Adventure II Battle, Sonic Advance I, II and III, Lunar: Dragon Song, Lunar Knights, Boktai I and II, Sonic Rush, Sonic Heroes, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Sonic I, II, and Sonic 3 and Knuckles, Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games (Wii and DS), Sonic Colors (Wii and DS), Sonic Unleashed, Kirby Mass Attack, Kirby: Squeak Squad, Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, Super Mario 64 DS, Super Mario Bros 2 (Wii and DS), Kirby: Triple Deluxe (I'm absolutely sure I'm gonna love it!!)...

Mains in SSBB: Sonic, Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede (sometimes), Luigi (sometimes), Peach (sometimes), Toon Link, Lucas...

Favorite Shows: Sonic X, Pokemon, Lilo and Stitch, Kirby of the Stars (Hoshi no Kaabii), Bakugan, Beyblade: Metal Fusion, Naruto Shippuden, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, Martin Mystery, Three Delivery, Monster Buster Club, A.N.T. Farm, Wizards of Waverly Place, Hannah Montana, Kickin' It, Wipeout, Sonic Underground, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, SATAM, Transformers Prime, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Super Hero Squad Show, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Spectacular Spiderman, Spiderman Unlimited, Get Ed, Scooby Doo (all kinds), Static Shock, Spongebob Squarepants (used to be, and still kinda is), My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, ...

Favorite Movies: Madagascar I and II, Lilo and Stitch, Stitch! The Movie, Lilo and Stitch: Stitch Has a Glitch, Leroy and Stitch, the Lion King I and II, The Good Son (kinda creepy but good), Finding Nemo (how could I forget about THIS movie?), H.E.R.B.I.E., or Herbie, something something...

Game Systems I have: Nintendo Wii and DS; used to have a Playstation and Nintendo something... It's a shame I can't recall its name... T.T It's not the blue cube, but it's a gray 3D Rectangle, maybe it's the SNES... I'm looking to get a 3DS soon! XD

I don't do requests... Sorry...
(2014) Hm... maybe just one-shots... it can be a crossover or "stand-alone" -- choose: Kirby, Portal 2, Sonic the Hedgehog, maybe Super Mario Bros...


Sept. 6, 2010: Since high school is starting again soon I won't be updating my stories like I want to, I also won't be writing new stories that often, so don't expect anything sooner. I'm sorry but that's school for you. If I'm lucky, homework won't be that hard. WISH ME LUCK!

Sept. 1, 2011: Heh, heh... I'm not dead, everyone. I just had a major Writer's Block. I'm uploading a crossover with Lilo and Stitch and Kirby right now, and I hope you like it. I'll put up the cast and I'll see if I can upload the first chapter soon, for those who care. Oh, and I haven't forgotten about the story The Savior of Light within Darkness; I just haven't had the inspiration to continue, and Writer's Block too, for those who care. (I FINALLY FOUND SOMEONE WHO CARED!! YAHOO!! YAY!!)

Oct. 6, 2011: Weekend, weekend. I cannot wait, so I can work on the next chapter of Lilo and Kirby for you! My little song for you. Heh heh. I uploaded Chapter 7 of The Savior of Light within Darkness two days ago, and I will upload the next chapters of it very slowly until I come to where I stopped off. I hope I am not going too slowly for you, but I am doing the best that I can to make sure that my stories are clean of error, and if they are not, I won't hesitate to clear them up, unless I have school or homework, then it can wait until I am out/done. And no school Monday, YAY!!! I have a mild Writer's Block on Chapter 3 of Lilo and Kirby, but I will try to work through that for you. Thank my *dramatic voice* DETERMINATOR-STYLED MIND! that has been making all this possible. ., okay, I'm done talking.

Oct. 8, 2011: I've finished one of my short stories for Lilo and Kirby! It's kind of early too, as I am not finished with even Chapter 3 of Lilo and Kirby. It's a three-shot, and it's called Solitary Hero. I have debated whether I'm going to go ahead and post it or not, so, to make this easier on me, I'm going to create a poll, and you get to decide whether I should wait until I finish Lilo and Kirby to upload this story, or I should upload it now, and whatever you choose I will do, no complaints from me at all. Thank you.

Oct, 9, 2011: I've just typed up the theme song for Lilo and Kirby: The Series in the random stuff section of my profile. You are all welcome to draw a picture of what you think their poses are, but don't be afraid to PM me (and give credit) to let me know you've done it and let me see it too. . I don't bite. I don't have a DeviantART account, and I'm possibly the only one on this site who doesn't, so I can't comment your picture there, but I will via Private Messaging. I'm such a genius, aren't I? =3 Oh, and if you want to make a comic out of it, I won't mind either, just make sure to PM me when you are finished and have posted it up on DeviantART (Give CREDIT!...please?), the ultimate artists' lounge, so I, the inhabitant of Fanfiction, the ultimate writers' lounge, can know about it and comment via Private Messaging. Thanks a bunch!

Oct. 11, 2011: Forgot to put up the date when the poll will be closed, so I will put it up now: the poll will be closed a month from the update on Oct. 9, 2011, and if I don't get a single answer then, I will just put it up there, (chapter by chapter, every Friday or later if I'm feeling extra evil, >3) as my personal heart tells me to do. (PLEASE ANSWER! T.T", I wanna hear from you! It makes me soooooo happy to see some reviews, ., even if there are just one or two, or anything from the authors and all the people and...! Okay, shutting up now...)

Oct. 16, 2011: I've also finished Sitting Underneath the Stars yesterday; it's a one-shot. And I am working on More Than Meets the Eye (it was formerly titled Hard Work, and this one sounds so much better and is in sync with the plot. And no, it's not a Transformers Fic. .; Please don't brick me! T.T") and it's also a one-shot. These stories may or may not be interconnected with each other, so reading them in order is not necessary, but it is helpful. These stories will also be subject to the same poll I've created for Solitary Hero. I've recently heard that Arich Boss is an arrangement of Stickerbrush Symphony, and that surprised me a whole lot! 0.0 Wasn't expecting that lol! Although if listened to closely, they have the same tone and beat. Or maybe I'm just imagining things. Take your pick. =3

Oct. 20, 2011: There was a power outage at school today, so I was sent home at 9:00 a.m. YAY! I've finished More Than Meets the Eye two days before this update, and people, you better respond to the poll before November 9, 2011, or...the "or else" isn't really a bad thing... and I'm halfway through the first chapter of Lilo and Kirby 2. . This is gonna be a blast! Also, I can feel my Writer's Block clearing up, so chapter 3 of Lilo and Kirby will be off Hiatus soon. WOOHOO!! *speeds off*

Oct. 22, 2011: HELLO AGAIN, FELLOW READERS AND WRITERS! I'm currently working on a Transformers Prime fic; yes, I know I'm supposed to be focused on Lilo and Kirby, but I'm kinda like that: bouncing from one story to the next. It's called The Warmth of Light (working on a new title) and I think you'll love it! I'm not gonna say anything more about this fanfic, as I want you to read it for yourself when I upload the first chapter on here. Yes, I'm welcoming in the Autobots and the Decepticons (as well as the humans) as my new "volunteers" of my writing!
Starscream: ...
Me: ...What?
Starscream: It's nothing...
Me: *hugs his leg* .
Starscream: *sighs but doesn't try to kick me off this time*
Kirby and Sonic and the rest of the Autobots (except Ratchet and Optimus; typical DX): *join in the hug*
Me: So, there's Sonic, Kirby, and now the Transformers (Prime); can't forget about Boktai and Kingdom Hearts! I'm just on a roll, aren't I? XD COME ON, GET IN HERE AND HUG US, RATCHET!
Ratchet: *is taken aback and then sighs, and joins as well*
Optimus: ... *joins too, very awkwardly*
Me: You don't hug much, do ya?
Optimus: No...
Well, anyway, I predict that this story will last about maybe 15 chapters, give or take a few. XD I CANNOT WAIT TO UPLOAD THE FIRST CHAPTER FOR YOU! ...Ugh, I just remembered something... Stupid GoogleDOCs...won't take my password... =.=

Oct. 25, 2011: *spooky voice* Pay attention to the date! The time for the poll to be closed is drawing nigh, so I suggest you hurry up and vote, lest I should haunt your nightmares! *ahem, spooky voice over* Heh heh, I'm just kidding! Kinda... Halloween is coming up, so I might be able to post a Halloween-themed one- or two-shot of Lilo and Kirby and maybe of Transformers Prime some time before or after that date, though it would be nice to upload it right on the day when spooky things happen, am I right? MWUAHAHAHAHA!! >3 Oh, and to keep you guys from worrying, I got into GoogleDOCs! . YAY! Right now, I'm playing with Voice Plus on my mom's phone. Super Mario Bros. Hurry Starman sounds interesting on other melody sets and I wish I had a Youtube Account so I can post up these audits, so you could hear them as well. If there's a song modifier for the computer, let me know and I will gladly thank you in the whenever-you-tell-me update! . (Make sure it's a free download with no trial! Gratias Ago!)

Oct. 27, 2011: I'm uploading the prologue to Spooky Days and Spooky Nights now, so I'll have one less chapter to upload. Hm... how am I going to do this? Three chapters in possibly one or two days... I'm gonna write the time I uploaded the chapters so you can know how long I waited before uploading the next one, if it's within one day, then on Halloween, the last chapter. I think I got it. *looks at readers* Did I just ramble again? -.- Okay, and I typed up what some characters' names would be if they were in Organization XIII in the Random Stuff section if you want to take a look at it. They are weird-looking so I put a pronunciation key next to each of them so you won't feel intimidated. I can be nice, so don't think I'm evil all the time. All right, 4 days left, and I'm done with half of chapter one... O_O I NEED TO HURRY!! But I won't hurry too much; don't want it to be rushed. . And maybe I'll write an epilogue as well to upload on November 1st.

Oct. 28, 2011, 6:05 p.m.: *hums Super Mario Bros Hurry Starman* Oh, hello, everyone! I've just realized that if you listen to this song long enough it will start to have a Halloween vibe to it. You might think that maybe I'm thinking about it too hard or that Halloween is crawling dangerously close for comfort, but just listen to it! It sounds awesome and scary! Okay, I'm transferring Chapter One to the computer now so I can upload it later today, like maybe 7:00 p.m. Cause I'm evil like that. >=3

Oct. 28, 2011, 7:18 p.m. to 7:31 p.m.: Hello again, fellow readers and writers! I just finished transferring Chapter One to my computer so I will upload it in a while. I am nearly halfway done with Chapter Two and I will upload that tomorrow. And then for the final chapter I will wait till Halloween to upload it. MWUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I. am. SO. evil! And twisted! >=D Listening to Super Mario Bros Hurry Starman is really helping me out! Thank you, he who posted the extended one on Youtube. *bows gracefully* VGMExtender, that's right. . All right, the chapter is now posted.

Oct. 29, 2011, 12:26 a.m.: WHAT?!?! I just finished reading the newer chapter and it didn't even have an END!! I am SOO SORRY! T.T I THOUGHT I MADE SURE I HAD THE ENDING ON IT!!!! SLJKDHFSKJA!! I'LL FIX IT RIGHT AWAY!! (12:30 a.m.) Okay, it's fixed now! . Read away! In the next thirty minutes or less. >=D

Oct. 29, 2011, 8:06 p.m. to 8:52 p.m.: Hello, everyone! *chuckles at the above update* I am soo silly. Well, I warned you that I could be really random. . I have Chapter Two for you, and I MADE SURE that it didn't get cut off at the middle. ABSOLUTELY SURE! *slams hand on desk* It will be up in the next sixty minutes or less. XD Hope you liked the disclaimer and story. Oh, and I just realized that I made a mistake. The prologue isn't considered a chapter, so it's "four" chapters. Yay, more work for me... but it's completely worth it, cause once it's done, it'll be the first Halloween story I ever contributed to this site. XD Okay, posting chapter now... All right, it's posted, although you may have to wait a few minutes.

Oct. 30, 2011, 7:23 p.m. to 7:41 p.m.: Ah, welcome, my friends! Chapter Three will be up in a few minutes, and I'm halfway through the final chapter, where everything will unravel. It's gonna be a long chapter and night on Halloween, and I hope you enjoy what's coming. Chapter Three is now posted! Read on!

Oct. 31, 2011, 8:23 p.m. to 8:34 p.m. to 8:38 p.m. to 9:08 p.m.: HAPPY HALLOWEEN, EVERYBODY!!! I'm afraid I won't be uploading the final chapter of Spooky Days and Spooky Nights tonight like I said I would. I have to finish writing it first, and then I came home late because I had a "job" to do. So sorry, everyone, but I don't think anybody's really reading this, cause no one's REVIEWING!! T.T". But I am NOT waiting till next Halloween to upload the final chapter; I'm just not that type of person, and it's ridiculous anyway. Maybe I'll upload it sometime this week. Just pretend it's Halloween then, okay? *shrugs* And that partly concludes my tri-days of working hastily, but I will keep my promise of uploading it. PLEASE do NOT complain about it being way past Halloween, cause I tried. I will NOT let you guys down! . And this chapter will utterly scare you out of your shoes and socks! All right, enough rambling from me! Enjoy the rest of your Halloween! Oh, and just to let you know, I am disappointed in Halloween in terms of the number of trick-or-treaters who came over. Only about 6 or 7 kids came, 6 or 7... *sighs* Curse you, those who put razor blades in apples and/or poisoned them! I shall forever haunt your nightmares for that!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! *ahem* Seriously, I will. *narrows eyes at the culprits* But other than that, *thumbs up*!

Nov. 6, 2011: Hello, everyone! I'm halfway through writing Chapter 3 of Lilo and Kirby, so expect that to be up maybe this Friday. And I haven't forgotten about the Halloween-themed story; the final chapter is very, very long, so you'll just have to bear with that and with me, and with the upcoming three sets of four-day weekends expect it to be finished maybe in mid-November, XD. I've also scrounged up some evidence about the theory that Meta Knight is the failed demon beast, some of it you've heard all before and some of it is new, so be sure to take a look at it in the Random Stuff section while you're here. *twirls around* Agh, darn it, I can't twirl around in this chair like I want to! >=/ Oh well... .; Okay, and let me clear up some stuff about the poll. It will close in 3 days. Three, so be sure to vote! And the stories won't be uploaded right behind each other like I said they would, in fact they will be uploaded a week after I upload the first. Like, Solitary Hero will be uploaded this Thursday, and its chapters will be uploaded weekly, and once it's done, Sitting Underneath the Stars will follow a week from then, and since it's a one-shot you'll have to wait another week before I post up the third one-shot More Than Meets the Eye (which is still not a Transformers fic, -dodges the incoming brick- Whoa, tough crowd... T.T) I'm balancing Lilo and Kirby and my homework and the final chapter of Spooky Days and Spooky Nights, oh my gosh *inhales a whole lot of breath*!! @_@ But I'll work through it. Long day, isn't it? Okay, shutting up now...

Nov. 9, 2011, 8:25 p.m. to 8:28 p.m. to 8:32 p.m.: RING-A-DING-A-LING-DING!! TIME IS UP!!! Today is November 9th, and you all know what that means? THE POLL IS NO MORE!! I'm gonna go up there and check what you guys have (or have not) voted. I'll be right back. XD (8:28 p.m.) *comes back into the room and just stands there* Wow... I'm sorta impressed. One person voted, which means I will have to go with whatever that person voted for, no matter how much it will kill me if it's yes. ... ... I didn't even check, I'll go back. Sayonara for now... (8:32 p.m.) YAY!! He or she said what I was hoping for! Which means you can expect the first chapter of The Solitary Hero to go up in, I don't know, thirty minutes. XD I already have it in my computer, I just need to double-check for mistakes and other stuff that ticks me off or upsets me. Oh, and about Spooky Days and Spooky Nights, I might be able to post the final chapter by the end of November; it's really, really long, and I just need a little bit more time, unless you want me to take my time to produce one of the best Halloween stories on this site, then I will do so (but not so much =3). But for one, I also need to work on Crystal White Love (and no, there will be NO naughtiness! I'm not about that!) and have it posted on Christmas Day, which means this Halloween-themed story will have to be finished nowhere near Christmas but before New Years. GAH!! *clutches at hair* SO BUSYYYYYYY!! *kicks off chair and lands on the couch* ... ... Don't worry, I'm fine... *crawls back on the chair* Just another one of my random acts. XD But thanks for caring! Oh, and, for those who have played SSBM, have you noticed that Kirby's "hiii" taunt sounds similar to Stitch's "hiii"? PM me or review one of my stories to tell me what you think and for those who reviewed I will respond back via my updates, so pay close attention here. Seriously, check it out! I think you will flip OUT!
Go here: (only have to listen to him once, or however many "hai's" you want) and
Go here: for Stitch's.
Feel free to listen to these more than once to get the feel of it, and please PM me or review (if you don't have an account of your own) one of my stories if these links are broken, and I will (try to) fix them. Thank you. And if you agree, I will have it as one of my copy-and-paste thingies for you fellow authors to paste into your profile, or, for those who aren't a part of this site, you will get bragging rights and you can refer those who don't believe you to my site. Please no insults or flaming because of this; I do NOT tolerate them and will immediately kill the flames with water and feed the insults into my shredder (without saying a single word)!! *clears throat* Enjoy, please.

Nov. 13, 2011: You know, this past Thursday, it snowed. It actually snowed!! I was sooo surprised! But a few minutes later it stopped and the sun immediately came out. Talk about freaky weather! XD ... Hm... I'm thinking about posting the prologue of Lilo and Kirby 2, and not update it until I finish the first "movie" which'll probably be a long while. Man, I am soo evil, and you can tell me that, but I won't care cause I know it. >=] And special thanks to all those who have subscribed to my stories, Lilo and Kirby (2 subscribes) and Solitary Hero (1 subscribe), which I have recently posted. I feel so loved and appreciated. *floats on Cloud 9* Those who do will get a thank you PM from me, which I have yet to do for the one who subscribed to Solitary Hero. Don't worry, I'll get to you soon. As a matter of fact, I'll do it now! *sails off* ... You know why I don't really say the disclaimer anymore? Because a few weeks ago, I realized after reading the "I Own Nothing" Trope that already has the disclaimers on its site. Who knew, huh? XD Now that's one less thing I have to worry about! The only thing that remains of the disclaimer is gibberish or "non-sequiturs" or any other stuff. XD Yeah, I tend to smile a lot, so sue me. ... Oh, and a very long time ago, back in January, I have been favorited! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I was erasing some unnecessary things in my email (not my fanfiction stuff, mind you) when I found it. Thank you, chromejet, and I shall PM you later. OOOH!! COOKIES! *ahem* Sorry, random outburst. But really, I'm gonna get some cookies. To infinity and the pantry! =3 *zooms off* Oh, and emily J. whitfield subscribed me to her alerts and favorited me in February. Hahaha... I am so absent-minded...but back then I wasn't really responsive, I don't think. I just read, posted my own stories and reviewed certain others, and recently overnight my whole profile blew up (Huh? Oh, right. I see now... )! I shall go and PM my thanks to her as well! Okay, now I am gone for today! *zooms off for today*
EmzeetheHedgehog, thank you as well. Sorry if I spelled your name wrong. .;

November 16, 2011: I went on a field trip to the Museum of Science and Industry, and something I saw and experimented with there inspired me to write a Lilo and Kirby short story on it. I will type the gist of it in the Planned Stories section, so you can expect it soon. This is gonna be soooo FUN! XD Okay, now about this Spooky Days and Spooky Nights; Halloween is long gone now, so I don't think I will finish it by November as I have lost inspiration. Awwww, so sorry... Really, I am. T.T -dodges brick- WAH!! Now... this Spooky Days and Spooky Nights (deja vu); I just lost inspiration on it, so don't expect the last segment to be uploaded by the end of November. But I will upload it next Halloween, and leave you all squeaming with suspense and unease. >=D So, so evil, aren't I? Yes, yes I know. -bricked- X.X ... ... ... Ugh... did someone catch the name of that truck that hit me...? *shakes off the stars* Now, I did say that I would upload Solitary Hero every Thursday right? Well, I'm being nice this time, and will upload the next chapter now. You all can thank me. Especially the one who subscribed to this; I believe that you will be ecstatic! XD I know, because I'm happy too! (12:05 a.m.) ... ... As I said about 10 minutes ago, the second segment of Solitary Hero is uploaded now. Instead of the next day, which it technically is at this time, I decided to upload it a day early. So thank me for being nice today. ... ... What did I say before? Silly me (accidentally) exited this without saving, so now I have to type this sentence all over again... Don't brick me thinking that I will remember after that, please. I know you would have good intentions, but please don't. ... ... Ah, forget it! *storms off* ... ... ... *comes back and slams hand down onto the save button, then storms off*

November 17, 2011, 12:52 a.m.: Did you read that they passed a "bill" that Meta Knight will be banned from Brawl Tournaments come January 1 of next year? Unbelievable, right? YES, IT IS! Even though I don't really play Tournaments (never did actually), I'm still a little ticked. And guess what their reason is? Meta Knight is "broken". Really? Meta Knight is not broken, he's just that good. Too good for the people on the pro-Meta-Knight-ban side to handle. He's one of the top tiers, number 1 in fact, and we should NOT hold that against him! We should (must) fight this off! Even if it's passed, I believe we can break this bill! Whoever is with me, I have a copy-and-paste thingy stating your position in this for you! DO NOT BAN THE META KNIGHT! *holds fist in air* (I mean, it's bad enough (read "the worst thing") that they tried to ban Sonic, my most favorite, but now they're going to ban Meta Knight (my second favorite, rivaling Sonic)? Oh, it's on!

November 18, 2011, 12:36 a.m.: *just finishes with reading the second to last update (November 16)* ... I think I just lost my mind... O.O Maybe it was that last brick to the head that did it... I'm still laughing at myself for that... Okay, I'll leave it up there, so you guys can get a good, hearty laugh every time you come through here.

November 24, 2011, 12:55 a.m.: SALVETE, AND HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL OF YOU!!! I know, it's hard to believe it's almost the end of November, and then Christmas is coming up as well! O.O I'd better get rolling on Crystal White Love! Oh, and I almost forgot about the final segment of the story, Solitary Hero, but I did hit the mark for it (every Thursday), so I shall upload it after I add some things to my profile. GREEN HILL ZONE FOR THE WIN (FTW)!! You know, for the longest I had no idea what FTW meant, (EXCLUDING the other meaning), until a few (two) months ago. Anyway, it sounds so good in reverse too (the first Green Hill Zone music) and I'll put up the link for it and two other music videos at which I cracked up and looked on with wonder. As a matter of fact, you know it well enough, and you should, so I won't. (*coughs*Ham*coughs*mer*coughs* Zo*coughs* and Cho*coughs*co*coughs*late Zo*coughs* ) Amazing work, guys who created them! ... I'm still thinking about uploading the prologue of Lilo and Kirby 2 now, and letting you deal with the suspense that comes with waiting until the final chapter of Lilo and Kirby is finished and uploaded, which will be a while. Oh, and also, about that Spooky Days and Spooky Nights: it's not that I "lost inspiration" on it, since I have it all planned out in my head, the rest just won't flow out onto paper. DX And by the time I get it finished, it will be way past the time I promised it would be finished in the second place (by the end of November). And even if I DO finish it, I will still make you wait until next Halloween. >=} MUAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!! *glares at person with raised brick and gestures for them to set it down and back away slowly* Thankies! And about this "Meta Knight's eyes not closing" deal, I just saw a conversation in the Comment section on the Youtube video, Meta Knight Sleeping, and they said his eyes are closed when he's sleeping, they just glow duller than they would if he were awake. And, let me tell ya, it's even creepier now... 0_0" I just don't know what to think of Meta Knight now, and I tried to find the information about that on Kirby's Wiki, but I couldn't anywhere. And since then I'm kinda uncertain about the copy-and-paste thingy I put down about Meta Knight's eyes, or, at least, half of it. It would be harder to write Meta Knight's expressions if his eyes stayed open all the time when he is unmasked, and yet his eyes stay open when he is masked and - and... @_@ ... Ayii, it's so confusing! T.T Please, help me out here - ah, I think I know just who to talk to! All right, I think that's all I have to say. Ta ta for now! ... Ah, I read over the prologue to Lilo and Kirby, and I noticed a couple of mistakes. ...And I really want to fix them, honestly I do, but I can't do that without removing the whole story from the website, and I'm a little too wary about doing that. I hope you understand! Oh, and the thing about his [Meta Knight's] cape! Would somebody PLEASE explain that to me as well? I know that they turn into his wings, but I heard that he utterly THROWS it OFF in some video games. HOW is that EVEN POSSIBLE?!?! Fridge Horror is inevitable in this ordeal, I see that now... *is rendered speechless and then ups and leaves* ... ... ... 'Tis now uploaded... You may read... and enjoy... *runs off*

November 25, 2011, 12:13 a.m.: GWAH!! MAJOR WRITER'S BLOCK!! Though, this one is different: rather than cut off my creativity for one story or any ideas, it's blocking all the ideas for the stories I've already written and for future stories as well. And I don't think I'll recover any time soon... Awww... and my temples hurt too. Sorry that I'm sharing all my aches and pains to you, but I really need encouragement as of now. I mean, I can feel the ideas circulating in my head, but they won't come out. @_@ Maybe it's a form of Authorial BSOD (Blue Screen of Death)... don't you think so? Not even listening to calming music will help... ... maybe a little.

December 4, 2011, 12:09 a.m.: YAY!! I've recovered enough to write a chapter of Sick Day and then some! YIPPEE! Oh, and for those who were expecting the one-shot Sitting Underneath the Stars, I was aching and in deep pain two days ago. Why, you ask? Oh, I just slipped on the stairs going to first period class going UP them and bust the underside of my upper lip and I also heard a resounding CLANG due to my teeth hitting the steel of the stair. None of them cracked thankfully, and if you are wondering, I'm okay (which is why I'm typing this today). So now I can keep my postponed promise and upload it right after I finish this update. Can you believe it's December already? Lots of people are happy, peaceful (I hope...) and Christmas is coming... ... !! CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!! And I STILL haven't started on Crystal White Love due to this doggone Writer's Block I've been having! @_@ It's driving me NUTS! And to be frank, I absolutely believe that I won't be able to finish this by Christmas either. Especially since school doesn't let us out a week before Christmas this year (which I believe is due to the many days we had off in November) but lets us out the Friday before Christmas which lies on a Sunday. It's still two weeks long though, but still. T.T" Another one of my deadlines will be working against me in many a way possible, (it was less for Halloween) and there's nothing I can do about it. Nothing... absolutely nothing... *slumps in corner and cries yet again* But! This shan't daunt me a single bit! Even though time stands against me (for no single reason) I shall work to please the many readers and writers on this site. Even if it... no, I won't even think it. I'll just upload the story and stop babbling your ears (or, rather, eyes) off/out. Oh, and I will have typed up a list of the order of the Lilo and Kirby short stories (for reasons specified in the list itself) because I discovered that... well, you'll know when you see my reasons. It's listed in the Random Stuff section if you want to take a look at it. (12:16 p.m.) HEY-HEY!! I just discovered that I can replace a chapter even when the next chapter is already uploaded! WOOT WOOT! I was really surprised, because last time it wouldn't work, and it said that the story would need to be deleted so that I could fix the mistakes. YES! I am so happy!! *twirls a green flag* Okay, I'm done...for now. - (1:03 p.m.) You know, I'm thinking about uploading the final chapter of Spooky Days and Spooky Nights in parts since it's so long. And I'm gonna put up another poll, (yes, another one) so you can tell me what I should do. I'll elaborate on the answers this time, because I bet you were all confused what "yes" is connected to and what "no" is connected to on that last poll. That was my fault. " All right. Here we go! (1:37 p.m.) Okay, the poll is now up. Vote to your heart's content. But there is another deadline: New Years Day. If I see no answers, I will go ahead and split the chapter into the appropriate (for me) segments and upload it in parts, near next Halloween still, and the final part of the Chapter will be uploaded right on Halloween, so better hope it will be on a Sunday or a Saturday instead of a Monday, like this year, or any other weekday (excepting Friday). That is all; my mom wants the computer now and I need to finish my homework. This weekend went by way too quickly for me. *salutes and turns about face and leaves*

December 10, 2011, 11:49 p.m.: Hello, again, guys! Did you miss me? I know you did. There was a prolongued Winter Concert yesterday and I was soooo tired when I finally got home at about 10 at night, so I couldn't put it up then. And I have homework too?! WAH! Oh, and my mom woke me up at 4:30 p.m today, and that's ridiculous! I can't believe I even slept that long! Oh well... I might as well upload More Than Meets the Eye now while I'm thinking about it. Expect to see it up in about, I don't know, thirty minutes. Over and out. (12:16 a.m.) Huh... That's majorly weird... I thought I had More Than Meets the Eye transferred to my computer already. Hm... I'll just transfer it again and then post it up... ; (1:35 a.m.) I've decided not to delete this; I may get the inspiration to continue it, but it won't be the same. So, I just took out the history of the first character b/c I want you to be surprised. You probably didn't want me to take it out. (2:10 a.m.) I'll finish transferring the story to the computer and post it up tomorrow since I need to get to sleep. Sorry fellas! See ya tomorrow! *vanishes into nothingness*

April 16, 2014, 7:29 p.m.: 0.0... Oh.. um.. I'm not dead, guys! ...O.o... um... wow... lol! I was gone.. a very long time... >_> ... I guess I did vanish into nothingness for a while... a long while...
Oh, well!! XDD I'M BAAAACK!!! and I've written a lot of stories in my time, so don't think I just stopped writing.. Believe me, that's never going to happen as long as I'm alive! And perhaps even after that! XD
I've also gotten a lot better at writing, I think, since I've last been here. =3
Also, I've become a female Brony recently! The show is so good!! IT'S GOT AN ACTUAL PLOT AND CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT!! XDD
I've been working on a story in the Friendship is Magic field, called Friendship May Be Magic, but Trust is Power, so expect to see a chapter of that here soon.
I've also gotten into Portal and written some (unfinished) stories for that series.
But don't worry; I'm still a die-hard Sonic and Kirby fan!! XD
And to a certain fellow author who messaged me recently (read: sent me a review) about my Lilo and Kirby story; don't worry about me never finishing it! XD
In fact, I do plan on finishing it and still have the plot and the scenes lined up in my head. I just lost the steam for it until recently.
I've long ago written a part of chapter three, and realized I skipped a very influential scene wherein Lilo and Stitch go around the town square, so I'm in the process of writing that too...
I also wrote a chapter and a half in the Super Mario Bros universe, called something... >_>
I need to find the papers first... =.=

I've still been quite active on, though, while I was "away"; those anonymous reviews under Vampire Tails were me by the way -- :shot:
OH! Also, I'm nearing the end of my freshman year in college, - just starting my Easter weekend in fact -, so during summer vacation I can really crack down on these stories! XD
Look forward to it! XD
Vampire Tails out! *salutes and leaves*

April 17, 2014 (10:24pm): Yeah, you know what? I'd decided to delete the Sonic and the Benders stuff anyway; it was taking up SO MUCH space, so.. yeah... I've still got it in a Word Document though so maybe I'll just put the summary of it back up. =3
Things have changed so much here! XD
I'm in the process of finding a cover for my Friendship May Be Magic, but Trust is Powerfanfic, but lemme tell ya right now that Kirby... is not the Kirby you know him in his game series and such like that; he's not evil, he's just different. =3
I'm not spoiling it for you; read it for yourself! XD
And, since he's..."different"... I might have to make the cover for it myself with my nonexistent tablet.. =3
Gonna be fun... as soon as I get one (and I think I found the perfect one!)!
So, yeah... things like that! XD
See ya'll later! *zips away*

More Stories that I don't plan on giving up on

Lilo and Kirby

Orphaned by a car accident, Lilo and Nani have been put through many hardships. So as solace, Lilo often disappears into her own little world as solace. All she ever wants is a friend. But when a strange creature in the form of a pink puffball crashes down upon Hawaii, her whole life will be turned upside down!

Genres: Hurt/Comfort, Adventure, Family, Friendship

Started: August 29, 2011

The Savior of Light within Darkness (might be revamped)

Vacation Gone Awry (was just a sample story, but it might get revamped)

Friendship Matters More Than Rivalry (I'm sorry for those who have been waiting for this to be updated, but I lost the notebook containing this story. Once I find it, I will pick up this story again, as I have some ideas to continue it. But until then, it will remain on Hiatus)
But I'm afraid I've lost the steam to continue this story since college. *snorts*
It might be revamped according to my writing styles now, so... yeah, look forward to that... (or not... >_>)

After I finish Lilo and Kirby, there are going to be a series of one-shots, two-shots, three-shots or longer but probably no longer than ten chapters following it to show how the Pelekai Family is coming along before the next movie, Lilo and Kirby 2: Glitchy Kirby, and then the original series, and perhaps a few more short stories in between each to once again show how the Pelekai family is coming along, and then Korbe and Kirby and then I will be done with this. I will be sad yet happy when I'm done with this, but I can always go back to relive my hard work. That's what a story is worth. . But don't expect it to be done done; I happen to have a few tricks up my sleeve to continue this. Bear with me please and thank you. (I did not forget about Kirby! The Movie. I just remembered that after reading this a while ago.)

Friendship May Be Magic, but Trust is Power

"...because you must have trust before you can ever have a friendship." The denizens of Ponyville, especially the Mane Six, are at a loss of what to do when a small, pink (asocial) puffball crash-lands near their picnic. (NO HUMANIZATION!)

Rated T-

Genres: Adventure, Eventual Friendship, Hurt/Comfort

Started: March 11, 2014 (8:42am)

The Warmth of Light: Not yet uploaded

Finished Stories

Solitary Hero (Lilo and Kirby)

Now uploaded and finished.

Sitting Underneath the Stars (Lilo and Kirby)

Now uploaded and finished.

More Than Meets the Eye (Lilo and Kirby)

Uploaded and finished.

A New Member

Planned Stories (And by planned, I mean in my head. How am I going to remember all this, you ask? ... O.O, good question... I don't really know. But I'll figure something out! .)

Spooky Days and Spooky Nights (Lilo and Kirby) Should be done and uploaded by Halloween 2011; a two-shot, perhaps; just decided on it being a three-shot (Written Oct. 25th, 2011: OH GOSH!! IT'S ONLY 6 DAYS AWAY!?!? AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! *runs around the room while "Hurry Starman" from Super Mario Bros plays*) It is set after the three short stories that will be uploaded November 9th, November 10th, and November 11th respectively, and the ones that are longer than one chapter will be updated weekly or later, depending on my schedule or how evil I am at that time. Prologue and Chapters 1-3 done and Chapter 4 halfway done as of Nov. 13. Lost inspiration, and should get it back come next Halloween. Hope you like waiting

Easy as Learning A-B-C (Lilo and Kirby 2)

Clean Up Time (Lilo and Kirby)
*One-shot* What the family does nearly every time the day is over.

Love Is A Gift That Keeps On Giving OR Crystal White Love (Lilo and Kirby) Should be done and uploaded by or before Christmas Eve or Day 2011 (O.O; I got a whole smorgasborg of time! Better start after I do the Halloween story) (Didn't I put up the summary? Oh well, I'll just do it again, and most likely again, and again...)
*Xmas Fic (obviously)* In a "beautiful" world, the only gifts you can give that will last a lifetime are kindness and love. And on this special holiday, they spread even more, and you'll soon find a very nice surprise, from the very person you would almost never expect to do so.

Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride (Lilo and Kirby 2)

Sick Day (Lilo and Kirby 2) One-shot (should probably wait until Lilo and Kirby 2 is uploaded and finished; have too many short stories I want to upload as the bridge from Lilo and Kirby to that)
*inspired by Nurse Kirby, by kittymouse*

Making It Right (Lilo and Kirby) One-shot (set before Spooky Days and Spooky Nights, like the first 3 are; maybe that's why I should wait till next Halloween to upload the final part? -bricked- X.X ... =_= STOP THAT!! D=)

The Mysteries of Oobleck (Lilo and Kirby 2)
*inspired by a field trip to MIS* After reading a book by Dr. Seuss called Bartholomew and the Oobleck, Lilo is fascinated and wants to surprise the family.

The Special Transportation Through the Air (Lilo and Kirby)
Meta Knight, Sword, and Blade team up to do something about Lilo's chronic tardiness to school.

Apologies and the Renewal of Vows (Lilo and Kirby 2)
Lilo realized that she neglected Kirby when he needed her more than she him, and that's not what she promised when she adopted him. Now she decides to make it up to him, but how will she do it? *set after the events of Lilo and Kirby 2: Glitchy Kirby*

The Adventures of Meta Knight, Sword Knight and Blade Knight (Lilo and Kirby


I am a full supporter of Meta Knight being the failed creation of Nightmare. They do look eerily similar. 0.0" And that can't just be coincidence.
If you are a supporter of this theory, copy and paste this into your profile and add your name to the list.
1. Vampire Tails

I think that Sonic's voice is like he's growing up like the rest of the boys, and that it's getting deeper over the years. If you think that the critics of Sonic's voice should stop and accept this fact, and that all the voice actors are good, then copy and paste this into your profile, and add your name to the list.
1. Vampire Tails

I believe that Meta Knight didn't show his wings in the anime because he didn't want people to figure out that he is a Demon Beast, a failed one though. After all, bat wings do signify a demon. So, stop asking why he can't just fly everywhere he goes. If you believe this too, copy and paste into your profile.

eliforp ruoy otno siht etsap dna ypoc siht daer ot hguone trams era uoy fi

Chef Kawasaki from the Anime is really clever in his own way. Why I say this, you ask? Well, I have... evidence!


1. In Episode 95, Devil Kirby, he was the first and only one who noticed Kirby's evil face.
2. He was the one who figured out that his teacher, Cook Oosaka, was not really his teacher in the 11th episode, Court Chef *Kawasaki.
3. He also was the one who figured out why his teacher's cooking tasted so good in episode 34, Ultimate Iron Man *Cook Oosaka.
If you agree, copy and paste this into your profile, and maybe add some more evidence, and add your name to the list.
Vampire Tails

If you have ever spent more than six hours straight on the computer then copy and paste this into your profile.

If you have ever walked into a room then forgot what you were doing, then started walking away and remembered copy this into your profile.

93 percent of American teens would have a severe emotional breakdown if someone called them a freak. If you're a part of the 7 percent who would ask the person, "What was your first clue?", copy this into your profile. (I do now, heh heh. Bullies don't really affect me anymore. SO BACK DOWN!)

95 percent of kids out there are concerned with being popular and fitting in. If you're part of the five percent who aren't, copy and paste this into your profile.

92 percent American teens would die if Abecrombie and Fitch told them it's uncool to breathe. Copy this into your profile if you would be in the 8 percent laughing their heads off at the others.

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I am the girl that doesn't go to school dances, or games, and when I do go, I sit in a corner and read a book. I am the girl that people look through when I say something. I am the girl that spends most of her free time reading, writing, or doing other activities that most teenagers wouldn't call normal. I am the girl that people call weird and a freak either behind my back or to my face. I am the girl that doesn't spend all her time on Facebook, or talking to a girlfriend on a phone. I am the girl that hasn't been asked out in a year. I am the girl that has stopped to smell the flowers and jump and splash in the rain.

BUT I am also the girl who knows and is proud to be who she is, doesn’t care if people call her weird (it's a compliment), who loves reading and writing and doing the things that no one seems to have the time to do any more, who loves and is obsessed with alot of things, who can express herself better with words than actions, who doesn't need a guy to complete her, and knows the importance of the little things.

Copy and paste this onto your account, and add your name to the list, if you are anything like me, so the girls who are different and unique can know in their weakest time that they are unique but not alone- Bearhug946, EdwardCullenEqualsLife, Stephanie Deux, Aintzane411, BillieMaysSaysKaboom,Nuns N' Bagels, Damon.x.Baird.x, ita-chan01, Razzika, Lyn Gainsborough, Alexia The Hedgehog, Mnicknack, ZehHyperactiveAuthor, Vampire Tails

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If you agree with this, copy and paste into your profile. (...*starting to seriously question "the never closing" part behind his mask*... No longer questioning this! Copy and paste to your heart's content! )

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If it weren't for Super Smash Bros. Brawl, I wouldn't be a fan of this/these character(s). Copy and paste this into your profile if you haven't heard of, or have heard of him/her/them and didn't pay much mind to the character(s), until Brawl, add your name to the list, and write which character(s) you've become a fan of since then.
1. Vampire Tails: Kirby and Meta Knight - haven't even heard of the latter and the former wormed his way into my heart next to Sonic the Hedgehog . -

What? How'd this get in here? If you have ever "reviewed" your own story but you had no idea it was there until you saw it, copy and paste this into your profile. (no, seriously, it's happened! O.O)

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If you have canines that are about the size and have the slight sharpness of a vampire's, copy and paste this into your profile. (Heh...heh... Huh? Hey, don't go away! Please...?)

If you think that Kirby's "Hiii" taunt from Melee is similar to (but not exactly like) Stitch's "Hiii" from Lilo and Stitch, copy and paste this into your profile.

Salvete! Bonum vos videre! If you know (some) Latin and/or are taking classes for it, copy and paste this into your profile. Valete!

Help defend Meta Knight from being banned from Brawl Tournaments! If you are on the anti-Meta-Knight-ban side, copy and paste this into your profile and add your name to the list! The more people we have, the better! Vampire Tails


What I think Meta Knight's eye colors mean? (I've also added a few)

Blue: proud, happy, content

Green: deep in thought, serious (maybe)

NEW Orange: surprised

Dull Yellow: sleeping, unconscious

Red: angry, suspicious, sensing danger

Pink: amused

NEW Grey: sad

NEW Purple: embarrassed

White: hopeful, ready

NEW (or is it?) Black (better hope you never see this color): dead

Gold: Do I even have to say it...?

NEW Light Yellow: confused (kind of rare)

NEW Sickly Gold (a lighter gold): sick

Seasonal Music
Spring: Bramble Blast (SSBB Remix) from Donkey Kong, The Forest of Hope (SSBB Remix) from Pikmin, Green Hill Zone from SONIC the Hedgehog
Summer: Meta Knight's Revenge (SSBB Remix) from Kirby Super Star, Vs. Marx (SSBB Remix) from Kirby Super Star
Autumn: Dark World (SSBB Remix) from The Legend of Zelda
Winter: Snowman (SSBB Remix) from Mother 3 or Earthbound

Meta Knight can throw off his cape at times in the games. So... if his cape serves to hide his wings, shouldn't that make his cape a part of him...? ... ... ... 0.0"

Good Summary Songs for the Movies of Lilo and Kirby

Lilo and Kirby:
Perfect Cell Theme Techno Remix by DBZ and SSBB - Bramble Blast from Donkey Kong

Lilo and Kirby 2: Glitchy Kirby
In The End by Linkin Park
Mozart - Moloko - Requiem for a Dream

Korbe (pronounced as Core-beh) and Kirby:
Emerald Sword Rhapsody (Instrumental)/Album: Symphony of Enchanted Lands

(As a matter of fact, the escape theme is Perfect Cell Theme Techno Remix and it would be even more epic if you listen to it while you read the escape scene of my story)

Theme Song of Lilo and Kirby: The Series

Lilo and Kirby
Lilo and Kirby
Hawaii can be so much fun when you're with Lilo and Kirby

Lilo and Kirby
Lilo and Kirby
Watch them go through some crazy adventures that'll make you laugh and cry.

Lilo and Kirby
Lilo and Kirby
Two different species
tied into Ohana
They'll never be torn apart.

Lilo: I had been lonesome for such a long time now,
with only Nan, my sister, to keep me warm
But even that was not enough, I needed more, more, more
And that was when I met him, the cute little pink puffball!

Dah dah-dah dah!

Lilo and Kirby
Lilo and Kirby
A small family the siblings used to be
but now are a big happy Ohana!

Dra dah dah-dah-dah dah!

Lilo: And now the roll call of the Pelekai House!

Doctor Dedede
Lilo: inventor of the house
Kirby: Poyo poyokay! [He'll help your genetics!]
Nani: Won't that be fun?
Dedede: I'll have ya know that my inventions are quite safe, emphasis on the quite. *grins evilly*

Lilo: Dedede's mediator and the scientist
Kirby: He's a really smart guy poyo!
Escargon: Yes, that is right! I'll remedy all your needs
by means of chemistry *takes a vial filled with a purple substance and another one filled with a green substance*
whether you be sick, sore or itchy.
My experiments are entirely safe
no need to worry about a thing
and if I'm unsure
I'll always test before *tilts the vial of green into the one of purple and it immediately explodes in his face; eye twitches*
Nani: Now that's a riot!

Sword and Blade
Lilo: they're the protectors of the house.
Kirby: Poyo, poyokay! [They're really good!]
Nani: *just smiles*
*Music stops*
Sword: What? No comment?
Blade: I feel insulted.
Lilo: Don't worry, we like you all the same.
Sword and Blade: *smiles as well*

Music starts again*

And last but not least, Sir Meta Knight
Lilo: also a protector of the house; he stays up late
just keep me and my Ohana safe
Nani: And I really appreciate it. He's also such a good helper.
Kirby: Poyo! [Hey!]
Nani: You're a good helper, too.
Kirby: Poy! [That's right!]
Lilo: I see him more as a father.
Nani: Father figure.
Lilo: And he's the one who also keeps us in check.
Meta Knight: *eyes flash orange and light yellow* I am...? *still focused on "father figure"*

Lilo and Kirby
Lilo and Kirby
What a big, happy family!

(All family members jump in for a photo shoot)

What a big, happy family!

(Everyone except Meta Knight argues over which spot they should take)

What a big, happy family!

(Meta Knight reminds them of the camera and points toward the readers)

What a big, happy family!

(Everyone hurries to strike a pose and finishes just when they hear the shuttle go off)

Lilo: Family!
Kirby: Ohana, poyo!

(Laughter ensues)

Characters' Organization XIII Names (had a whole list of Sonic Characters, but I lost them, so I created a new one .)

Kirby --> Irkbyx (Irk-bics) or Irxbyk (Irks-bic) or Ixrbyk (Ix-er-bic) or Xirbyk (Zir-bic)
Meta Knight --> KaMenxitight (Kah-Manx-e-tight) or KaMengithixt (Kah-Men-gi-thickst)
Fumu --> Muxuf (Mucks-uhf)
Bun --> Nbux (N-bucks)
Chef Kawasaki --> Chef Waxaiska (Wax-eyes-kah)
Sonic --> Nicxos
Cream and Cheese --> Maxcre (Mahx-creh) and Echexe (Eh-checks-eh)
Amy Rose --> Ymxasoer (Why-mix-ah-so-air)
Tails --> Xaltis or Xalits
Escargon --> Onsagrocxe (On-sah-grohxeh)
Knuckles --> Knulcxesk (Nulk-zesk)
Lilo --> Xilol (Xhigh-lawl) or Loxil (Locks-ill) or Lixol (Licks-all) or Xillo (Xhigh-low) or Xolli (Xall-lee)
Blaze --> Xelbaz (Xehl-bahz) or Xebazl (Xeh-bahzl), or Xablez (Xah-blehz)
Silver --> Xilvers (Xill-vers) or Vilxers (Vill-xers)
Ratchet --> Xechatr (Xeh-chat-reh) or Xachret (Xach-reht) or Xechrat (Xech-rat)
Optimus Prime --> ProPexitumism (Proh-pex-e-too-mism)
Miko Nakadai --> KokidaxiNaka (Coke-e-doxi-Naka)
Jack Darby --> DakaJyxb
Rafael Esquivel --> Quvixelelavfras (Kwe-vix-ehl-ehl-av-fraz)
Arcee --> Raxece (Rakes-ehk-eh)
Bumblebee --> Umbexelbe (Oom-becks-ehl-beh)
Bulkhead --> Deaxlhub (Day-axle-hub)
Starscream --> Marxtermascr (Marx-tear-mask-reh)

Halloween Songs (from Video Games)

Haunted Castle from Sonic Heroes
Hurry Starman (believe it or not) from Super Mario Bros
Toccata in Fugue by someone...?
Theme of Holy (certainly not) Nightmare Co. from Hoshi no Kaabii

Evidence that Meta Knight is the failed Demon Beast (and this list will go on) Feel free to copy and paste this into your profile. .

1. In an episode, Meta Knight stated that Kirby awoke 200 years too early, so, if Kirby was the demon beast who rebelled against Nightmare, it would severely derail the timeline in which Hoshi no Kaabii was set. Therefore, it would make more (and perfect) sense for MK to be the failed Demon Beast since he was around (and maybe a bit earlier) at the time the war broke out, and he was also the last Star Warrior in the end, so Kirby doesn't factor in at all.
2. MK's eyes change color with emotion; you don't see anybody else's eyes do that in the anime.
- Wolfwrath's (or Chilidog's, -.-) gem on its forehead supposedly also changes color, and guess what? It's a Demon Beast too!
3. He has demonic bat wings, which he undoubtedly kept hidden in the anime. He didn't want anybody to figure out he's a Demon Beast, so he never uses them in the anime.
- It's why he used Lololo and Lalala to catch up with Kirby in one episode, not that he utterly lacked wings.
4. His cape can turn into his bat wings, and I believe it is a part of his body, hence why he kept it on while he slept.
- Although, why and how he can throw it off in most of the games is creeping me out. Fridge Horror, indeed, 0.0".
5. He and Nightmare have some personality and physical traits that are soooo obvious it would make most characters in the anime bonk their heads and go, "Hey! Why didn't I notice that before?"
They have the same color scheme, the same (sorta) mindset, they both favor the night (although for Nightmare, it's more of an urgency), they both keep to themselves, they both have a tendency to wrap themselves in their capes, and MK's pauldrons look eerily alike Nightmare's.
-Oh, and, they both seem to be omniscient.

(Made-Up) Latin Words (you can use them if you so wish, just be sure to PM me, or review my stories)
Latin to English

Kirbius, Kirbii, m. --> Kirby
Lilio, Lilionis, f. --> Lilo
Dededeus, Dededei, m. --> Dedede
Dededeus Professor, Dededei Professoris, m. --> Professor Dedede
Meta Knightus, Metae Knighti, m. --> Meta Knight
Nania, Naniae, f. --> Nani
Lilio Pelecaea, Lilionis Pelecaeae, f. --> Lilo Pelekai
Nania Pelecaea, Nania Pelecaeae, f. --> Nani Pelekai
Svordius Knightus, Swordii Knighti, m. --> Sword Knight
Bladius Knightus, Bladii Knighti, m. --> Blade Knight
Hawaei, Hawaeienis, f. --> Hawaii
Escargonius, Escargonii, m. --> Escargon
Escargonius Procurator, Escargonii Procuratoris, m. --> Agent Escargon

You know, in SSBB, Mario seems angry about something. I've noticed that when I looked at pictures of him in this game. I mean, he's supposed to be one of the happiest guys on Earth (or in the Mushroom Kingdom) and they make his eyebrows look like he's angry. It really doesn't fit the sound effects he makes.
-Well, he looks angrier than Sonic "normally" looks, but Sonic looks happier than Mario in that game!

The Order of the Short Stories
I know I said that the Lilo and Kirby short stories wouldn't really be tied in a specific order, but some of them I have planned out are actually supposed to go after Lilo and Kirby 2, as Lilo and Nani gain more knowledge about their extended Ohana. As such, the order will be shown here in case you want to read them that way, but other than that...
Lilo and Kirby
1. The Solitary Hero
2. Sitting Underneath the Stars
3. More Than Meets the Eye
4. Making It Right
5. Spooky Days and Spooky Nights
6. The Aftermath of Halloween Night
7. Professor Dedede's Amazing Hammer
8. Clean Up Time
9. The Adventures of Meta Knight, Sword Knight, and Blade Knight
10. The Special Transportation Through the Air
Lilo and Kirby 2
1. Apologies and the Renewal of Vows
2. Sick Day
3. Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride
4. Easy as Learning A-B-C
5. The Mysteries of Oobleck

I've, a few months ago, taken a quiz to see which Portal 2 Character I'm most like.
Here were my results. =3

Chell: 90%
GLaDOS: 84%
Wheatley: 80%

Cool, eh?! XD

Favorite Quotes and Conversations

"I'MA FIRIN' MAH LAZAH!!" - I don't really know who started this, so let me know please?

"I'MA BREAK-FAST YO FACE!" - I don't know who started this either... Yeah, I do need to get out more.

"THIS. IS. SPARTA!" - some guy in a Spartan outfit... >_=


"DOOMY DOOMS OF DOOM!!" - Television Tropes and Idioms; I love the word "doom." and I say this too; I like any quote with the word "doom" in it, it makes it dramatic and I just like the sound of the word.
"DOOOM!! Come on, say it with me! DOOOM!! One more time! DOOOOOM!!!" lol

"It really is awful..." - Sir Meta Knight (Metanaito-kyou) in Hoshi no Kaabii

- "Chocolate? Did you just say chocolate?"

"Yes, we did. Why?"

"Chocolate? Chocolate? CHOOOCOLAAAAATE!!! CHOCOLAAAAATE!!!" - A random fish and Spongebob himself in Spongebob Squarepants

"*sings* King Dedede, King Dedede, dra da duh-duh-duh duh!" and so on - Me, singing my version of King Dedede's theme song when I first saw his name in Brawl. I pronounced it as Day-day-day, and so shall it be. 'Cuz it sounds better.

"SUCK UP DIS TORCH!" - Meta Knight in the English version of Hoshi no Kaabii; I don't really watch this version, as I can't hear their voices very well, but when I heard/saw this, I cracked up!

"You must obey the tree of chocolate! CHOOOOOOOOCOLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE! *shot*" - saw this in an artist's signature (SilverWing94) on DeviantART, it cracked me up the first time I saw it. So it has found another rightful place here.

"SILENCE!" - Dr. Robotnik in The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

"NO!!" - Dr. Robotnik again

"Why is my beautiful note drifting off into deep space?! Why am I reaching you at the coordinates of the abandoned spaghetti station?! WHY?!" - Dr. Robotnik in one of the Youtube Poops I saw, I believe it was... uh... "Dr. Robotnik Gets a Job at McDonald's" or something like that.

"*sings* Metanaito-zoi! Metanaito-zoi! Metanaito, Metanaito, Metanaito-zoi!" - King Dedede and me; I made this up in my head, and I just disguise my voice as Dedede's. Yes, I'm random like that. .

"Look what you did." - Steve Urkel in Family Matters

"Did I do that?" - Steve Urkel again

"Some of these fans out here aren't even fans, but critics. They give true Sonic fans like myself a bad name. And I don't like it. Either you are a true fan, or you are a critic; there should be no middle to this." - Me, getting frustrated with all these critics going around and pretending to be fans

"Don't...touch...the SHOES!!" - Sonic in some random Youtube video

"Hey, I needed that!" - Ratchet from Transformers Prime; his catchphrase. (Someone should really make a song out of this. Just sayin'. .)

"My friends need to be punished." - Lilo from Lilo and Stitch

"Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind...or forgotten." - Lilo and Stitch (I personally love this quote; although, I love the other ones too, this one hits home. Lilo and Stitch really spoke to me, since I was just like Lilo when I was a little girl, but I didn't have any alien rescue me from my sadness... I had to graduate elementary school first--8th grade and 5th grade and 7th grade was a nightmare!)

"Who cares?" - Dr. Robotnik in The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

"If you have time to worry, run." - Sonic in Sonic 2006 (I watch Youtube videos of the games I don't have and can't have)

"The only time my story ends is if I stop running!" - Sonic from Sonic and the Black Knight (which is never gonna happen)

"Just cause the sun going down doesn't mean it's gonna be dark." - Mom (Heh, heh...)

"Friendship does not consist of hatred, disgust, and/or indifference, at least...not the healthy kind. Do not try to associate with those who consider you unworthy to even breathe their space." - Sir Meta Knight in my story, Lilo and Kirby (Indeed)

"Are you crazy?!" Knuckles in Sonic X

"Cactus Juice! It'll quench ya, nothin's quenchier, it's the quenchiest!" Sokka in Avatar: The Last Airbender

"I already have a picture of what my picture will look like." - Me, talking about what I will bring to Art Class

"What the bologna sandwich?" - Me, inspired by one of my classmates in Art.

"I've got backups, and my backups got backups, *chuckles*" - XL in Buzz Lightyear of Star Command; I miss that show. =(

"Hey, look! A giant mushroom! Maybe it's friendly!" - Sokka, when drunk on Cactus Juice

"Friendly mushroom, friendly mushroom! Mushy giant friend!" Sokka, again drunk on Cactus Juice

"*maybe in Italian accent* Do not mess with the Luigi!" - Me, when playing Brawl with Luigi

"HIIII!" - Kirby, in Brawl.

"HI!" - Kirby, one of his taunts (even if repeated over and over again, which one of my classmates finds annoying)

"ABANDON SHIP!" - Sailor Dee from one of the Youtube Poops of Meta Knight's Revenge

"Pay no mind/attention to the man behind the curtain!" - the Wizard in the Wizard of Oz; and every other variation after this

"Do not mess with the Meta Knight!" - Me, while imitating his Anime (from Japanese) voice when playing as Meta Knight in Brawl

"Perhaps the cute little pink puffball was too much for them!" - Me after vanquishing the Boss Rush on Brawl with Kirby... on easy. -.-; ...or was it normal...?

"Do not mess with the Sonic the Hedgehog!" - Me when playing as Sonic in Brawl

"All toasters toast toast!" Mario in the Super Mario Bros Show; I can't believe he actually said that...

"If you need instructions on how to make toast, you will die." Mario in a Youtube Poop. (lol!)

"WT- BOOM!! *screams*" from I don't know. Please PM me so I can give credit to whoever thought of this; I find this amusing, . (WHAT THE FLI--BOOM!!)

"Mah boi!" The King from Link's TV show

"What?! Christmas movies are not supposed to be rated R! That's an insult to tradition!" - Me; well it is! O_O

"What's going on here?" - Ratchet from TFP, hosting a commercial on the HUB,

"Sad, isn't it?" - the red cat on Courage the Cowardly Dog; shame I forgot his name. *bricked*

"There I was, minding my own business, when my arm just FALLS OFF! Clearly, Megatron has done more damage to me than you" - Starscream from TFP

"...Awwwwww..." - Starscream from TFP

"GRAH! I remember when I played one of the first Mario games... I would get soooo far, only to die and have to start the WHOLE. GAME. OVER AGAIN!!" - Me, fuming about a game I played roughly 5 years ago... -.-; yeah, I know right...

"You didn't know how much I needed that...because if you did, you wouldn't have BROKEN it!" - Me, imitating Ratchet's (TFP) voice

"Game over YEAHHHH!!" - Sega Rally Championship (I laughed my socks off when I heard this!)

"I shall forever haunt your nightmares!" - Me, nearly every time someone or something upsets me to the point that has me say this, or any other variation; excluding curse words (I don't do that, so sue me.)

"I'm retching (reaching) it to ya!" - my mom (heh heh...)

"NUTS!" Dr. Doom from Super Hero Squad Show, heard nearly every time things don't go his way, or when he crashes into something.

"Ut flumen, tempus in modo continuo fluit, pro quemquam vel quidquam numquam desinens. Sed quisque tempus varie patitur; cui movere cito poterat, et ceteris tam segniter quam mel movere poterat. Tamen, via utra, si matura serave es non curat. Tempus iniustum sit, sed in via nulla est culpa temporis. Intelligisne, Lilio?" - The translation will be found in Lilo and Kirby 2 Ch. 1, and who's the one who said this, you ask? Well, you'll have to find out. O.O *frantically dodges the vegetables and bricks thrown at me* Heh heh...

"What do they have pigs eat nowadays?! Gawsh!" - Me about the foul smell of chitlins. (Seriously, have you ever smelled the chitlins? It literally smells like garbage. >X UGH!!)

"Mm... it smells good. Smells like tomatoes."
"There aren't any tomatoes in there."
[beat] *both break out laughing, including myself* - Mom and my older sister talking about the potato salad the latter made.

"This *takes an egg and sets it on the table* is the universe. This is the universe *takes another egg* when you meet yourself *and smashes it onto the other egg*. Any questions?" - Iron Man in Super Hero Squad Show (One of... the funniest...lines...evah!! XD)

"Oh, ah, hai." - Stitch

"I always thought you were supposed to face the TV when you're watching it, I don't know." - Mom, talking about the way (most) designers place TVs in a room, namely the living room/bedroom.

"'ello!" - Wheatley from Portal 2

"Congratulations, the test is now over. All Aperture technologies are safely operational up to 4000 degrees Kelvin." - GLaDOS

"And I'll say it again - if I haven't already friended you, it's not going to happen. So please stop with the poking!" - Mayor Jones : SDMI

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Through The Looking Glass by xoxomtmodnarxoxo reviews
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Transformers/Beast Wars - Rated: M - English - Hurt/Comfort/Angst - Chapters: 10 - Words: 54,825 - Reviews: 85 - Favs: 57 - Follows: 86 - Updated: 2/11 - Published: 4/2/2011 - Starscream
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Sonic the Hedgehog - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 20 - Words: 82,350 - Reviews: 88 - Favs: 54 - Follows: 50 - Updated: 2/1 - Published: 4/18/2011 - [Sonic, Amy] Tails, Shadow - Complete
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