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"Awaken to darkness on this place we call Earth,
One vampire's bite brings another one's birth.
A vampire wakes with bloodthirsty needs,
On the warm rich sensation he feels when he feeds.
He stalks in the night like a disastrous beast,
And what once was alive will soon be deceased.
So when the last bit of sunlight disappears from the sky,
You better watch out unless you want to die."

-Victoria Boatwright

Ok... a little about me:

I live in NW Georgia. It's an absolutely beautiful place to live. My daughter first introduced me to Twilight, and I absolutely fell in love with the story; but even moreso with the characters Stephenie Meyer created!

As far as personal preferences go in the world of Twilight I'm 100 Team Switzerland. Even tho' while reading the books I wanted to pop Bella a couple of times. I love Edward, but I kinda felt like Bella should've gone the Jacob route in the story. (Yeah, I love me some Jacob too...) And I love Jasper and Carlisle and Emmett... yeah, I s'pose I'm something of a TwiHo /grin

I am NOT a fan of Breaking Dawn, the whole freak of nature thing bugged me, and the name Renesme? Ugh.

'My Own Personal Sun' was my 1st fanfic - the whole concept of fan-fiction is pretty new to me. Since finding it however I spend WAY too much time reading all the wonderful stories! (Just ask my hubby =P)

I wanted to do a sequel to My Personal Sun. I've received several requests to do so, but I'm having some issues there. I have three different outlines drawn up. All three are for the sequel, they just all take different approaches to it. I can't figure out how I want to do it, So I decided to put that particular project off for now. But I will come back to the sequel to My Personal Sun. I promise. :))

I got the idea for Prey For Protection a while back and I'm having a whole lot of fun writing it.

I just received word that My Own Personal Sun & Prey For Protection have been nominated for Indie TwiFic Awards. I can't believe it! Thanks to everybody that nominated either story!
My Own Personal Sun was nominated for Best Non ExB Story Line - Complete. Prey For Protection was nominated for Best AU WIP, Best Characterizations non ExB WIP & Most Original Storyline WIP.
I am positively speechless!
If you're a fan of either story PLEASE head on over to the 1st round of voting is 7/8-7/12
Thanks to each and every one of you for your support & encouragement!


My Own Personal Sun has made it to the FINAL Voting Round in the Indie TwiFic Awards for best Non ExB story!!
There are no friggin' words... I could type a mile long list of adjectives and none of them would do justice to the way that's made me feel.
Thank you SOOO Much!

The final round of voting is 7/22-7/29 the link if you want/need it is

Again, I can't think you guys enough :))


No Indie Award, but I can't feel bad about that at all... There were SOO many great stories nominated, having both of my stories involved was effing awesome - and actually making it to the final round w/ My Own Personal Sun was unfriggin believable. Can't think you guys enough :))

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