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hi there!

my name is Shandon, I'm seventeen and doing year twelve. okay, thats already too much information about school. ew.

i love twilight, its pretty awesome, and Australia is the place to be these days! can you say... beach? haha

writing is lots of fun, i would love to do something with it but im not one of those uber-talented, teenage author kids so there goes that idea. lol

Just got my red P's, so I can drive around with in my red car with my red phone and my red wallet... dont even like red that much, my stuff is just all red! lol. what a coincidence.

got some awesome friends who are just too cool, and laughed at me today when I said I had a headache... eugh. but we have some GREAT times, there are plenty of quotes I can show you all to prove that:

"Shut up in thy brain"

"Exchange me for a goat"

"The pope is good?"

"Any man for no man"

"digging yourself a scene hole"

"This is my brother Max... he's not funny!"

"It's IN her BAG!"

"Je suis une Baguette"

"In this photo is you and you only... and Emma"

"Yeah, my hair is that short! except longer..."

"Are you going to turn on your lights?" "Oh, no, I dont use those."

"too active for shoes..."

"yess! active wear! Laura, you are not active enough! fold up your shirt!"

"I got good grammar!"

"sometimes I add in extra letters, like I might spell 'chicken' like this: Chickkioneoonn."

"I'll stab you with my Australian flag." "I'll stab you with my knife." ... "flag wins"

"I'll stab you with my pen" ... "I'll stab you with my... SAMURAI SWORD!!"

"I'll stab you with my jam jar!" ... "I'll stab you with my SHICK MACHETE!! and my SHICK MEAT CLEAVER!!"

"All the single miffys, all the single miffys..."

" 'is' and 'Bill' dont rhyme..."

"Its like two funny-looking people..."

"The bit I had was TERRIBLY thirstificating!"

"Did you rip this by saying '0000'?" "Noooo! I ripped it by saying '0404'!"

"well, he's not a 'BOY', he's a 'bo-oy'."

"The girl I killed is impossible to find"- Secondhand Serenade, 'Fall For You'

"Exotic from a box!!"


"Hey Shandon... when you have a baby... you have to put your maiden name... on the birth certificate" ... "oh-kay?"

"I want to go to, um, I forget what its called... ah! what is it called? I cant remember... you know chelsea, that place, its where Pirates of the Carribean is... "
"Uh, the Carribean?"
"Yeah! thats it!!... wait, how dumb did that sound?"

"I'm only going to change my name if the person I marry has the same name as me."
" Haha, yeah, and you go to the place where they change and your like 'i want to change my name' and their like 'from what and to what?' and you go 'from Jenkins to Jenkins' "
"Yeah, then they're like 'uh, thats the same name...' 'oh, no Jenkins has two S's' 'Which one?' 'both' "

"Sarah! are you wearing any pants??" ... "no."

twitches eye


"lonely old witch dress..."

"That platypus is funny cos it wont take the money"

"Hey stinky your so... stinky"

"Those stupid people, they're like 'let's give up all the good stuff and live on crap' "

"She's doing peer...crap"

"Oh, uh, I just got guns... and they're just letting me know they're there."



"The left! that's a no-go zone! Now the right, that's a go-zone..."

"Don't do it! Its a trap! ... Do it! It's not a trap!"

So as you can see, we have some damn good times. and some times you probrably just wont get... but aaaanyways... lol

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