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My name is Tess, I'm 19, and I'm a freshman in college.

I recently returned to FanFiction.net after an amazing dream I had, which was the inspiration for my most popular FanFic, Daughter of a Dead Woman.

Dear Reader,


I am new to Star Wars FanFiction, but not at all new to the Star Wars stories. I discovered the galaxy far, far away when I was five years old and I have loved it ever since. However, I always felt a special connection with Leia's character. Maybe it was because we looked similar (though its not the best picture of me and the quality is altered, you can look at my avatar and compare), maybe it was the fact that her blaster accuracy was like none other, and maybe it was because she was the only girl in a movie full of men until episodes I, II, and III came out. Either way, I loved Leia. I have tried to write Star Wars FanFiction before and failed miserably at representing Luke and Han. Still, I'm willing to try again with a new character plowing through the storyline - a character that I am absolutely sure I know well, because its me!

In my dream, I was the long-lost sister of Luke and Leia with a very similar explanation to the one in the story. Now, I'm a lucid dreamer, so I always know I am dreaming. But this time, I didn't. In fact, I considered the fact that I might be dreaming, then accepted the scenario as real. Everything I knew left me. I truly felt like a character of my own thrown into the Star Wars universe, having to figure out things from the other characters that everyone who has heard of Star Wars knows - like Luke being Leia's sister. And even more than that, I remember a particular part of the dream where we were separated during some sort of battle and when we found each other again we hugged and it was this amazing moment of relief - a feeling much more intense than a normal dream would offer.

I woke up from my dream wanting to go back. I missed my sister. Not my real-life younger sister (though she's cool, too!), but Leia, who I was just getting to know yet at the same time I felt this closeness to her. It sounds insane now that I'm not dreaming, but I believe it was our Force connection in the dream.

So now, I am taking myself back to this world that my mind molded together while I slept in hope of recreating that Force connection. And not just between long-lost siblings, either. I became someone else in that dream - Tess Naberrie - someone who at this moment in time only I can understand. But I want to introduce you to her. I want you to feel this story as if you have made a Force connection with the characters just as strong as I did with Luke and Leia in my dream. Prominent new characters are not often seen in Star Wars FanFiction stories, but my alter-ego is just as real to me as Luke and Leia are, and hopefully my passion for this character will make her just as real for you, too.


The Real Tess

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