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Author has written 3 stories for Inheritance Cycle, Jumper, and Final Fantasy X.

Alrighty then! With the gracious permission of purplehairedwonder, I will steal her idea and remake my profile so it will be a bit better and quite more organized.

Let me tell you readers, however, that this is mostly displaying boring and normal information about me. I feel it needs more, but I'm unsure of what...if you have any ideas, please message me and I'll try out your suggestion. Thanks!

Name: Carlos

Age: 14

Location: Colorado, in the United States of America

Sex: Male/Man/Boy/Guy/Dude/Bro/Anything else you can think of!

Occupation: Student/Writer (Work with me here, writing is my talent and passion)

Hobbies: I love to read books, write stories on FanFiction and in my spare time, play soccer, write poems and have emotional conversations. And long walks on the beach. Oh, and I am extremely psychotic about reading other stories here. Seriously, you guys are great writers!

Favorite Books/Series: Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl, Pendragon, Hatchet, The Inheritance Cycle (Eragon for those who don't know), On My Honor, On The Head Of A Pin, Rascal, The Westing Game, and anything by Charles Dickens (There's more, but I can't think of them right now)

Favorite Movies: Spider-Man (all of 'em), Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Carribean, Harry Potter, Iron Man, The Dark Knight...uh...I'm kinda stumped, actually. Maybe it's because I'm dead tired, but I'll add more later.

Favorite Bands/Singers: Linkin Park, Three Days Grace, Three Doors Down, Bowling For Soup, One Republic, Crossfade, Switchfoot, Baby Bash, Vertical Horizon, Nickelback, Edwin Mcain, Black Eyed Peas, Finger Eleven, Creed, Rise Against, Apocalyptica, Aerosmith, Hoobastank, Santana,

Favorite Characters:

Movies: Legolas (Lord of the Rings, not sure if the spelling's right there), Doctor Octopus (Spider-Man), Tony Stark/Iron Man (Iron Man), Bruce Wayne/Batman and The Joker (The Dark Knight), Bruce (Bruce Almighty), and that's it for now. I'm also stumped here.

Books: Dumbledore (Harry Potter), Brian (Hatchet), Thorn (Inheritance Cycle, just like the name and color), Joel (On My Honor), and...oh, I'll add later! I'm tired!


1-6/09: Chapter 3 of the Jumper story, Betrayed, is out! Read it if you want, please!

1-23/09: Oh my gasp! My people, I hugely apologize for being so ignorant! I completely forgot about updates! Sorry, sorry, sorry! Chapters 4, 5, 6 and 7 of Betrayed are out. Sorry!

1-24/09: Whoo! Chapter 6 of the Eragon story is officially out! The work has re-begun!

1-25/09: I have now submitted a FFX story, a one-time thing, no following chapters. Hope you like it!

2-6/09: The next chapter of Betrayal is out, people! Get to reading! Whoo!

3-29/10: Well...well. It's been over a year since I've made any work on FanFiction, and for that I'm sorry. I'm finished with my stories, and might to a re-make, but most likely not. Anyone who wants to take over and continue either my Jumper or Inheritance Cycle stories can message me.


1-6/09: As the new year has arrived, school is getting rougher and tougher. I may be limited in my stories, but I plan on taking no longer than two weeks to get at least one story out at a time. Happy Holidays, I might add, and have a good New Year!

1-23/09: I have now officially re-begun work on my Inheritance Cycle story, which involves bad guys winning and whatnot. Sorry for those of you who have read it and enjoyed it, I have resumed work on it and will get it sent in by tomorrow.

1-24/09: As of now, I am officially taking a hiatus from my Jumper stories (no less than 3 days, no more than a month) so I can work more on my Inheritance Cycle story along with making some new stories. Don't worry though--I'll be back.

1-25/09: One thing to say: I NEED A BETA-READER! While I have good spelling and grammar by myself, there are some things that aren't necessarily considered wrong with spell-check. These include extra letters, words spelled wrongly (eg. "two" instead of "too") and whatnot. So I'm asking for anyone to message me if they're interested in getting a sneak-peek of my stories, and more importantly, interested in helping me to make sure that I don't have any error! Thanks!

1-27/09: Wow, I have a lot of news. Then again, I'm on here everyday, working on my stories and reading others. Anyways, my news is that I am going to time-out any work on both Eragon and Jumper, as I have a severe case of writer's block for both. Right now I'm working on a Blade FanFic, followed by one that's loosely comic-book-character based (still deciding). So, if you've read my Jumper/Inheritance Cycle stories, yay! But there will be ONE chapter update for Inheritance Cycle before I take a break from both. Sorry, but my writer's block is bad.

2-4/09: Okay, a few things. Firstly, I apologize, as my computer has been rather cruel to me and I lost my internet access from Friday to Monday, meaning I haven't been on. However, not only is my next Jumper chapter finished, but my next Inheritance Cycle chapter is as well! (Admittedly, I was bored as hell and kicked the crap outta my writer's block) And now that I have a Beta, I can have her look over my spelling and grammar for Eragon, and then the next chapter will finally be published!

2-9/09: I just wanted to say that my writer's block came around and bit me in the butt, badly. I'm stuck on my Jumper and my Eragon story...bah.

3-29/10: After a year of absence, I'm back! Yes, I'm here to write all over again! Hopefully no one has really left me, and they'll all keep in mind that I'm not gonna pull a fast one like I did before!

Back to writing!

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