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Alright, new profile page! i decided to keep everyone more informed on the progress of their favorite stories. I'll try to update everyone on the progress when I can. I try to write most of the chapters out on my computer before posting any, and wait for the reviews to come in and see what people like.

Well, here you go! :D

Story updates:

Affection Says it All - Chapter 16 has been posted! PART 3 IS UP!!

This Included - Chapter 5 is up!!

6-2-2012 You'll notice some stories are taken off. I have done this on behalf of Halen. He has too many projects on his plate like I did, so he wanted me to take some of his stories down so he would be able to work on them to make them better for everyone before he re-posted them online.

yes - Halen does know I have done this. He was the one who told me to.

no - I'm not taking over his account.

no - I don't know when he will post everything again. He wants to do work on them, and try to get some beta's for his stories. So; if anyone is interested: Please PM him stating you would like to beta his one story posted. He will begin asking people for betaing on his other stories when he is ready to post.

Thank you for your support,

- Colonel Rage

- Shadow Dragon Leader

7-22-2012 A few of my stories are soon to be posted back up! I know I had all removed pretty much, and only a few will be back up. I haven't decided truly and i don't know when. I am going to try and complete Affection Says it All first. These are the stories that will and might be posted up soon.

Until the End - which is now being named ''Something Wicked My Dead Heart Sings''

The Alpha and His Sister - which is now being named ''The Heart Beat of the Calidar''

4-1-2013 Okay, I've written a few more stories - go figure, right? - and I think a lot of people are waiting on my tw ongoing stories. So:

Affection Says It All - is at Chapter 18 and is on HOLD. I'm making a revision of the story after a few brave people told me a few things didn't make much sense in it. I agreed after going back and reading it. So! I'm half-way through PART ONE of the story, and I KNOW everyone will enjoy it as much as I have writing it. (It was a lot of fun!)

Only Young and Running Wild - COMPLETE. Just a really mindless, random one shot I had been thinking of for all of ten minutes.

This Included - Is at Chapter 6 and is in the progress of having another chapter written as we speak - er, write. Any who I know this story has been on pause for a while, but I haven't abandoned it. I only needed a few boosts to get moving on it. AAANNNDDD...I forgot about it for a while. XD I have such terrible memory...

Terrorizing Bella Trilogy (1-4) - is COMPLETE. This was a fun, short series to write. I laughed at a few parts myself, which made my mom wonder about my sanity since I was laughing at my PC. (Crazy right?)

Edward's What? - is COMPLETE. I might make this ''Cullen's what'' a series like I did with ''Terrorizing Bella''. It all comedy, and I have a goal to write for each Cullen having a 'what the fuck'' moment.

Emmett's What? - is COMPLETE. Another story for the 'Cullen's what' moments of what the fuck! Enjoy it!

The End - Is COMPLETE. This was also just a ten minute thought process. I have thought of a few other ''Bella's grown older and has a family'' moments, but I posted THIS on instead of writing the others. Enjoy it as a HEA is ensured! (As I love!)

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