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Not gonna tell you my namee but you can call me Kandee.

& if you can't tell, I'm a chikk!


I'll say I'm somewhere in the range of 12 & 15.

Livin' in California & luvin it!

Of coursee who doesn't except for those peepz who don't know how to hav some fun!

If you meet mee the first time you will so think I'm shy, but you are dead wrong.

I'm just quiet cuz I don'tt know you alotzz but I am very loud once you know me more.

I'm a pretty hyper chickk!

Very friendly but I can bee a biotch once I'm competitive.

& don't get me pissed either.

My personalityy turns like a 180.

I can scaree my friendzz once I'm pissed so I try not to.

FanFiction E-Mail:

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I like doubling the last letter of words alot likee "awesomee"

Isn't it so awesomee.


Favee color is purplee!

Isn'tt it so cutee!:D

My cell is purplee too!


Love shoppingg till I dropp!

But I never droppedd beforee!

& hangingg with myy friends!

Thay are practicallyy dah world to mee!

You mess with anyone I call a friend, you diee! O.o

Love readingg!

I'm totallee a bookwormm once I find a good book!

Don't bother me when I'm in bookworm moodd!

I get totally pissed unless I read forr a good whilee!

I ain't no geek chickk thoughh!

Well, maybe I am but justt a ittyy bityy!

I love travelling!

I justee luvv seeing new thingzz andd placess!

In the U.S., I've been to California(of coursee), Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Washington D.C., & Louisiana!

I've alsoo been to Hong Kong, Taiwan, & Vietnam.

I've alwayss wantedd to go to Japan, Italy, Germany, and so much more!

Rightee now, I'm a Prince of Tennis chikk!


Here are somee of mee favee pairzz!

Go Thrill Pair!

Go Perfect Pair!

My favee is always Fuji Syuusuke! aka Syuu-chan


I hate backstabberss, slutss, assholezz, etc.

Nosyy pplz!

Even tho I'm one sometimezz.

I just keep what I know to myself.

I don't likee CHILI!

Only if it's not hot.

I can't stand it!

I steer clearr of insensitive bastardss!

Don't know how to say something in a nice way!


Even my lil' cuz can do better than them and she is a very blunt chickk!

Stayingg in onee placee!

There is nothingg to kee mee busyy!

Gotta do somethingg.

I totaleey hatee thee pairing ryoxsaku!

Not to be mean but I just don't like Sakuno.

She seems so fakee!

Well that's prettyy a decentt amountt of info on me.

Oh yeah huh! X

Ima be writing some stories with all of the ideas in my lil' head!

I'm only gonna be writing one at a time so I could update them faster & finish them quickerr!

So far, I only got Prince of Tennis onezz!

& Note: I'm horrible at endingzz!

Thay're only good once in a while & for me, that's a miracle.

Even my language arts teacher gives me a B on an essay cuzz I can't do a correct endingg!

So be warned!

& 2nd Note: I'm not good with vocabulary!

I know the word but I just can't get ahold of it!

So my storys aren't going to be to wordy.

Well, maybe.

Much love!

Hope you enjoy myy storyyz!

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