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Author has written 2 stories for Transformers/Beast Wars, and Transformers.

"I consider structure and form, action and reaction, cause and effect, but I neglect to consider one fundamental universal constant; chaos." -Shockwave; TF: Spotlight

My username is referring to the Industrial Revolution.

Shockwave: Military Operations Commander


Little about me:

Transformers. Decepticons. I am a nice person though;)

Gundam. mecha in general.

History, archeology, Egypt, Aztec, Mayan etc. etc., Scientology, military.

I like reading suspense, government/military books, crime/mystery, and the occasional sci-fi. Movies. Various forms of rock, and instrumental/classical and occasionally techno or trance.

Things that make me wont to go Jigsaw on people ass's:

I don't care much for long as their not mine at least. There like babies; you adore them as long as their not yours. Arrogance, Racism (I loath it), Politics. Flames i.e. bad criticism (also loath it), Rudeness, Snobbyness, and a bucket load of other things.

I don't care much for watching sports nor country (I do like a few songs, yes)

I think that will suffice for now.


Random quotes:

Fav: "Let the hawk perch and let the eagle perch." -priest in "Dead Men's Patch" by Chinua Achebe

"Well there is now, Sir, and he's causing a lot of trouble. Why doesn't he mind his own business?! I mean, here we are trying to take over Neotopia, not bothering a soul, and here comes this Gundam with a chip on his armor plated shoulder, who gahhh!(blasted by those laser things)" - Zapper Zaku

"Don't mind me I'm just going to be over here." - Zapper Goof - personal fav 'humor' wise :)

The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding. - Leonardo DiVinci

"The man who does not know his own heart is a man to be feared." -Pelleas "Merlin" by Stephen R. Lawhead

“I always wondered what would happen when an unstoppable force met an unmovable object…” - I forget. I wanna say The Joker

You're nutter that a squirrel turd! - random pyzam thingy

"He didn't flinch at murder, he'll never flinch at words." -Oedipus from "Oedipus The King" by Sophocles "The Three Theban Plays"

When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world. - John Muir, American Conservationist

"We share the same nightmares. I try to get them down on paper and temporarily make them go away." -James Patterson from "Jack & Jill"


Chapter stories:

Forged by Pain (spoilers for those whom haven't read it yet):

First major story that I've worked on regarding the Twins (Sunstreaker and Sideswipe). Though it isn't my first fan-fic all together. Originally I had plans that the first couple chapter's wouldn't take me far into Molten's arrival but as plotting progressed it did I realized that it would. Original I wanted Forged by Pain to focus on the twin's past, while another story (Trial by Fire) to focus on the Twin's finding out their brother is alive after vorns of him not being there for them (persumably dead). In the end I just decided to leave it like I already have it so I didn't have to go through the trouble of renaming it and confusing ppl.


I like writing for fun, not as a living so don't suspect professional material from me (but I do, do my very best for a fic. to be reasonably presentable). We wont get along that way. I always say that you should never do something you do not like, but writing is something I like and I refuse to make it something akin to a job. I do not always have the time to completely focus on my writing (what ever fic. I may be working on) and I'm only human, mistakes are likely. Because I'm not the kind of person just to go up and ask someone for a favor, but I'll do it this way: If anyone is willing to be a beta for me, it'd be most appreciated.

Lastly, sorry if I don't answer messages right away, I have two e-mail accounts and us one more than the other and the e-mail that I have for is one I don't use very often. But I will get to them and read them, even if I don't always reply.

28 May, 09

And the new chapter is up!

btw; set up a Blogger since Freewebs is being a butt to me right now and I can't login.

If you want to see what Sunstorm looks like in Life & Death, PM me and I'll hook you up.



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