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1.29.11 - will update soon. No worries ~ I hope o.o

Hello :)

Glad you came over. Nothing much to say though...I guess.

Age: Old enough to know what's wrong and right.

DOB: Same as Anne Frank's (not the yr of course XD).

Height: taller than your average Chinese. jk

Eye color: The same as dirt

Hair color: The color of the sky at night.

Favorite numbers: 73 & 47

Favorite color: Get a knife, cut yourself, then look at what comes out. (hint: blood)

Country: U S A

Books: --Get back to me on that ;p

Games: Kingdom Hearts I - II - CoM, Final Fantasy X/X-II, Hitman: BloodMoney, Resident Evil 4, Devil May Cry.

What pissed me off: I just watched RE: Degeneration and omg, stupid Leon had to go kiss this chick named Angela Miller. WTF. He loves ADA for God's sake. And to make it worse, he kisses her underwater. Dumbass. He should be with ADA. Well...i mean...she did leave him T_T so i guess he moved on...But still. And I can't believe how different he looks from RE4. He looks like a totally different person!! What the hell??

Random facts (as if the stuff above this wasn't random enough)

-I'm random..if you haven't noticed.

-I love gory stuff for some odd reason.

I find many words in the English language just really weird...

-I hate it when people ignore me...who the hell doesn't get annoyed by that?

-It's so irritating when you want to eat cereal but there's no milk left!

-If you effing steal my story ideas, I'm going to insert threat here

-I love to dance

-Graffiti is love

-I'm majoring in computer programming so I can make VG games!! WHOOO.

-The end.

A Question I have for you.

If practice makes perfect & nobody's perfect, why practice?

PM me an answer if you'd like ;p



Please read my stories and tell me what you think, thanks XD

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