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Author has written 3 stories for Naruto.

Guess this is where I write stuff about myself then, yes?

Name: Constance

Age: 19

Nationality: Irish, in Mayo.

Hmmm, well I set up this profile because I wanted to write Naruto fanfiction and figured this was probably the best site.

I enjoy M rated stories because I like the intensity of romantic relationships and the discovery of feelings and what not. I also like exploring relationships and conficting emotions. Some clich├Ęs are nice too, if not overdone.

While my hobbies are writing fanfiction, my passions are concept art and video-game design along with developing my own bodies of original work. Fan art is fun, but not for me really.

I only recently got into Naruto, after seeing one random episode on Jetix. I actually hated it before I even watched it mainly because it was so popular and many of my friends went off it for various reasons. One day, I decided to keep an open mind, and gave it a try.

To say the least, I was surprised at the level of work gone into it. The characters are incredibly intuitive and rounded with interesting personalities and backgrounds, and the storyline, though odd, is wonderfully well thought out. I really enjoyed it, I still am.

So far, I'm about half way through the fourth series so my apologies if some of my stories aren't up to scratch with all you Shippuden lovers.

The only real complaint is that the majority of the women in Naruto have little or no personality at all, bar Tsunade, Temari and maybe even Hinata despite the fact that her main role in the series to fancy Naruto. I hate when an idea follows that criteria; when a female character with great potential is made for the soul-purpose of being hopelessly in love with a man who either doesn't notice her or can't stand her. Example- Neiji and Tenten, Sasuke and Sakura, Sasuke and Ino. Even Kurenai's wonderful personality was immediatly overshadowed by the fact that she was in love with Asuma.

That's why I write Yaoi. The women are far too boring. Except Anko. She's mental.

And what the hell is the deal with Asuma? Why don't more people write about him? Not only is he shit-hot but he has some amazing personality that can be so easy to write in fanfiction.

Gai and Lee have to be two of my favorite characters thus far. Mainly for the funny but partly for thier unique father/son relationship. There's alot of emotion and strength in Lee AND Gai that's great to write about.

Thanks for reading anyway. X

Also, check my deviantart account for updates on my fanart-->

For SlimReaper for her Nessecary Things fic (in my favorites), Kakashi and Suyo -->

Arashi, from my own fic, Stupid Mistake --> and -->

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