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Hi, there. I'm an entertainer who covers various art forms such music, writing, live entertainment, and so on. Below are my fanfictions for various fandoms. Enjoy.

The Legend of Zelda: Bestiary Information:

Official Introduction

Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls of all ages...well, at least above 13!

Welcome to The Legend of Zelda: Bestiary. Within this story are brief histories, biographies, and backstories to almost all of the bosses in The Legend of Zelda series. All of the backstories are purely fan fiction, and I do not claim to own any of the original villains made by Nintendo.

Questions I am Anticipating (a QIA, if you will):

Q: How many bosses are in this?

A: As of the time of this writing, exactly 69. This number will change as the Bestiary grows overtime with more bosses and perhaps even mini-bosses if I’m up to the challenge.

Q: How are the bosses organized?

A: They’re put in alphabetical order, NOT in order of appearance.

Q: I have an idea for a backstory for a boss that you didn’t do, if I send it to you will you put it in the Bestiary?

A: Sure, if it’s interesting enough. If that’s the case, you WILL be given full-credit on your backstory’s page, I promise.

Q: Why the hell did you make this, you maniac?

A: I love The Legend of Zelda games and one of the most popular things about the series, I noticed, was the bosses. When I played the games as a kid, most notably Ocarina of Time, I used to give the bosses backstories in order to make the battles more personal. On the Zelda Universe Forums I read a user stating that he wished that the bosses were more interactive and entertaining. And I figured, since I used my imagination when I was younger, why not do that now?

I made this guide for people to “learn” about the bosses through made-up biographies and make their Boss Battles more enjoyable in their own imaginations as they play. Bosses are more fun to defeat when they have certain personalities, and it really gives a sense of finality when you fight them after reading their “backstory” (even if it is made-up).

Q: Some backstories are like a sentence long while others are like two thousand words. Why is that?

A: Simple; not every boss I perceive to be as compelling as others. Especially with the first Legend of Zelda game. It’s awfully hard giving various dragons and reptiles biographies, because frankly they all look like animals. When given the choice to work between either Trinexx or Bongo Bongo, the win will automatically go to Bongo Bongo since he’s a far more thrilling character with a lot more screen-time.

Furthermore, some bosses are just flat-out uninteresting/re-hashed, as fun as they are to fight.

Q: Does this coincide with the official Zelda Timeline?

A: Indeed it does.

Q: Why don’t you have the reincarnations of bosses that make reappearances listed?

A: Because that would be tedious and redundant. If I had to post a biography for every time Gohma reappeared in the series, I’d be dead as a doornail.

Q: How long did this take to do?

A: It’s a continuing project, but the initial 69 bosses took me three months to do. Some of it I found incredibly hard to get through (I’m looking at you, Oracle of Ages!), but here it is.

Q: There are no bosses from Oracle of Seasons, Spirit Tracks, Four Swords Adventures, and Link’s Awakening. Why?

A: With the exception of “Medusa Head”, Oracle of Season’s bosses are covered in previous games. As for Spirit Tracks… Look, I’m gonna be honest; I went through each game’s bosses in order, I didn’t tackle my favorites first. Countless times I thought about giving up the project, calling it quits, and deleting it all. By the time I was done with Phantom Hourglass, I absolutely hated working on this project. Most Zelda games are handheld, and most handheld bosses are completely uninteresting unless a lot of time is spent on each one; and I didn’t have that time to give. Spirit Tracks will be pushed aside for later when I can recover from the emotional trauma 69 biographies inflicted upon me (I’m totally kidding, I’m just a bit of a procrastinator).

For Four Swords Adventures, it would have been a complete and utter mindfuck, because bosses that appear in Wind Waker and A Link to the Past also appear in THIS game, and that means each boss would need two different backstories. That’s lame. I pick the stories of the villains in their most memorable respective games.

The Legend of Zelda: BestiaryOfficial Key

Types of Beasts:

-Rampaging Monster: These are creatures that don’t have structured plans but simply kill things just to do so.
-Corrupt Official: Men or beasts in power who tampered with dark influences.
-Empowered Being: Regular beings/beasts with certain powers.
-Professional Criminal: Thieves, thugs, bandits, etc. who are good at their job.
-Professional Killer: Assassins, cutthroats, or executioners who know how to get the job done.
-Guardian: Not fully evil in some cases, but has a duty to protect a concept, person, or object.
-Enigma: Beings with unknown goals or ambitions.
-Phenomenon: Illnesses, diseases, parasites, and other types of phenomenon.

Subtypes/Distinguishable Characteristics:

-Intelligent: Cleverness, smarts, the ability to develop a good plan and execute it.
-Strong: Lots of usable muscle and athleticism.
-Powerful: In positions of power, or the has the possession of control over others.
-Influential: Has a lot to say in the execution of certain events.
-Magic-user: Magical abilities most others do not have.
-Power-hungry: Lust for control or power, megalomania.
-Bloodthirsty: Desire to destroy someone.
-Creative: Brings something new to their style of villainy.
-Charismatic: Ability to charm and manipulate others through smooth-talking.
-Sadistic: Desire to kill, maim, or torture simply out of pleasure.
-Loyal: Takes to heart certain responsibilities given to them by others.
-Undead: Has “moved on” but remains here nonetheless.


In the war of the destined Hero, a couple of alliances/groups have been formed. Here are there stories:

The Seven Kings of Shadow

In the Decline War, the beings in charge of the operation to resurrect Ganon were known as the Seven Kings of Shadow. Each King was a former servant of Ganon, and each built their own castles and armies upon the Dark Lord’s death, greedily taking advantage of other mourning servants. They are:


The Guardians of Time

In the land of Labrynna there are artifacts known as the Essences of Time, crafted by various specialists to study the secrets of time and space. As time went on, many of the specialists -- known as Makers -- sought to take one another’s Essences to further their own power, and as a result all of the Essences were hidden in various places around Labrynna and guarded by various beings. This event was known to Labrynnans as the Battle of the Makers, and left their country in a state of vulnerability, which inevitably led to the invasion of Veran.

The following are the Makers, and the tragic ways in which they perished:

Maker of the Eternal Spirit -- Killed by Ramrock (see: Ramrock)
Maker of the Ancient Wood -- Killed by Ramrock (see: Ramrock)
Maker of the Echoing Howl -- Killed himself (see: Shadow Hag)
Maker of the Burning Flame -- Bludgeoned to death by his own guardian (see: Eyesoar)
Maker of the Sacred Soil -- Alive as a spirit (see: Smog)
Maker of the Lonely Peak -- Killed by Ramrock (see: Ramrock)
Master of the Rolling Sea -- Electrocuted by his own guardian
Maker of the Falling Star -- Killed by Veran (see: Ramrock)

Their guardians are listed here:

-Head Thwomp
-Shadow Hag

Enjoy the Bestiary, folks!

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