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(Updated: 4/9/2015...USA dating system. (m/d/y))

Hi, Everyone!

Just a quickie edit here: I've "given" Edward a Twitter account, and, it's in the current Teen Titan AU. So, if you're on Twitter, look for "@dragon_TT_101". This is something I've been tinkering with for a while and decided to give it a shot. "Edward" will be posting new story links at times as well as interacting with fans of the series as if he were real. But, remember that attacks/spams may result in Edward blocking you from further access.

Points to remember: For a while, I'll pretend this is pre-marriage Edward (maybe do the timeline from the beginning of the series, maybe?) Just remember that the dates will NOT be lining up and I'm not going to alter the series dates here to line up. Sorry about that.

Wow! Has it been over 2 years since "Dragon and the Titans" was published? Sure has, folks, and, it's been a wild ride!

Edward's had a few interesting years: Fighting Malchior in Raven's mind, being dragon-napped by Trigon's sons, helping deal with other threats to the Titans as well.

But, it's not all been bad:

  • Rescued Arella Roth
  • He's got a fiancee (well, wife as "A Titan's Wedding" is completed) with Raven.
  • He's going to be adopting Melvin, Timmy and Teether after the wedding.
  • He was vital in Terra's rescue and helping her mental recovery from years of being chased from area to area.
  • He's been to another planet to not only protect Starfire, but, to recognize a debt.
  • He's helped several gang bangers (off screen) to redeem themselves.
  • He's relearning how to be part of a team.
  • Offered Adonis a chance to redeem himself (and Adonis accepted the offer).
  • Got Bruce Wayne and Richard Grayson back on friendly terms.
  • Met another Dragon from another universe and is now close friends with him.
  • Future plans:

  • Finishing research into possible children with Raven (computer AI first, then, putting theory into practice).
  • Brother Blood returns in a new story. He might find out that it's not good to mess with a Dragon's will.
  • (Possible) other weddings: RobStar, BBTerra, maybe Edward's son/Kole (No promises)
  • Spend time with the Titans East, maybe.

  • I've fielded some questions regarding Edward, so, I think it's a good time to post here in the ole profile more about Edward Barnes.

    He's an OC I created back in 1997, I believe, based on an unnamed AD&D Dragon I was using the few times I played that and adapted him to a long lost manuscript I wanted to develop. Well, after thinking about it, I adapted the Dragon (still unnamed) for the web and started developing his abilities. The initial stories were based in the Xena universe (those are online, but, due to FF's restrictions. it's hard to post the link here). In that period, I paired him with a reformed Callisto.

    Sadly, for Edward, there was an accident that cost the life of an adopted son...After that, Callisto suffered a severe psychotic break (thus merging Callisto back into the mainstream Xenaverse) and she left Edward at the gravesite.

    That was a trilogy at the time and then, I moved Edward to Star Trek: Voyager (those stories are here on FF as well) and paired him with Seven of Nine.

    In between these times, though, he was a drifter, having to hide from the 2d Century AD until the 19th Century (See below) due to mankind's superstitions egged on by the Pope and others. He'd move on after so many years to avoid townspeople wondering why he didn't age.

    This was until 1750 when he came across a family exiled from the future (this is part of the Dubois Chronicles...do an author search for "DJ Dubois") where Edward felt comfortable, due to Xena's insistence (as a ghost), showing the time-exiled family (and his wife...a reptilian shapeshifter) what he truly is.

    However, I'm running three universes here. With the Dubois Chronicles, Edward stays married and is fully out of the closet by the late 19th Century and has a for-real family. That's my "primary" universe. This one with the Titans...and a crossover with King of Emerald and his version of a dragon with the Teen Titans!

    In the Teen Titans crossover stories (My secondary universe), there's more playroom as Edward can be written more like the cartoon, so, his abilities are different...but, not by much. In this storyline, Paula died in the early 1800s, but, has one child. Edward didn't date again, though, until he met Raven. But, like the main universe, though, humanity is fully aware of what he is (No, he's not green like Beast Boy...He's normal flesh tones) and has had time to get used to the idea of a friendly dragon. Well, he's friendly for the most part, but, there are many who sadly find out that if they cross Edward, they end up paying dearly. Edward won't kill unless he has to as he, like Batman and Robin, he places human life at a high value. But, there are exceptions to this: fighting in a War where the enemy is either kill or be killed is a prime exception to the rule. Self-defense is a second reason. Third, to defend those he loves. In this timeline, he considers the Titans as family and if there's a threat that they can't handle...especially a threat to Raven, then, WOE to that entity! No one messed with his love...in either universe. Just ask Trigon or Malchior for that matter.

    His abilities include (but are not limited to):

    1. Teleportation (place to place as well as through time itself, dimensional teleport for Teen Titans)
    2. Telepathy/empathy (mainly seen in the Titans stories)
    3. Shapeshifting to any form (like Beast Boy)
    4. Enhanced language learning (Human and alien and retains that knowledge indefinitely)
    5. Breath weapons (Fire, Ice, and Lightning.)
    6. Immortality
    7. Enhanced healing touch
    8. Diamond hard scales
    9. Ability to absorb electricity/lightning, converting that into a temporarily enhanced lightning breath.

    NEW ABILITY: Starbolts as he was attacked by Blackfire and he can now use them when angry. Unlike his primary weapons that are usable at will, the starbolts need righteous anger to operate...Just like in the series.)

    NEW ABILITY #2: Blessing of Light as Solor used that on him in Double Dragon Trouble. Edward's ultimate weapon, but, there is a cost involved as it's extremely draining, even for Edward. Enhances all of Edward's abilities by an unknown amount.

    Ages of the team:

    Edward: 3,000 (as mentioned already)

    Robin/Nightwing: 21

    Cyborg: 20

    Starfire: about 21 Earth Years, unknown actual age on Tamaran

    Beast Boy: 18

    Raven: 21 Earth Years (assume she's taller here), probably 22 in Azarathian time.

    Terra: Physically 18, mentally, 15-16 due to petrification.

    Arella: Late 30s

    Jericho: 19

    Melvin: 9-10 (Assuming she was 7 during "Hide and Seek")*

    Timmy: 6-7 (Assuming he was 3-4)*

    Teether: 4 (Assuming he was 2)*

    Kole: 18 (assuming 14 in her namesake episode)

    Gnarrk: late 20s-early 30s

    While Melvin, Timmy and Teether are still honorary Titans, per canon, once I have them adopted by Edward and Raven, they will be on the road to being the next generation of the Titans.

    For the Titans stories, they are all interconnected and if you miss an installment, you might be lost.

    Here's the current order (Stories crossed out are cancelled):

    1. The Dragon and the Titans
    2. The Return of Malchior
    3. The Tykes are Back
    4. Titans v. Slade
    5. Time To Chill
    6. Trigon Tries Again
    7. Recovery (partial crossover with Batman: The Animated Series)
    8. Blackfire's Revenge (Crossover with Justice League)
    9. Terra's Story (CANCELLED)
    10. A Titans Wedding
    11. A Titans Thanksgiving
    12. Tiny Titans (CANCELLED)

    In the crossover universe. These stories are under the "Solor Barnes" account. Please note that there is a major difference in timing with these. Solor's Teen Titans just hit season 3 of the show. Edward is "post-series" by several years.

    1. Double Dragon Trouble (Mainly Edward's Universe)
    2. Trigon's Dark Army (Middle Universe -- a year after "Double Dragon Trouble" Solor's settled down and finally on good terms with his people.)
    3. Transplanted Dragon (Split between King of Emerald's original universe and the Middle Universe...Solor is not on good terms with his people and hasn't really settled down)

    For the Star Trek: Voyager ones, there's only two and clearly marked. You'll notice a MAJOR change in writing styles, though...That's what happens when you take several years off and you decide to alter the style...LOL!). You'll notice that Edward, in the Star Trek stories, isn't actually called Edward. At the time, he was merely known as the Dragon. I named Edward for a couple of friends of mine back in California about 2010.

    Sadly, I kind of ruined that angle with Edward on the Voyager. By giving Edward the powers of the Q, it made for a straight Mary Sue situation where Edward would protect the Voyager TOO easily and well, the original manuscript is gone (I know...I can merely d/l the story from here). I'm not sure if I can revive that easily. Live and learn, right?

    As the Titans crossovers continue, there will be references made to tie-in to some degree the Dubois Chronicles and Xenaverse timeline. I don't want to blend in too many aspects from those series as that is one massive crossover (Xena, Forever Knight, several Marvel Comics characters, Smallville, Andromedia, House, MD, and several others...some have already been written out.) I'm not planning on bringing in these other series, though, save for a casual mention once in a while.

    FYI: While there is mention of the Dubois Chronicles, the author there has opted to keep Clark as the farmer he would rather have been :) However, as I have to use the Justice League, I have to include Superman...so, that means that I'm only using the aspects from the Dubois Chronicles that directly affects Edward.

    Terra's Story and Tiny Titans will remain for archival purposes, but, after the muse refused to do a damn thing for a over a year, it was obvious that those were a mistake to write/consider. I just couldn't think of where to take them both. I have the manuscripts and if someone wants to adopt these two, let me know via a PM.

    I have also added a non-Edward story into the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory section to remember Gene Wilder. It's the first short story I've done without any dragons in there at all.

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    Teen Titans - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Friendship - Chapters: 18 - Words: 26,679 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 29 - Follows: 14 - Updated: 12/7/2011 - Published: 12/6/2011 - Beast Boy, Raven, Terra, OC - Complete
    Trial by Q reviews
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    StarTrek: Voyager - Rated: T - English - Sci-Fi/Romance - Chapters: 4 - Words: 62,556 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 2 - Published: 11/20/2002 - K. Janeway, Seven of Nine, OC, Q - Complete
    Dragon on the Voyager reviews
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