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About me

I spend most of my time walking, reading, writing, doing yoga, and playing video games. My favourite music is that from video games and anime. I love learning about languages and religion and my greatest weakness is cats. I work as a legal assistant at a big law firm. I love random and rare knowledge that most people couldn't care less about. I'm pretty conservative. I mean what I say and say what I mean. Some people call me sick because I enjoy taking exams, love cleaning, and hold strongly to asceticism.

My style on

I prefer stories that are realistic and fit in with the original canon. If I can believe it, I usually like it. I only Fave stories that I am absolutely positive I want to read again. I don't Fave authors because I think a story's worth is independent of who writes it. I try to leave reviews for every story I read without reading other reviews beforehand. If you would like to hear my opinion on your own work, just send me a message and I'll try to oblige. I like giving feedback when people ask my opinion specifically.

Phylactery has fanart! Be sure to give props to Koliri/Koklico if you have a Deviantart account:

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June 20, 2018 - I'm totally into Hetalia right now. If anyone is worried about the state of the world right now, I would recommend it. It's hard to explain, but the stereotyping and lighthearted cultural and ethnic jabs just fill my heart with fondness for the world's differences in a way that moral preaching's never done.

Guide to Giving Great Reviews:

Just as a good story takes time and effort to write, the best reviews require thought and care. Consider the following and incorporate one or two in your reviews; such input will be of inestimable value to authors.

1) What is one thing that the author seems particularly skilled at? This could be character development, plot, writing style, or something as small as being a quick updater. Back up a piece of praise with examples.

2) What is one thing that the author could improve on? Remember that critiquing is not the same as flaming. Everyone has a weakness, and it may not be obvious to the person. We cannot improve if we are not aware of our weaknesses. Offer examples while being gentle. (In 500 reviews, I have not yet had a person react negatively to a criticism. Usually, authors appreciate the honesty.)

3) Did you experience any strong emotions while reading? Did you laugh or smile? Grow teary-eyed? Excited? Angry? Let the author know that they got an emotional reaction. Conversely, if something did not make you react where the author probably wanted a reaction, explain why you did not feel anything.

4) Does any trait or action in a character seem especially in- or out-of-character? (If the story intentionally uses OOC, comment on any times when they act too in-character.)

5) Was there any event or action that surprised you or that you weren't expecting?

6) Comment on what you expect to happen next and any hypotheses you have about the plot, even if you think you are completely wrong. Authors can use a reader's guesses to gauge their level of foreshadowing and suspense. Some authors will not want the readers' guesses to be too close to what they have planned; others may grow concerned if readers are not picking up on hints, which indicates that the author is being too subtle.

7) Are there any words, sentences, or scenes that confused you or that you found hard to follow? Offer changes that would make things clearer.

8) Is there anything in the story that seemed unbelievable? Explain why you have trouble accepting it as being possible.

9) Did anything in the story remind you of something from canon, another series, or your own life? References to other fandoms may not be appropriate (beware of spoilers) and you don't need to go into personal details, but authors will want to hear that you are relating to something in their story on a personal level. It shows that you are being engaged.

10) Occasionally read other reviews for the story and see what people are saying. If you agree or disagree with what others have said, comment on this while being respectful of their views.

For myself - A list of fandoms I have an interest in:

Manga/Anime: Inuyasha, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Lucky Star, Digimon (seasons 1, 2, and 3), Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra, Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto, Attack on Titan, Hetalia.

Games: Final Fantasy 6/7/8/9, Fire Emblem, Chrono Trigger/Cross, Golden Sun, Pokemon.

Books: Animorphs, Redwall, The Wheel of Time, Dragonlance, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Movies: X-Men, District 9, How to Train Your Dragon, Monsters Inc., Bolt, Zootopia.

TV: The Big Bang Theory, 3rd Rock from the Sun, House.

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