The Lion the Lamb and Nessie
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HELLO!..fellow peoples of Fanfiction, this is one ALMIGHTY and legendry site. It was made by the great minds of IHeartMrEdwardCullen and 10-shooting-5-star-91. We discussed this idea of making a site together over the great invention that is MSN. What makes this better than others, and more in need of reviewers is that one of us lives in Wales whislt the other one lives in Scotland. It was surprisingly easy to rearrange. We just hope that it stays like this. I "10-shooting-5-star-91" have a few ideas bobbing around in the unorganised, freaky place that is called my mind. and my very special friend "IHeartMrEdwardCullen' probably has millions in her mind. The number of ideas that she comes up with is unmanageable.

Our name works out very well because, we both love Edward, so he is the lion (0bviously)..then the animal that symbolises Wales is sheep...helloooo lamb!...and the scottish mythical creature is works out brilliantly

I do hope this has inspired you to check out our work, Seeing as we cant Exactly meet up and discuss on a daily basis, we are using the internet to talk...that must inspire you to read now!.

Hopefully we will hear from you soon enough.


Hey Fellow Fans! This Site Was Based On The Idea From 10-shooting-5-star-91. I Was At Home, Doing Homework Blah-Di-Blah And I Had An Email From 10-shooting-5-star-91 (A.K.A Rosie) and I Thought, 'We're Writers, Why Not Work Together?' So, We Are.

I (IHeartMrEdwardCullen A.K.A Sammy) Have An Idea, Which I Write 1st Chapter, Then Rosie Writes One, Then Me, Then Rosie, Etc.

I Am Welsh (Hence The Lamb As My Fellow Welsh-People Know) And Rosie Is Scottish (Hence Nessie, The Loch Ness Monster BTW This Is Not After Renesmee Cullen!) We Use MSN To Talk About Twilight + Our Stories And Argue Over What We'd Give Up For Edward (We Don't Know Who's Winning Though!).

Hopefully, You'll Check Our Own Stories As People, And Our Stories Together, Which Is In The Process Of The Making!

Talk To You Soon!

IHeartMrEdwardCullen xxxxxx

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There is a 107-year-old vampire called Edward Cullen. Edward falls for an 18-year-old human,Bella Swan.He thinks this is wrong, vampires shouldn't fall for humans, should they? And now Edward is about to change their futures forever, can he see it through
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