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Author has written 7 stories for Azumanga Daioh.

If you're here then you are probably a fan of my stories, so let me bid you welcome and thank you for your time.

So far I've only written stories for Azumanga Daioh, even though it's only my second favorite anime. As my penname alludes, my favorite anime is Tenchi Muyo, but only the OAVs and the manga. I hated the rest. Unfortunately there isn't much room for fanfiction after the OAVs, so I've gone with Azumanga Daioh instead. Insofar I've completed a few stories and I have three ongoing stories. My first story, Encroaching Darkness, is still ongoing as well as my most popular story to date, Wish. The newest ongoing story is Sinister Scourge, a fun story with a horror backdrop. It is quickly becoming my favorite. When it comes to Azumanga Daioh I'm not really opposed to any pairing, except maybe something to do with Kimura with anyone other than his wife. He is a married man after all, with a child no less! I wanted to come up with a story that has a pairing that hasn't been done yet, but it's all been done. One thing I do pride myself on is that I do a good deal of research when writing to try and make sure I keep all the facts accurate. I can honestly say that I spend just as much time researching as I do writing. I suppose that can be a bad thing though, as it does slow down progress a lot.

My comments for my stories follow. It may contain spoilers, you've been warned!

A not-ao-brief description of the percent counters: I show a progress as a rough percentage on all of my ongoing stories. This is based on how far I've written along the next chapter and how far until the critical point where the chapter ends. I usually have a clear idea of where I want the chapter to end, but sometimes that goes out the window. When I finish writing a chapter the progress will be at 90 percent. After that I do spelling/grammar checks and clean up the rough draft. At that point I will flag it as 95 percent complete and send it to my super-awesome editor to fix all the mistakes I was too dumb to notice. Only after I get it back do I do a final clean-up based on my editor's recommendations and post it. The progress sometimes exceeds 100 percent. This is due to me choosing an earlier endpoint for the chapter, finishing the chapter but deciding that writing is more fun that editing (procrastinating), or if I get a lot of writing done while my editor is reviewing the chapter.

In the past I've updated the percent counters on my stories sporadically, but now I will update them at least once a week on the weekend. I will also comment on how the stories are going overall. Any feedback on any of my stories is greatly appreciated!

Due to a large workload, I haven't been able to give my stories much attention at all. Hopefully after midterms I might have some time get some things done.

Encroaching Darkness: Ongoing

Next chapter progress is at 65 percent.

Encroaching Darkness is my first and still favorite story. It was inspired by a dream I had a long time ago involving the story's antagonists. Since then I came up with a story in my head. When I started typing it up I found that my stories have a tendency to take up a life of their own. It's frustrating that things sometimes don't go according to plan, but it's fun to see the story evolve and take shape in ways I never originally imagined. This story's genre is hard to nail down. It definitely has sci-fi, drama, action, and maybe a bit of horror in there too. Not a lot of comedy to be found and practically zero romance too. I blame the lack of those two elements for the lack of this story's popularity. I have been tempted a time or two to add in some yuri goodness, but I've stuck to my guns and kept romance out of the story. It's not that I don't like it, but it just doesn't really have a place in this story. Throw in love on top of everything else and surely one of them is going to kill someone. Believe it or not I've already killed a few of the characters a few times. I keep having to go back and rewrite huge parts just to keep everyone alive so the story can progress somewhat naturally.

Current chapter! - This chapter will see an end to Kaorin's separation and finally kick off the final arc in another chapter or two.



Minor Character

Age: ??
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 175cm

Tomo's lover prior to the start of the series. He meets his fate in the same chapter that he is introduced, dying to save Tomo and Kaorin. Although not much is known about his personality, it is more than abundantly clear that Tomo misses him dearly.


Minor Character

Age: 10
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 134cm

A small boy that the group meets at Toudai. A typical child, despite being present during the apocalypse, he is eager and somewhat optimistic.


Minor Character

Age: 74Hair: White
Eyes: Brown
Height: 168cm

An old man currently occupying Toudai. While kind and earnest, he isn't in any shape to be of much use to anyone.


Main Character
Real name: * *

Age: 16-17
Hair: Blonde, curly
Eyes: Blue
Height: 121cm

A feisty, energetic, and seemingly always-happy girl that quickly befriends the vulnerable Kaorin. Claims to be of Japanese decent, in spite of her blue eyes and blonde, curly hair. She blames her extremely short, childlike appearance to being hit by a car as a child that caused her to stop growing. Asami enjoys hunting and killing the giant insects, and as such is amazingly well adapted to fighting them. The only thing that can sour her mood is anyone that claims she is anything but pure-blooded Japanese. Has a pathological fear of hospitals.

Another Summer Trip: Complete

This story I wrote up in a short time to practice with a standard fanfiction writing style. Originally Encroaching Darkness had a clunky and confusing writing style, but after experimenting with this fic I went back and reformatted Encroaching Darkness to match the standard style. In all honesty this nonsense story was kind of fun to write, but usually I like an element of strife in a story. I left a lot of loose ends with this one shot?...two shot? Not sure what it's considered. If I ever get really bored some day I might go back and write an extra chapter on the end, no promises though!

Wish: Ongoing

Next chapter progress is at 5 percent.

This is my first story with a focus on romance, though it also has some comedy and a good deal of drama. The main couple is going to be KaorinxSakaki although I do plan on making another yuri couple. Honestly, Sakaki and Kaorin is probably one of my least favorite pairings even though it is the closest to canon. It just seems to me that Kaorin is in love with an idea and not the actual Sakaki (Who is secretly a big softie) But that's just me. It's not that I don't like the couple, but making a transition from loving the idea to loving the actual person is an obstacle to overcome. I'm probably going to tackle it the way I do most obstacles. I'll just walk around it and pretend it's not there.

Current chapter! - Kamineko, the sports festival, and a first date! Things never are easy for the poor cat-girl.


--Kei Matsuda--

Main Character

Age: 20Hair: Brown
Eyes: Amber
Height: 172cm

A genius that graduated college early to become a doctor, Kei takes on Kaorin, and later many of the other girls, as his patients. Despite his immense knowledge and eagerness to go above and beyond to assist the girls in figuring out just what caused all the bizarre changes, most of the girls think ill of his presence and efforts due to his personality. Always speaking his mind, Kei comes off as an egotistical pervert nearly as annoying as Tomo. Despite his advanced knowledge, he deeply believes in the existence of spirits, aliens, and other supernatural events.

The Girl, the Cat, and the String: Complete

This story was just a one-shot I was working on to kill time whenever I got stuck on Wish and Encroaching Darkness. I'm fairly sure I failed completely in creating any suspense, although I think I left plenty of mystery to make it interesting. It's probably not my best work, but it was good practice on focusing on single person, unlike all of my other fics that jump around a lot. Even though I don't personally believe in any sort of supernatural things, it was more than a little fun to write about them. I especially like my new O/C, Rin. She's definitely going to show up again in the future. As for elaborating on this story... not going to happen. I'm happy with what I've done with it, and even though the ending is slightly ambiguous, it was supposed to be that way.

Sinister Scourge: Complete!

I had a great deal of fun dealing with the supernatural in The Girl, the Cat, and the String. So much so that I managed to put together a plot for a new story in very little time. This time the girls unleash an evil that had long since been sealed inside a secret room within the school. It's up to the girls to fix the mess they've created... or at least put a stop to it. Yomi will be the star of this one and there is bound to be some good old shoujo ai between her and Tomo. This story won't drag on as long as Wish or Encroaching Darkness, but it will boast quite a few chapters. This is, so far, my only M rated venture. I'm so enthralled with this story that not only do I have the entire basic plot in mind, I even have something of a sequel planned.

I have a second arc planned for this story, however I will put it off to focus on Encroaching Darkness and Wish unless I get a lot of requests!


Vespa: Complete

This was a fun story, though it seems as though few would agree. Writing Tomo as an adult is kind of weird, and having her deal with real issues is a hard thing to do. This is a fairly serious story focusing on Tomo's lament with her nemesis. Tomo seems really out of character up until the end. This story really deserves a second read!

Osaka's Quest: Complete

The first stab a story that was just funny and interesting since Another Summer Trip. It puts all the girls in a medieval Japan setting. Starring Osaka it was a fun endeavor, especially writing the girls into their roles as they quest to save the princess. This is also the first, and, so far, only story to feature Chiyo-Chichi. He was kind of hard to write, but it was enjoyable nonetheless.

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