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My blog (of sorts):

Navigating my favourite author list (because this is pretty much the only way I wander around, and I always think this kind of thing would be a big help):

Narnia: Andi Horton, bethemoon, Bundibird, Capegio, Dearheart, EstellaB, ilysia, JealousOfTheMoon, King Caspian the Seafarer, Lady Jill Pole, Lady Meriwen, Lirenel, lurkisblurkis, Narnian Nights, Rosa Cotton, Sentimental Star, The Owl's Pen, Tonzura123

Merlin: Ash9, BeyondTheStorm, Bundibird, DoctorStonegarden, Emachinescat, finn1013, Incoming Grapefruit, Kitty O, Literaria, Luxorien, MoonMargaret, Princess Alyra, Revhead, Spinesless, Ultra-Geek

Harry Potter: Inverarity

Lord of the Rings: Erestor

My fandoms (in alphabetical order)

Current shows I love that are legitimately good: Community, Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, Foyle's War, Game of Thrones, The Legend of Korra, Once Upon a Time, Sherlock, Suits, Switched at Birth, Teen Wolf, The Vampire Diaries.

Current shows I hatewatch: Glee (although I loved season one), The Newsroom.

Current shows that I still watch because I'm invested in the characters and I'm with it till the end but my goodness why aren't they over yet: How I Met Your Mother, Supernatural.

Past shows I loved: Angel, Arrested Development, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Battlestar Galactica, Being Human (UK), The Borgias, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dollhouse, Firefly, Green Wing, Hornblower, House of Cards (UK), Kings, Lark Rise to Candleford, Merlin, Pushing Daisies, Rome, The Sarah Jane Adventures, The Hour, The Thick of It, Torchwood, The Tudors, Veronica Mars, The West Wing.

Favourite authors: J.R.R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling, Diana Wynne Jones, Guy Gavriel Kay, George R.R. Martin, C.S. Lewis, Robert Jordan, Patrick Rothfuss, Agatha Christie, Charles Dickens.

How I feel about Merlin right now: series five was such a monstrous betrayal that I am finding it very, very hard to even read anything in this fandom, because at least before it was over there was hope that it would end in some sort of satisfactory way. My fundamental instincts as a writer and a reader of fanfiction is that everything should be as close to canon as reasonably possible, but now I think I'll have to restrict myself to AU, because there's no way I'm spending any more time on that travesty of an ending than I have to.

On writing

If you are about to refer to a named character as "the younger man", "the warlock", "the black-haired woman", or something along those lines, STOP! DON'T DO IT! This is very bad writing, and in a lot of stuff I read it's the only bad writing that stands out. You do not need to worry about repeating someone's name too much. If it bothers you, rephrase the sentence, but you don't need to do the substitute thing unless you're doing it for a particular effect.

Eyes are blue, green, brown, grey, hazel or sometimes black (or gold, if you're Merlin). They are not any of the following: purple, aquamarine, cobalt, amethyst, topaz, crystalline, lilac, forget-me-not, jade, sapphire, hyacinth, cyan, dewdrop, opal, caerulean, azure, ochre, obsidian, lapis lazuli, turquoise, periwinkle, teal, tawny, rose, diamond, quartz, silver, bronze, bluebell, or any combination of the preceding.

If you are writing fanfiction, you do not need to describe characters we already know, especially if it's fanfiction based on TV or a movie. It's like that infuriating first chapter in Harry Potter 2-4, where JKR would recap the previous books for people who hadn't bothered to catch up, as if anyone was going to read Goblet of Fire without checking out the others first. If someone is reading fanfiction, they already know what the characters look like. (The obvious exception to this is if you are writing in first person or third person from the POV of someone who doesn't know the characters.)

Use italics sparingly, especially outside dialogue. You should usually be able to express emphasis without resorting to italics.

"Alright" is wrong. "All right" is all right.

Know the version of English you're writing in. If you are writing in a British fandom, use British English. If you are writing in an American fandom, use American English. If there were any major Australian fandoms, you would use Australian English. This is very simple, and the differences are far from insurmountable.

Semicolons are your friends. Your demanding, needy, addiction-enabling friends, but your friends nonetheless. Learn to love them.

Feel free to boldly split infinitives wherever you want. Likewise, ending sentences with prepositions is nothing to be afraid of. Both of those rules are grammatical myths that have been seized upon by people who are more pedantic than well-informed. And for one that really gets on my nerves - unless you pronounce historic, hotel or herb with a silent h, you do not need to precede them with an; a is fine.

Disclaimers are counter-productive. For legal purposes they are basically saying, "Yes, I know I'm breaking the law, but if I'm nice about it I can do it anyway, right?" So in the unlikely event a fanfic writer was ever prosecuted, the disclaimer would do more harm than good. I know people like to use them to express respect or gratitude to the source material, but isn't writing a story based on their work enough for that?

You know that famous punctuation joke about how a single comma can change "Let's eat, Grandma" to "Let's eat Grandma"? Well, that's a rule, too. There needs to be a comma before a vocative (an address, if you will). There is a big difference between "You know Jack" and "You know, Jack", and when you think about it, "Come on Jack" has potentially problematic implications. The same applies to simple greetings: "Hello, Jack" not "Hello Jack".

There is nothing wrong with "said". Use it frequently and use it well. A lot of the time it will be the best word for the job. (Also, "greeted" and "stated" are not acceptable substitutes under any circumstances whatsoever, and I see them everywhere. Stop it.)

Things I read

Regarding Merlin, which is what I mostly read at the moment:

I think Merthur slash is kind of adorable, but I don't read much of it because it's not my ship (not that anyone could possibly dispute that they love each other), and I rarely even read romantic stuff that's in my ship (Mergana, for anyone wondering), because eww romance.

Reveal!fics are this fandom's Susanfics (for any fellow Narnians); they're everywhere, they've developed their own set of cliches, and they have some of the best stuff the fandom has to offer. (They're also increasingly cathartic, since goodness knows we can't rely on the show for this kind of thing.)

I've read very few modern!AUs that were any good, and even fewer that I liked. For something so tied to its time like Merlin, I think it's generally a very bad idea. It is also, about 80% of the time, just writers being lazy because they can't be bothered to try and write in a time other than their own. There are plenty of fandoms for that, buckaroo. (This excepts the ones that take the "endless cycle" route, and have the modern stuff essentially set far in the future for our characters, who have experienced the thousands of years before.)

(Aside about modern!AUs - the number of these that are trans-Atlantic in setting is downright disturbing. People, Arthur is King of the Britons. He isn't going to rise again to save the world, he's going to rise again to save Britain. Having him or any of the others American is beyond ridiculous, sorry.

And also, if they're reincarnated, they're going to have different names, or at least modernised versions of their old names. Gwen will probably be Jennifer. Gwaine would be Gavin. No one is called Gwaine these days. And Arthur will need another surname, because Pendragon as a surname doesn't exist. Neither does Emrys; it's a given name. Think of something symbolic; that will do.)

I mean, write what you want and all. It's just that modern!AUs, as well as fem!Merlin and OC romances, really don't do it for me at all.

Then again, I found an awesome wingfic in the Glee fandom, so nothing's impossible. (Wingfic, for those who haven't delved into the weirder parts of fandom, involves one or more characters having wings, like an angel. They're inexplicably popular and generally dreadful.)

Oh, and I have a Merlin question too - where did the distinction between warlock and sorcerer, almost universally acknowledged in fanfiction, come from? That is, that Merlin is a warlock as distinct from a sorcerer, having been born with the magic? I don't remember the show ever stating that, and if they didn't (and even if they did), I have some problems with it, but I'd like to know.

Things that cause me to click away immediately

Blatantly careless spelling or grammar.

Writers who don't know their way around quotation marks. In other words, this: "That's right." Said Jack. Just writing that was painful. For some reason this is my breaking point with punctuation - I can put up (barely) with misused commas and most of the stuff I mentioned in the writing section, but this just does me in. Basically it's my litmus test for whether the author has the first idea about writing.

Obvious Americanisms or anachronisms. If it's from Merlin, everyone (including the narrator) should be speaking in an English idiom, and reasonably within-their-time. I'm not talking thou and thine and no tomatoes, but they shouldn't be using modern expressions either. Anything less, and the writer has completely failed to capture the character's voice.

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