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Me let's see I got bored one day and found this website. Joy. I love to read and write but don't be fooled when it comes to my shows I am a psychopath. So this is the opinion of a 13 year old, uhh I have no life.

~Shows I like~

One Tree Hill-I'm a die hard Brucas fan, but the TV show ruined it for me, damn them. The one couple I like a lot besides Brucas is Brathan, duh. They are HOT! Okay I loved Jeyton, why did Nikki have to come. Laley would be okay but I don't prefer it over the other two. Naley just bores me, I'm sorry I know they have so much going on but I die of boredom, they were okay in the beginning now they're boring. I love Jamie though at least Naley had one amazing kid. Rachel is the best kicking her off the show was a horrible idea. I hate Leyton, I repeat I HATE Pucas!

Gossip Girl-So I may be biased from the book but I liked Jenny's character and yes she pisses me off all the time in the show, but I still like her so obviously I like Jenny and Nate. This one is like everyone's favorite and mine too Chuck and Blair aww. I don't really care for Serena and Dan. I can't help but think of Vanessa as the bald movie maker another biased opinion from the book.

Heroes-What can I say it's awesome. I love Peter, Elle, and Sylar, but why did they have to kill Elle, sadness!! and now Sylar could be dead what is this next I learn Peter is dead too.

Greek-Ahhhhh, I'm a Greek Freak. I love Cappie and Casey, but why aren't they together god all the angst is killing me. Rusty is great too eww Jen K. bored me. Ashleigh is to awesome. Weirdly I like Evan and Frannie together. I hated Rebecca at first, but now she's fine with me. Aah Dale what a weird character. Calvin needs to find the right guy lol.

America's Next Top Model-I love Tyra!!

Bones-Brennan and Booth together that would weirdly work. Awe Hodgens and Angela broke up.

The Office- Michael, Micheal, Michael (that's what she said). Dwight is so weird, I love when he dresses up as Jim. I'm Jim, with my cool hair. In secondlife he flies!! and only he gets messages from the future. I love Jim, he's so funny and with Pam he's even better.

Grey's Anatomy-Izzy is sick? This is horrible. I love Izzy, but I like her character sniffle. Alex he's an ass, but in a good way :) Ha Christina is the best. What? What? McSteamy is doing Little Grey can you say Hot!

Scrubs-JD is hilarious Haha it's Ebony and Ivory (JD and Turk).

Ugly Betty-Aah Betty what are we gonna do with you. I love Mark and Amanda!! Would it be weird if Daniel and Betty were together? I think Betty needs a make over, but then again it's not called ugly Betty for nothing.

Dirty Sexy Money-It's dirty, its sexy, and there's money, what more can you ask for.

Burn Notice-2nd Michael yay!!

Privileged-It's cute and based off of How To Survive The Filthy Rich

Charmed-Witches, Warlocks, Demons, and Angels you already got me hooked.

Gilmore Girls-I love Lorelai and Luke they're so cute. I loved Jess but I'm glad Rory said no to Logan, she's young why get married so soon?

Friends-No duh this show is the best Ross and Rachel, forever. Chandler can he be any funnier and with Monica is even better. I love Phoebe and Joey there the best.

That 70' Show-3rd Michael oh yeah. Kelso's hilarious and who doesn't love doing weed and 360s kidding, man if my PM(Peer Mediator) teacher heard me I would be dead.

Wildfire-Kris and Junior is the best.

Arrested Development-I am on a role with these Michaels. Too bad they canceled it but they're making a movie so yay for that.

-I know what a long list but there's way more I just thought I should stop somewhere.

~Books I like~

Do you really want me to go there because I could go on and on about books. It one of the reasons Fan Fiction is so appealing. I read teen romance novels but I love my fantasy books and adventure is always good. I just can't handle books that are science fiction or something like that.

One of my all time favorite author is Sarah Dessen. Her books are amazing.d I own every single one of them. Although I can't really pick a favorite I love This Lullaby, Someone Like You, and Just Listen. And I love how all her books are connected like Remy and Dexter (This Lullaby) making an appearance on Just Listen.

I think everyone I know has read Harry Potter. The books just so awesome. Everything was just so good and I'm glad they got a happy ending although a lot of people died. But the deaths somehow made it better.

I love Cecily Von Ziegesar. She created Gossip Girl and the It Girl. My life is nothing like the elites obviously, but that's bascially why you read books to escape to someone else's world.

Twilight is an amazing book although my older sister just says it's Anne Rice for teens, oh well. I read it a couple of years ago and initially I didn't want to but my friend didn't kept harassing me until I did and I'm glad she did. New Moon was a little boring, but Eclipse was just perfect. Then came Breaking Dawn. See this book is on my hate list. I don't know it's just I didn't like the whole Renesme storyline and Jacob imprinting on her, that's just sick, I mean come on he loved Bella one second and then the next it's Nessie this Nessie that. I don't know if it was just me but all the characters all changed but in the slightest bit. I mean I liked Jacob more than Edward at one point and that's like a sin. I also thought that Bella should have turned at the end. It's just...uhhh...don't ever talk to me about this book.

I love Ally Carter I'd Tell You I'd Love You But Then I'd Have To Kill You was outstanding and the sequel was even better even though sequels usually turn out crappy but I love Cross My Heart And Hope To Spy

Lurlene McDaniel's are really good. Although they almost never end with a happy ending and make you cry but you know sometimes happy endings can ruin a book that's why I love her books so much.

Another great book, the one I'm currently reading would have to be P.S., I Love You. I watched the movie, but the book is so much better.

~Music I Like~

So my opinion of music differentiates. I think it depends on what move I'm in. But one of my favorite band is Keane. Then there's Kamelot (after Roy Khan), Ayreon, The Doors, H.I.M.(before everyone started liking them), Muse, and it just continues with more rock bands. But there are times when you'll catch me listening to catchy pop tunes because really I pretty much like everything.

~Random facts about Meeeeee~

I am a senior... in middle school

I have two sisters

I had a hamster named Butter Ball Turkey (haha it's a turkey company) may he rest in peace

I am Asian

I love to sing... just not in front of people

I guess you could say I'm smart eh

I love green and purple

I love my bff

I am a girl if that wasn't clear

I live close to the beaches

I was born in North Carolina all the more reason to like OTH

I have Black hair and Brown eyes

I plan to be a writer or a doctor

I am single sigh

I am quiet until you get to know me

I seem to always be bored

I am NOT a lesbian (let's just say there's this on going joke and i tend to make it worse with what I say sometimes)

I plan to name my kid Bolbi jk jk Joking inside joke

-Well that's it for now-

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