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You've reached Tallz Is De Langste Ster.

I used to be a member and admin at the Literate Union. If you need to contact me and don't want to use private messaging, leave a message there!


Anti Tallz Is De Langest Ster

What do I do here?

Which forums do I frequent?

Am I a flamer?

Personal FAQ

Anti Tallz Is De Langest Ster

This little troll has been launching campaigns to get me off of FanFiction. Not only did he spell my name wrong; he also invented numerous 'facts' about me and posted them on his forum. Apparently, some people are gullible and believed these facts, so I'd like to clear up a few things:

  • I am straight
  • No, I do not have severe anger issues
  • No, I am not gender confused, either
  • I am also not a midget; this was a joke created by DNAPD and Lord Kelvin
  • I do not have Bipolar Disorder
  • I do not hate Irish people
  • I do not hate any of the members of LU, regardless of how much 'evidence' the troll has gathered to say otherwise
  • I am not a woman born into a man's body
  • I am not and have never been in a relationship with the admin or any of the mods at LU
  • I do not have a pancake phobia
  • I am not a hermaphrodite
  • The troll did not force me to leave FanFiction
  • No, I am not in love with Don Saurus
  • I am not a side account of Aron
  • I do not have a violent hatred of Lord Kelvin and Sputnik Writer
  • I do not strip down to my underwear in bus stations to get attention
  • I am not intensely afraid of coconuts

  • What do I do here?

    That's a common question. If I don't have any stories uploaded, what do I do? That's simple; I hang around the forums and converse with people.

    You see, I have uploaded stories in the past. Well, one-shots, really. I took them down and didn't upload any more for the simple reason that I hate writing fan fiction. The settings, characters and character backgrounds are already written for you. How boring! I'm unable to receive any real sense of accomplishment from finishing a fan fiction, as I know the work is not entirely my own.

    You see that bullet point further up on the page? About fan fictions being published? As far as I am concerned, scribbling down a story based off of somebody else's characters and plots, and then changing the names of the characters to get it published, is a form of plagiarism. Now, I have nothing against people writing fan fiction! Go ahead! Have fun! I just dislike it when those pieces of work are then passed off as entirely original pieces.

    You may well be asking yourself why I am even here, if I dislike it so much. Believe me, if not for the forums, I wouldn't be here. My writing account is on FictionPress. Nevertheless, sadly, the forums on FictionPress are far less busy than those on this website. So, here I am!

    Which forums do I frequent?

    I'm glad you asked. The forum which takes up most of my attention is the Literate Union forum. I have formed some close bonds with a couple of people there. I enjoy the generally light-hearted stream of banter, as well as the 'no-nonsense' attitude towards... well, everything. I am a moderator and member of LU, as well, and I hope to remain as such until the day when Georgasaurus (or whatever she changed her penname to this week) and Bitter Sea Light grow tired of me!

    I will often poke around to anti-flaming forums, particularly ones bent on destroying LU, to put across my opinion. If you're civil with me, I'll be civil with you, regardless of your stance on flaming.

    I sometimes venture over to Critics United to talk to a couple of their members, though I am not a member myself. They hold some very interesting conversations, rather than a lot of the forums riddled with idle one/two liner posts. It makes a change to be able to have an in-depth discussion without the topic unexpectedly changing to the Edward-Jacob debate.

    I used to be a moderator at Lurker's Paradise, some time before it was deleted. Due to some issues with the admin, I drifted away from the forum a few months before its deletion.

    Am I a flamer?

    No. I am most definitely not a flamer.

    'Flaming is hostile and insulting interaction between Internet users, often involving the use of profanity.'

    When I review a story, I do not use profanity; I also do not insult the author. My critique is directed solely at the author's work. If I feel that something could be improved, I will politely point it out and offer suggestions. If I feel that a particular phrase or sentence stands out in a good light, I will comment on it.

    Personal FAQ

    "Why do you hang around with flamers if you don't like flaming?"

    I, personally, do not like to flame. I have the sense to realise, though, that my opinions are not shared by everybody else. If you avoid everybody with different opinions to your own, you will find yourself a very lonely person.

    "Have you ever flamed anybody?"

    A long time ago. I was more of a 'harsh concritter' than a flamer.

    "What made you join LU?"

    The people, at first. Most them are a very intelligent, friendly bunch.

    "Do you ever troll?"

    In the sense of going out my way to upset somebody over a trivial matter, no, I don't. However, if somebody trolls me (for example, the forum created specifically to 'banish' me from this website by posting so-called evidence to make me look insane), I will most likely troll them back. It would probably be limited to 'trolololols' and daft pokes at the original troll.

    "Do you think you're awesome?"

    This was a genuine PM I received. It amused me. Assuming that they meant to ask if I think I'm God's gift to FanFiction, my answer would have to be 'no'.