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I was born...I grew up...was a really shy kid...started talking in the 7th grade...clawed my way through high school while remaining a great big turbo-nerd...am now in college at a school with no ambient testosterone *blech, but oh well...now I am writing fics as a means of procrastination and avoidance of constructive/productive school work type crap.
And now I have a NEW toy with which to waste time:

Check it out!!

ok, it really bugs me that people insist on blowing sunshine up the asses of shitty writers because they are A) stupid, and really DO think that the grammatically impaired, poorly conceived, insipid drivel they're reading could somehow be construed as good or B) too afraid to say something that might *gasp* hurt someone's feelings (even if they really do suck). i say call the WAAAAAMBULANCE! this mostly irritates me because it means that readers spend all their time reading junk and GOOD writers don't get as many reviews as they should. all that said, i arrive at my point. obviously, read my fic first ;), but THEN go read these and LEAVE REVIEWS...don't make good authors beg for the reviews they BLOODY WELL deserve and DON'T shower crumby writers (read: complete and total review sluts, a la "PLZ PLZ PLZ REVIEW!!!!! IF U DON'T I WILL NOT KEEP WRITING!!!!!") with glowing reviews that they absolutely do NOT deserve. Here are some underappreciated fics and authors:

1. Winter to Spring (LotR) by bridget-jones--it's a BEAUTIFUL series of glimpses into Arwen and Aragorn's relationship. it runs the gamut from playful, to angsty, to exquisitely sad. (especially Ch. 12...but definitely read the whole thing)

2. Passionate Choice (Star Wars) by carmensandiego--i firmly believe that if George Lucas had any sense (which he clearly doesn't...c'mon look at how bad he screwed up Episodes I and II) he'd pay Glenna the obscene amount of money he's getting to NOT write a good storyline, and use this story.

3. An Elf Lord Has Needs (LotR) by NightStalker--this one is pretty good if you're looking for a good OOC laugh...all i can say is-poor Haldir.

4. Chibi Hoshi- it's true that she's my roomate, but i recommend her because she's proven to me that she is a fine writer with good ideas. she mostly writes anime stuff (DragonballZ and Gundam Wing etc.) which i know very little about, but her writing's good nonetheless.

5. if you're still looking for a laugh, you can't possibly go wrong with a "Slap to the Head" from the ficbitches-- --Leather Daddy is my favorite reviewer, but they're all good. i warn you, however, they are self-proclaimed bitches and they live up to their title. they can be quite...blunt, but it is always warranted. check them out.

As FanFiction.net has opted for censorship, I have opted for an alternate forum. Destiny's Arrow/Trine was removed from the archive because of its "offensive content". I say if something offends you, don't expose yourself to it. Therefore, if you would like to continue to read this story, you may do so. The story is still available on my LiveJournal, the URL of which is mentioned above. If you wish, feel free to continue to languish in misery while I continue to fail to update. Now at least you know where to look.

All right...i admit it. i'm a review slut and i can't take it anymore. damn ff.net for being the only well organized, maintained, and let's not forget well trafficked fanfiction archive on the net...the fic is back up. i accept defeat. leave me a review will ya? i need some consolation for having abandoned my principles.


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