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Hi =)

I am currently working on a Vampire Diaries (tv show) story which is very nearly finished and am looking for a beta. If you're interested please inbox me, I would love to hear your views on my story. It's a long one and it's a Bamon fic. I'll give details if anyone's interested.

Here's a question for you. How does Edward Cullen get it up if he doesn't have any blood?

So the weird thing is that I dont actually like twilght. I actually sort of dislike it, greatly, but then I came across a fanfiction story one day, read it and it was amazing!! So I really like fanfiction stories, I think there are some amazing stories on here if you just look hard enough and I think the way the characters are written on here is far better than Meyer's writing. The stories on here tend to have a lot more happening as well and I hate to say it but Meyer's books were so boring. And Bella is the most annoying narrator I have ever read, thank god for Jacobs point of view in Breaking Dawn because otherwise I would have ripped my own eyes out. So the story that got me reading was Fixing dusk, I emplore you all to read it because it is amazing. It is the author's version of Breaking Dawn and made me laugh, cry and giggle like a crazy person which is far more than Meyer ever evoked in me. It is in my favourites.

I am definitely Team Damon. Ian Somerhalder is sexy ;P Team Edward and Jacob can move over.

I love the Vampire Diaries tv show, I've followed it since it started and it took a while to get going but once it did it got EPIC. I've read the books but surprisingly I like the tv show more, I guess it's because I prefer stronger women and in the books Elena was a little whiney.The entire cast is awesome and i'm not gonna lie they are all pretty hot. I'm very much a Damon lover and have recently gotten into Bamon fanfics although I do love a bit of Delena in the tv show. I'm pretty sure I had the Delana kiss on loop for about an hour :P

Anyway there you go not a huge twilight fan. But here are a few things I do love: How I Met Your Mother, The Vampire Diaries, Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, Tim Minchin, The Mighty Boosh, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Ross Noble, Pride and Prejudice,The IT Crowd, Malorie Blackman, Sarah Dessen the list goes on.

Books I love: Harry Potter is the best book i have ever read but weirdly I never read Harry Potter fanfiction. The Noughts and Crosses series was completely epic! I also love the Alex Rider series by Anthony Horrowitz and the Power of Five series by the same author. I'm English so I call them different names lol. And I think Americans write the date funny!! Why do you put the month first?? Crazy system.

I'm working on a couple of stories right now. I don't have a passion for writing really, I just was looking for a certain plot and couldn't find a story with it so I decided to give it a go myself. Ive recently started a Vampire diaries story and I love writing it so we'll see how that goes. I am also looking for a beta for said story so if you're reading this and are interested let me know.

Oh and I really love these twilight parodies. They are amazingly funny, you should check them out. Plus you will understand my display picture if you do. Here's the links to the best ones, these authors are hysterical:

This is the link for the authors profile where you can read loads of other parodies as well if you have a crazy sense of humour: (copy this one into your URL box thingy)

And this is a parody summarisation of the books by another author, just check it out:

So there you go, thats me. I had this really long paragraph written about why twilight was terrible but decided you didn't really care so I will save that for another day, you lucky dogs.

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