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I'm back, and The Forest of Dean is finished

Ok first off my names Jon, yeah thats right no "h" and no not Jonathan, just Jon, not trying to be mean but after 25 years of telling people that it gets old.

Not to be mean about anything but this is a hobby, I do this for fun. If my misspelling bothers you I am sorry, but I'm not getting a beta. That's that. (Apparently thats not that as i still get that in reviews all the time. I find it funny that most reviews say good or great chapter but your grammar sucks, still beta isnt happening sorry)

I write fictions on Harry Potter. On a new note I have taken down my story: Harry Potter and What Should Have Been. This was because it didn't fit all my other stories and quite frankly it was awful.

Ok, now when it comes to Harry and all I believe in a few things:

1. Dumbledore was a bastard who used Harry, and never truly cared for him like he says he does. I mean really, who leaves a kid to be beaten, then after only like eight months lets him take on Voldemort and his follower. Not to mention what kind of an idiot hires Lockhart, I think Dumbledore knew everything about everything and just bent it to his needs. It gets worse if you realize that for a while he knew that the boy he was suppose to be watching over was ging to not only have to die but to go willing towards his death. What an asshole.

2. Harry and Hermione should have ended up together. Let's face the facts Harry hates his fame, so J.K. Rowling has him marry the crazy fangirl, I call BS. And Hermione who is driven and brilliant ends up with the lazy, I hate actual work, Ron, again I call BS. If Rowling really wanted for us to buy Ginny as a true love option maybe she should have made Ginny more important I mean the girl doesn't exist in the third or fourth books and barely says a word in the fifth, and were just suppose to be ok with Harry wanting her at the start of HBP, last time i call BS. The only two girls who saw Harry as only Harry were Hermione and Luna, and Luna was just to out there. Hermione is also the only person to not turn on Harry at any point in the series, at all, sure she may disagree with him but never turns her back on him. They are both driven, they both want to make something of themselves, both want to make their parents proud, and both have undying friendship for the other and they never once thought about dating, yeah riiiiiiiiight...

3. Molly Weasley is just plain creepy, something that Muggledad; whom is by the way one of my more favorite authors on here, pointed out is the love potion comment that Molly makes to Ginny and Hermione in Book 3. Its just creepy and wrong and again what's with the whole, "As good as my son" line in OOTP, she's seen him a total of about a month in four years, again creepy.

4. Ron is a moron. He gets mad at Harry for being famous, but always fails to realize that Harry hates why he is. He abandons them multiple times throughout the series, and literally only eats, talks about Quidditch, or sleeps, and ok in HBP makes-out with Lavender. And better yet after proving what a douche he is he constantly comes back expecting, not asking, to be forgiven. I will admit he has his moments, but they are few and far between.

5. Neville should have been the third member of the Golden Trio. Sure he was shy, and wasn't good at magic, but let's face facts neither is Ron and Neville would have actually been willing to study and learn. Plus he would never get on Harry for being famous because he knows what its like to lose your parents. Neville would have been better, with Harry's bravery and determination, Hermione's brilliance and understanding, and Neville's willingness and fortitude they would have been unstoppable.

6. Ron is not only a moron but a hypocrite. He screams at Draco for using blood status as a way of discriminating against people but hates all people in Slytherins for the simple fact that they are Slytherins. I mean he does the exact same thing the only difference is Malfoy never stands up to defend himself from anyone making him better overall.

7. I'm personally convinced that Ginny or Molly slipped Harry a love potion. Harry goes for nearly four years with Ginny being around and barely pays her any attention; he didnt even realize she was possessed for god's sake. Then randomly in his sixth year he can't stop thinking about her, I'm sorry but doesn't that come off as a red flag. I mean her mother's history is scary look at point 3 you'll see. As for when Harry was on the road, who knows maybe he did grow to care for her but something had to be there for the initial push.

8. Harry won against Voldemort on dumb luck. The Elder Wand somehow knew Draco was disarmed...really? Harry happened to be a horcrux, but because Old Tom is an idiot he gets to survive yet again. Also anyone else realize that Harry didn't actually kill the man, it was more like suicide if you ask me, but no one does so there you have it. I mean I see no point at which Harry wins based on his own personal skills, its all either bad judgement on Old Tom's part or great timing on Harry's.

9. No matter what JKR says Snape is not a hero, I'm not even convinced he's a good guy. The whole he loved Lily thing is to me rather damn creepy, and I know everyone will probably disagree but whatever. Snape sees Lily at Godric's Hollow and then goes to Dumbledore and promises to protect Harry, I find this funny. Does everyone else just decide to forget that he just stepped over James body and left a bleeding crying one-year-old in a broken house? Also if Snape really loved Lily don't you think it would dawn on him that she might hate his ass worse for how he treats her son? The man turned Vance over to Voldemort to die and I get the feeling that he got a sick satisfaction out of sending Harry to his death. He never loved Lily, he was obsessed with her, there is a difference because if he loved her he never would have been so cruel to her son.

10. The Malfoys should have been punished for their actions during the war. I know everyone will say that Narcissa redeemed them somewhat but to that i say that one good deed can't repair a life of evil. The Malfoy's were some of Voldemort's most loyal followers when he returned and only started to work against him somewhat when they fell out of favor. Draco tried to kill Harry so many times, as did his father these two deserve Azkaban. Not to mention the diary in book two and Draco trying and nearly killing two students in book six. They should have been arrested.

11. I do consider The Cursed Child to be canon since it has Rowling's blessing but will likely never touch upon it myself

Other things that should have happened but didn't along with other beliefs:

Neville should have been the one to kill Bellatrix

Luna and Neville should have been together

Ron should have been forced to have no one until he grew the hell up; which would probably be never

Dumbledore should have known where the entrance to The Chamber of Secrets was, i mean two second years figured it out; Im still convinced he did know actually.

If Harry didn't end up with Hermione then he should have died when he beat Voldemort, I mean he should have died and took Tom with him.

Fred and George should have realized that Pettigrew was on the map and said something.

Teddy Lupin is pretty much just a filler character with no true purpose

Of all the adults the most honest and realistic is Aberforth, as he doesn't want to fight a losing battle and says so but his morals wont let him leave, thats real bravery right there.

Fanfiction Issues

1. Why on earth are so many people keen on putting Harry and Draco, or Harry and Snape, or Hermione and Draco, or Hermione and Snape together? What is wrong with people the only two people more incompatible then Hermione and Ron is Hermione and Draco. Is it just me or did everyone miss the eight million Mudbloods he yells at her all the time, as for the Harry side seriously? If you think Harry should be with either those two you should find the nearest mental institution and check yourself in.

2. Why is it every story bout Harry and someone has to use the Animagus crap, honestly it gets old. So does the Marauders name thing, its so over done it makes me gag. It took five years for James and the others but Harry does it in months, BS. No offense Harry's done great things but many don't involve magic as much as courage.

3. I hate flipflop stories, choose a path and stick with it, don't make Harry a know-it-all one moment and a moron the next its degrading and I physical can feel my IQ drop every time I read a story like that. Ok fun fact I got called out on this in Forrest of Dean, but in my defense Harry didn't get weak, he just got caught off guard.

4. I have read way too many good stories that seem like right at the end when things are getting really good they were rushed through just to be done with. I hate that why bother spending all that time if you are going to right a proper ending. Reading thirty chapters, then having everything wrapped up in one final chapter all at once is pointless to me.

5. His name is Harry damn it...not Hadrian or some stupid shit like that...knock it off

6. Any story that has Hermione betraying Harry or being a whore/slave of any kind is an insult to the character...I've heard some stories that start amazing and then this happens and I immediately back out. This bothers me more than anything else to be honest, and is never ok

7. Stories that have forced conflict, like Harry taking someone to Slughorns problem then getting really upset when he leaves, seriously if someone knows Harry well enough he'd take them to a party odds are they know why he's leaving and shouldn't get all bitter. This happens a lot in Susan Bones or Daphne Greengrass stories

My Stories

Harry Potter and The Forrest of Dean: What would have happened if Hermione was serious about staying and growing old together in the forest, and what if Harry agreed. Ron doesn't find them for months and Harry and Hermione do realize they are happier without him around. Completed

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