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Hello and Welcome to our profile!

In short: We are Sno Phoenix and we are a collaboration of ToS authors who decided to get together to write a story about Tales of Symphonia. (Link to all information is below) EVERYONE is welcome to this project. If you've contributed, look for your name below! If you like, you may also submit a short paragraph about yourself. Please, join us! This is for everyone! And everyone's voices are heard.

In Long, we are (in order of appearance on Profile thread in ToS Collaboration Forum):

Baby Kat Snophlake Instigator/Headmistress, what was I thinking? Well, I was thinking I wanted to have fun with my fellow ToS lovers, and this is the best way to do it! I am also thinking that this won't affect my (in)sanity at all. I'm far too insane for it to matter anyway. Where's my Kittynip? ...purrs...

I.K.A. Valian: Co-conspirator. I have a lot of free time and this looked interesting so I dived right in.

An Ordinary Fan: Writer, dreamer, and a fan of necromancers. If anyone's a fan of Tarot cards, I'd be The High Priestess (even though I'm male): I'm able to see beneath the surface of the life around me, and going with my gut feelings have always worked out well. It's my sixth sense that told me that being a part of this would be a good idea, and I doubt that my intuition is flawed. I certainly hope that all of you ToS fans out there enjoy reading this as much as we'll like writing it!

Moonshine's Guide: Abstract Thinker and Bibliomaniac. I like to think that I think out of the box. In the end, I'm probably less weird then I think. Books are amongst my most treasured possessions, and I've usually got more than a few books on my person. I've been a fan of Tales of Symphonia for a while, but I haven't really written anything for the game yet. I'm here because I love the game, and I want to learn how to write some of my favorite characters better. I do hope that everyone who reads the story enjoys it!

Sage of Spirits: Fellow Collaboration-Writer, and CLA - Cruxis Lloyd Addict. Caused the Cruxis Lloyd Revolution to occur. Is planning to set the stage of the Cruxis Lloyd Dimensions with his unlimited knowledge of Cruxis Lloyd. Put on your seatbelts, please, because you are all in for one wild ride with this amazing story of trial and error, of hope and promise, of things that were not meant to be, and of things that have become reality...

RoyalFanatic: Your friendly neighborhood psychotic; don't worry, I only bite pricks and small children. I was drawn into this by my own curiosity, and I don't regret it! I'm a major fan of Tales of Symphonia, and I can't wait to see how my twisted and angst ridden ideas will shape things. Expect the unexpected, and we all hope you enjoy this thrilling ride; a ride in which everything and anything is truly possible.

Acriym; formerly darkangel24700: Amnesia, time travel, and anything akin to mental torture/mental illness specialist. I've seen everything except time travel first hand, so yes, the writing shall be emotional if I ever choose to write those. I am a complete and utter Tales of Symphonia fanatic; but really, who here isn't? I needed something to rid me of my horrendous writer's block and renew my inspiration for all my rewrites, so I joined this. This is a lot of fun, and I hope you enjoy reading it.

Twilight Scribe: The ultra-hypergraphic humor specialist, Z-Skit expert, and 'What-If?' maniac. You may have heard of me. When our fearless leader Kat first posed this collab idea to me, I though it sounded like a whole barrel of fun for a ToS fanatic like myself and it's shaping up to be one already. I think I'll stick around and try to toss out the most wild, off-the-wall ideas I can for as long as I can. But right now, I'm gonna go get some tea...

Salan Trong: Mostly shadow-reader, all fanatic. Cosplayer and Crossovers are my specialties you could say. I love TOS, and I can't wait to help write this collaboration. :)

Mieu: Forget-to-review type of reader, but obsessed with Tales of Symphonia. Uh, I suppose my writing is in-depth. I do a lot of research before I actually write a fic. (At one point I almost timed how long it would take the Lloyd avatar to WALK from town to town.) I tend to be busy, but somehow I'll find a way to write for this collab. (Marching band. XP) Also confused most of the time.

Cyberbanjo: Relative latecomer to the project due to worry about a possible lack of time, but convinced by the awesome plot idea. I've dipped my foot in many genres, but I haven't ever tried anything this epic yet. I'm excited for this collaboration with the opportunity to improve my writing, and I hope you enjoy it too!

Celsius009 Primarily romance writer. Not terribly imaginative, but if you give me a scene I'm sure I can make it prettier with flowery language (english teachers hated me). I try to bring the "realism" of things to life in writing, even video games. Love Tales of Symphonia, as we all do, and when Kat described this idea I knew she'd struck gold. I really hope we can take this far, and looking around the threads I'm not terribly worried we'll be lacking the means :).

Li-chan0767: Mainly an AU/fantasy writer, but also has a flair for scenes involving ghosts and cryptic messages, and the occasional fluff scene. According to many people, I can transfer a lot of emotion and feeling with rather little writing (I don't think I do, but that's just me). I am a dork for many things, and I am a Cruxis Lloyd Disciple. (AKA, one of the Sage of Spirits' first converts), and you can tell when I really like a character because I am usually as cruel to them as one can be. I was actually press-ganged into this group by Twilight Scribe, Lunar, Mieu, and Moony, who cornered me on Gmail and basically said, "You're joining!". Not that I mind, of course. I hope that I can be of some use to this group.

VanNeon: A writer of, on, at least, solely humor fics so far. I found this of my own accord and asked to join because it looked like fun. I'm obsessed with Gundam and Tales games, especially Tales of Symphonia, being in the middle of my fourth playthrough. I'm hoping to be able to contribute a little bit of extra humor into this fic as well as enjoy myself and get some experience. But yeah, I found this by reading everyone else's fanfictions and hope to be able to contribute what I can. _

Tiger002: Slightly new writer that loves to come up with ideas that no one has ever thought of before, even if they only make sense to me. Hoping to help with new ideas for this and what ever else is needed.

Mr. Birthday: (No profile)

Sholay: New to ToS writing but not writing in general, I can take any paragraph you give me and make it longer. Details, fancy words and epicness are all things I try to incorporate into my writing. So, if you see a chapter from me, chances are it'll be long... very long XD I don't exactly have a genre that I've committed to, but romance eludes me and humour is usually something I trip over by accident. Anyway, thanks for having me, Sno Phoenix!

Moonlight M3lody: With all these plot bunnies hopping around in my head, I need to write something before I can continue on my current stories, or I'll explode. From Here To Eternity intrigued me, as I see it's exciting game of chain story, a larger scale project than the one I played with my friends in boring holiday. Hope I can be useful for this group!

Former/Idle Members:

Freakyanimegal: Yo! Skleeness! n.n I'm getting my over-storied butt into another one! :D JOYOUS RAPTURE!!--Former member, decided not to stick with us after all, but she did contribute so...

Dragon's Shadow; formerly Lunardragon2607: Idea man. The one responsible for coming up with this plot. I never thought that would happen. I plan on helping out however I can now.--Former member, also decided not to stick with us, but he contributed quite a bit (including our main plot).

If you would like your name to appear in the SnoPhoenix profile, write a chapter and send it on over to snophoenix at gmail dot com! We look forward to hearing from you!

~~From Everyone Here at Sno Phoenix

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