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Author has written 47 stories for Gen13, Firefly, Gunslinger Girl, Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, Kantai Collection, Game of Thrones, and Burn Notice.


Hello and welcome. This profile has more to do with the writing than the writer; it only includes whatever personal stuff I think is necessary to understand why I write what I do the way I do. The stories are what's important.

I tend toward obscure fandoms. Don't be put off by this. I like sharing 'doms that grab my interest, and that means that the first fic in any fandom will be an intro of sorts, so someone new to the 'dom can approach it through my fics and settle comfortably into it. Also, if I've written more than one fic for it, you'll find an intro for the 'dom on this page.

I like stories about people. I write for Firefly and Gen 13 especially because they take a new approach to a long-established genre and make them fresh. In the case of Gen 13, it’s the teen superhero team; in Firefly, the space Western (yes, there really are a lot of them). Usually these genres are completely action-driven and treat their characters like cardboard cutouts moved around by the plot: you could switch the characters’ lines around and no one would notice. Firefly and Gen 13 create an ensemble of interesting, complex characters and place them in a mixture of dramatic and everyday situations.

If you've read any of my stuff yet, you might think I rate them conservatively. This is a result of my age (Sputnik went into space on my 2nd birthday) and upbringing. The first time I said 'damn' in a conversation with my father, he slapped me, only the second time he'd ever struck me. I was nineteen. I don't doubt there are thirteen-year-olds on this site who think even my M-rated stories are kid stuff. So be it. Jack Lynch's wards aren't the only kids growing up too fast these days.

I don't abandon stories. But some of them sit for a loooong time between updates. I think the primary difference between the professional writers and amateurs like us isn't talent - there are plenty of writers on this site as good as any living published authors I've read - but their ability to turn out quality work to a deadline. I prefer to complete a first draft of lengthy stories before I publish, rather than string them out chapter by chapter, but I haven't had much luck with that in recent years. Also, I'm always working on several stories at a time, some of them so far ahead of the current posted timeline that I know they won't see post for months or years. Both habits sometimes make for a bit of a wait between stories. On the site, I try to keep my 'in-progress' stories to a minimum, and try to complete one fic before I start anything new (but you know what they say about plans, and good intentions).

I write mostly for myself, but I enjoy sharing. For some reason, my visitors hesitate to review my work (fewer than one percent). I don't bite. If you did more than a drive-by, and you liked it, drop a line, no matter how brief. If you have a problem with it, drop two. I enjoy praise as much as anyone, but I learn more from people who disagree with me. A simple suggestion from Vettac about pronoun usage caused me to edit half my published stories, and I think they're better for it. An unsparing critique by Nadrek pushed me into a thousand-word rewrite of the first chapter of 'Game's Afoot,' which provided a more realistic scene and left me much more satisfied with the characterizations of Frank Colby and Gerry Ruche. And TOW Gunner's knocking-about of my first draft of Dan Grissom's last patrol in Iraq in 'Adult Education' gave me the courage to continue it - in a rather different direction.

12/21/08: First post. Merry Christmas.

6/2/2009: First 'Firefly' fic.

6/10/2009: Only been posting for six months; just passed the half-million-word mark. Writing is addictive.

12/1/2009: First post on FictionPress

12/13/2009: One year on site, 640,000 words. Pacing myself a little.

12/15/2010: two years on site, 790,000 words. Cruise control is engaged, I think.

9/29/2011: First Gunslinger Girl fic.

10/20/2012: One million words on FFnet. I think the millionth word was 'the'.

12/15/2012: First Sarah Connor fic.

7/7/2016: First (and probably only) Kantai Collection fic.

7/11/2017: First (and probably only) Game of Thrones fic.

1/31/2018: First post on Archive of Our Own (AO3). Sorry, FFNet blocks links to other writing sites it doesn't own, but it's easy to find.

12/24/2018: Ten years on site. One-and-a-quarter million words, 44 stories, 160k views. Quite a ride.

GEN 13

The Gen fandom is the smallest of my 'doms (I think half the fics in it are mine), but it represents about seventy percent of my posted work, and, I believe, some of my best stuff. It's an easy fandom for a new reader to get into. I wrote these stories assuming everyone is new to it, and anyone taking an interest can get into the story and characters solely from my fics. Note to all the 'Firefly' fans who enjoyed 'Man of Honor', 'Man of Action', etc.: if you read Firefly fic for the reasons I mentioned, give the Gen13 stories a look. Read 'Foxhunt,' or 'Class Reunion,' or 'Bobby's Girl,' or 'A Normal Life,' or 'Lab Ratz' (Chapters 3 and 4 of 'Anna the Caterpillar', a sort of story-within-a-story), and I bet you'll want to get to know these people better. For Gunslinger Girl fans, especially those who appreciate the sort of OC-fratello stories featured on the Cyborg Central website, give 'Pretty Poison' a try. Here's a short list of the principal characters:

Caitlin: every nerd’s fantasy girl. Redheaded, green-eyed lingerie model on the outside; shy computer geek with astronomical IQ on the inside. Her inner monologue is… complicated. Also, she can juggle bulldozers. Not that she ever would; people would stare.

"I don't want to be a part of this. But I don't want to become a prison whore, or be driven insane, either." - The Hammer Falls
"Girls say, 'I'd love to have your problems.' Well, give it a try, sister. Walk a mile in my size elevens." - Girl Talk

Roxanne: youngest and smallest of the teens, with the biggest chip on her shoulder; something of an exhibitionist, she often dresses in revealing or punky styles just for the reaction. And yet, sometimes she seems so level-headed and wise beyond her years, you wonder if there’s a very different girl under the façade. Rox can play games with gravity, and her power gets difficult to control when she’s angry.

"Love paints people better than they are. That says as much about you as them." - Geographical Solution
"If you love something, set it free. And if it comes back with a hickey on its neck, crush its testicles." - Normal Life

Sarah: think Pocahontas in the Disney cartoon, but with way more attitude. Half Apache Indian, Sarah’s into her family, her native heritage, worldwide social reform, and other girls. She has a strange kinship with the forces of nature, and her favorite trick is zapping people with miniature lightning bolts. But she has other talents, oh my yes.

"Following my heart leads me facefirst into a brick wall." - Dear Anna: Advice to the Lovelorn
"I don't have the words. There aren't any in English. I'm sure the People did once, but I never learned them." - The Hammer Falls

Anna: the group’s pixyish and awesomely capable little housekeeper and den mother, devoted to her boss and the kids in her care. ‘More than meets the eye’ is a phrase that was coined just for her. Starting with the fact that, strictly speaking, she’s not human…

"In my very limited experience, when they talk about sex, people often say one thing and mean another." - Anna the Caterpillar
"You can't tear a bright and happy child from her family, stick her in a cell, tell her she's not human, and teach her to kill without expecting a few behavioral problems." - Probabilities

JohnJackLynch: the scarred mystery man who rescued the kids from government ‘custody’, and now hides and protects them. He has issues, and nobody who gets in his way does it twice. But he’s devoted to the kids in his own way, for his own reasons, and he’ll never let them down. Witnessing his special talent in use has been known to produce nightmares.

"I don't like killing people who buy me lunch." - Edge of Sanity
"The people I deal with know I mean what I say and I keep my word, and sometimes that buys me things that money can’t." - Foxhunt

Bobby Lynch: Jack’s son, a young man with a troubled past; all things considered, it’s scary how normal he seems. Estranged from his father Jack for most of his life (they were separated when he was a newborn, and he thought he was an orphan) Bobby has unresolved relationship issues with his dad and with Sarah, who he’s been crushing on since first meeting. His magic trick is pyrokinesis, which earns him nicknames like ‘Burnout’ and ‘Hot Stuff.’

"We always have choices. But sometimes every one of them sucks." - Geographical Solution
"A ten-year-old with a Glock can smoke somebody with a twitch of his finger. What we can do doesn’t make us gods." - Normal Life

Eddie Chang: if still waters run deep, this guy must be the Marianas Trench. Nothing gets to him but the sight of Caitlin in a swimsuit. A true horn dawg, he’s constantly dodging Rox, his sort-of girlfriend, in his half-playful, half-serious pursuit of strange. The joker of the group, he sometimes lets his clown mask slip to reveal a keen intelligence. He has the ability to assimilate and transmute things he touches, which makes him a riot at parties.

"I’ve seen what it takes to keep an open-ended promise - more patience and understanding and care than I’ll ever have." - The Hammer Falls
"Home isn't something you move into. It's something you bring with you." - Ibid.

The Gen13 stories are written in the form of a serial. They are, in chronological order:

Unacceptable Losses
Anna the Caterpillar
A Normal Life (In-progress)
Stand and Deliver
Girlz Night Out
Geographical Solution
Measured Response
Girl Talk
If It Looks Like a Duck
Clear the Air
Dear Anna: Advice to the Lovelorn
Bobby's Girl
Skeletons in the Closet
The Game's Afoot (This one can actually be read any time between Measured Response and Showdown)
The Hammer Falls
The Edge of Sanity
Class Reunion
Adult Education
When Blind Men Meet the Elephant
Other Problems
Seduction (in progress)
Pretty Poison (A Burn Notice/ Gen 13 crossover)
Probabilities (A Sarah Connor/Gen 13 crossover)

Clicking either the 'Title' or 'Category' headings in the 'My Stories' tab will present you with a properly ordered list. Reading them in order isn't strictly necessary, but knowing the story order may tell you where to look for answers to continuity questions. I've been adding stuff regularly, as you can see by my publish and update dates.

Upcoming stories:

Race Relations: Anna's sisters, the 'Angels of Death', are preparing for a war of extinction with humanity. Can she negotiate a settlement before events get out of hand?

Hitters Never Prosper: IO contracts a hit with the infamous Angels of Death. Things don't turn out as planned, oh no precious.

Reunions: Sarah takes Bobby to the reservation to meet her folks, and he learns some things about prejudice.

A Walk in the Woods: A Twilight/ Gen 13 crossover story (Don't be scared, I know what I'm doing). Jacob's pack, hunting a rogue vampire not far from La Push, comes across four travelers who smell like trouble.


Everybody knows Joss Whedon's wondrous, stillborn space Western, right? I write 'Season Two' Firefly fics, meaning that I write episodic fics that pick up where the TV series left off -I'll borrow stuff from BDM and the comic books (And the RPGs, graphic novels, offhand remarks by the former cast at cons, products licensed by Fox and Paramount, and Gor knows how many other sources), but they're not Scripture. Within the strictures of those fourteen episodes, I'm a canon Nazi. But that means that, in my version of the 'Verse, Wash and Book are alive and aboard, Mal has a sense of humor, River is a disturbed genius with psychic abilities and not a ninja assassin, and Reavers are Hannibal Lecter-class psychopaths, not crazed spear-chucking zombies.

I've recently been asked to order the Firefly stories as well. This is a bit more difficult, since some of them intertwine chronologically, but I would suggest this as a reading order:

A Man of Honor
A Man of Action
A Man of Principle
Campfire Stories
In for a Penny

'I Got Yer AU Right Here' is a sort of dumpster for AU Firefly story ideas, some squee, some squick, that might be of interest.

Upcoming stories:

A Man of Conscience: What is Shepherd Book doing on Serenity, anyway?

Children of Darkness: Reaver-centric. Approach with caution; therapy is expensive.


This manga/anime doesn't have much traffic on this site, although it has a big following elsewhere, and a couple of excellent fansites. It's not for everyone. Gunslinger Girl is a dark fairy tale without a happy ending in sight. It's a story whose principal characters are a group of young girls with horrifying backstories, shortened lives, and tragic futures, trying to reclaim their stolen humanity before the lights go out. Their world is embroiled in an endless war with no victors, few survivors, and a great many victims; the deeper you get into it, the more blurred the distinction between the 'good guys' and the 'bad guys' becomes. The action is intense but sparse; the meat of the story is the interactions among the girls, and between them and their 'handlers,' adult men in whose keeping each of them is placed. The girls' outlook on life, shaped by their 'conditioning' and their stunted social environment, is a mixture of sensitivity and callousness, naivete and worldliness. One scene early in the first season anime comes to mind: Rico and Henrietta sitting in their dorm room between missions, hesitantly discussing boys while Rico cleans her gun and Henrietta sews a bullet hole in her shirt.

Fans will doubtless see I've taken liberties in my expansion/rewrite of the Elsa cycle, starting with the dubbed dialogue. In my defense, I would simply say that, since nobody (except for the few Japanese speakers among us) really knows what the characters said, and since it's hard just to get two translations that agree (try watching an episode with English dub AND subtitles; you'll be holding your head before it's half over), I felt entitled to make a few changes in order to smooth the conversations out and make them more credible. There are some canon flubs too (It was my first Gunslinger Girl fic, written after watching the anime but before I read the manga), but I think the story would suffer for being trimmed to conform, so I'm leaving it alone.

Present stories:

The Last Days of Lauro de Sica
Porcupine Love
Made for You
In Somniis Verum (in progress)
The Best Gift
Different Handlers

Upcoming stories:

Falling out of Darkness: The life and times of Kristal and Verotrois, OC cyborg twins, and their handler.

I also have a number of stories included in the anthology work Hunters in the Dolomites edited by Professor Voodoo)


This one-and-a-half season TV series (cancelled way too early, like Firefly) is a wondrously complex story of desperate people trying to hang on to their sanity, and each other, in the midst of an unending barrage of moral choices that sometimes pit them against one another. For the six people who've never seen any of the movies, it's a pre-apocalyptic (yes, pre-) tale of a young mother whose teenaged son is destined to become General John Connor, supreme leader in a future war of extinction between men and intelligent machines. Both future armies possess a very limited means of time travel, and use it to send agents into the past to secure victory in the future. Years before the events of the series, Sarah learns of her and her unborn son's destiny when a Terminator, an assassin machine from the future designed to look like a human being, is sent to kill her, and the humans send an agent of their own to protect her. In the first of innumerable manipulations of cause-and-effect, Sarah's protector, Kyle Reese, becomes Sarah's lover and sires the child who will grow to be John Connor, the man who rescues an adolescent Kyle from an extermination camp run by the machines.

The story abounds with moral compromises forced on our heroes by the shifting landscape of the future. Kill an innocent man to keep him from designing a computer program that may develop into Skynet, the commander of the machine forces? A no-brainer for someone like Derek Reese, a time-travelling Resistance fighter who's lived in the future and seen Skynet's handiwork firsthand - but a choice not so clear for Sarah, who's been dating the guy. A Terminator rescues John from death at the hands of another, and claims to have been sent to protect him. But she's an adept liar, and it seems clear she has another agenda besides protecting John. Trust her? Or destroy her? Opinions vary, even inside the mind of John Connor.

Present stories:

Probabilities (a Gen 13/ Sarah Connor Chronicles crossover)

Upcoming stories:

Program of Deception: Cameron doesn't sleep, and her coming home in the morning all scratched up should be the least of Sarah's worries.

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26 Seduction reviews
Frank Colby is a man with secrets safeguarding many lives - including his own. But getting people to give up their secrets is Nicole Callahan's job, and she's very, very good at it. She has questions about Director Colby and his relationship with the Lynch Mob. Frank only thought that he had trouble with women before...
Gen13 - Rated: M - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 6 - Words: 46,763 - Reviews: 21 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 4 - Updated: 11/26 - Published: 4/12/2019
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Taken from the archives of the 'Different Handlers' thread on the Cyborg Central forum. What if the abused child Hilshire found near death in the snuff filmers' studio wasn't a little blonde-haired girl? And what if the child Christiano found in that cellar and raised as his own wasn't Pino?
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It's not easy being the new kid in school, especially when you're different. It's worse when a you're a Gen, a runaway genetic experiment trying to keep a low profile, and you can baton twirl a school bus or set stuff on fire by looking at it. Way worse, there's that other thing Gens do - that they don't mean to...
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"They're not animals. They are my children."
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A very AU series, narrated mostly through the point of view of Anna, the group's android housekeeper, as she acquires a family and discovers her own humanity.
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Fifth in the series. While Serenity is under repair on Kaylee's homeworld, introductions are made, secrets are revealed, friendships are formed ... and Jayne becomes a lawman, sort of.
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Cover by Taerkitty, pic by Surica at DeviantArt. It's an open secret that the cyborgs dream, sometimes vividly. It's a closer secret that the handlers do too.
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Jack's wards aren't the only Gens he helped to escape from Darwin. IO is hunting them all. Some it has already caught. Others...
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For some fratelli, conditioning is only the start of the bonding process, and trust born of shared danger transcends programmed-in loyalty. A short fic starring Alfisti's Jethro and Monty.
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He chose her. But she also chose him.
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Anna is not unique, but her 'sisters' aren't nearly so cuddly. One of them, bearing an incredible offer, comes to Escondido to 'rescue' Anna and bring her back home. You can pick your friends, but you can't pick your family ... except when you can.
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Anna keeps many secrets, but none are as awful as the ones she keeps from herself.
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Sarah picks up some advice from Anna about dating and romance. Come again?
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Anna wants to take her friendship with Jack to the next level. How does poor Jack explain the facts of life to a humanoid robot programmed to mimic human behavior? Especially one who won't take 'no' for an answer?
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