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all righty then... i guess i need to fill one of these out...

Age: Uhm... old enough to be reading what i write...

Sex: Male

Name: Puck

Beta for: darkgodess19.

I ish a guy... gay guy... call me puck... the mischievous fairy... XDD self explanatory.

I am a bit of a spelling and grammar freak, but even i make mistakes sometimes. I'll beta for people, but sometimes you have to annoy me to get it done. I'm kinda picky on what i read, so i'd be a picky beta too. XDD uhm... what else... I'm insane and off the wall and i have my own opinions and i'm not afraid to voice them. SASUNARU all the way. I usually won't take the time to read NaruSasu. I'm serious, i see NaruSasu in a summary and i just keep on scrolling the list.

I make lots of characters, and they'll probably come out to chat during my author notes

Pyrus: Why do you say that like it's a bad thing.

AHHH PYRUS!! one of my very first!! at least your'e here and not kasey... he's a bit of a downer lately, this whole "I'm alone and i'll always be alone thing." Well, duh, i made him that way because that's sorta part of the story. anyways... bring Orishi next time you come since this is a naruto story thingie and he is my original naruto character.

Pyrus; AM I NOT ENOUGH FOR YOU!? do you not love me anymore?

-_- yeah, try living with that in your head?

I like... MY CHARACTERS!! They serve me well. I also like reading, and i'm a total Naruto addict. ALso like writing, not just fanfiction but my own stuff too. IF i go forever between updates, i was probably off writing some of my original stuff. I actually want to be a famous writer some day, and you can't exactly make that happen writing just fanfiction. One day, i hope to have people writing fanfiction about my stuff. XDD. I swear though, i've already pimped out first rights for a fanfiction, so sorry. Uhm... hopes and dreams, hopes and dreams. I'm gonna TEACH!! Heaven help the next generation.

Pyrus: pokes head out Can i come talk now? It's getting annoying just sitting here.

GO AWAY PYRUS!! You have to sit in there and stew for a little bit longer and then i'm writing you into a new story.

Pyrus: -_- i wanna play!!


Gah... >.> i'm not crazy, i swear. Well, maybe a little, but i work it fierce.

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Rented To Be by myfailsafe reviews
AU. Your friends order you a blonde bombshell for a month, which you don't want in the first place and then, shows up, and just so happens to be male. Typical. Influenced by 'Absolute Boyfriend'. Future SasuNaru
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All Eyes On You by myfailsafe reviews
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The Prince and His 'Capture' by Sabaku no Koneko reviews
Prince Naruto ran away from the castle and was kidnapped by Sasuke. Being a pirate, the raven had a friend, Neji who was also a pirate. He, meanwhile, had a prince, Prince Gaara as a boyfriend! What will happen then? SasuNaru, NejiGaa, ItaKyuu, AU
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