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Poll: 3rd and Final round of the SMC Contest! Round/competition closes on the 1st of March 2009 at midnight P.S.T. Each voter has 3 votes. Winner will be announced straight after. Vote Now!
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Steamy Movie Crossover Contest


Must be a lemony smut filled one shot. There can be no other chapters added to it. If you wish to make it a full story, then start it as a ‘new story’.

Must be rated M.

Can be a mix of any characters from the Twilight series. One-shot does not have to be a canon pairing.

Must be between 1,500 and 8,000 words without the heading.

Each person can submit up to five stories only. Each story must be a different movie. (meaning the same author can't do the same movie twice.) The author can pick any movie or TV show. It doesn't have to be from our list of examples. You DO NOT need to stick to the plot of the movie that you choose, it just has to be in their universe. Before anyone asks you CANNOT do the Twilight movie. That would just be a plain old lemon.

Entries will be taken from January 5, 2009 to February 5, 2009. All entries must be submitted to us before midnight P.S.T on February 5th. No entries will be admitted that are posted before January 5th.

Voting will start the day after the contest ends. Voting will be done by poll on TheThreeSmutketeers profile page.

If there are more than 50 entries, the stories and voting will be split into as may groups as needed. The top 10 of each voting round will be put into a final voting round where the top winners will be announced. Each round of voting will last a week

The overall 1st place winner will receive a banner and avatar for their own personal use.

If you have any issues with the other entries please come to us first. Bad sportsmanship will not be tolerated. If you’re being a big whiny baby, don’t expect us to side with you.

Post your story on your profile page and then PM the name of the story to the TheThreeSmutketeers

One-shots are for this contest, and this contest only. If we find out it is featured in another contest it will be removed. Everyone deserves equal exposure.

All submitted stories will be added to the Steamy Movie crossover Contest C2, so if you want to read the entries, be sure to subscribe to it.

Any story done by TheThreeSmutketeers is for an example only and not to be voted on.

We reserve the right to remove an entry for any reason.

The Manly Art of Wenching reviews
The Three Musketeers and their new companion have stopped at a tavern to drown their woes and bask in the company of some very willing women. In the process, their new companion gets a much needed lesson in the manly art of wenching. SMUTx4
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