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Harvest Moon: Bonding

Fav. Parings from harvest moon

1. Vaughn and chelsea

2. Luke and Akari

3. Jill and Skye

4. Claire and Gray

5. Chase and Akari

6. Mark and Chelsea

7. Claire and Kai

8. Claire and Cliff

9. Gill and Akari

10. Calvin and Akari

Fav books

1. Cry of the Icemark

2. Blade of fire

3. Last Battle of the Icemark (yes these are all from the same series)

(''..''..''..'') Lookzz (''..''..''..'')

hair: Ugh, I USED to have light brown hair, but now I have taken up the honer of having black hair like the rest of my family.(yes my hair changed color)

Eyes: I'm just gunna say brown, i dont wanna go into the details.

From coming up storys

none so far, but I may do a few one shots.



Skye and Jill's

16 year old daughter Kendra

is going through teenage life, watch as

the parents do some well

needed bonding with their

beautiful Daughter.

Well people. I hope you have a chance to read my story(s) and review them, I find that I have been getting better at writing and i'm typing faster...look at those fingers move!...oh sorry you cant see bad.

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