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Check out the challenge on my blog. The Jacket is almost finished!


Thank you all for your encouragement!! Unfortunately, exams are round the corner again. Necessary but nasty stuff. You can check out my blog for some drabbles and one-shots to munch on in the mean time


Down to earth. Like to stay annonymous. Love the Daine and Numair pairing as evident from my writings.;) Feel free to e-mail me with your comments and criticism. However, no flaming please! I wonder if flamers realise that their conduct reflects very poorly on themselves. Insecure, with a lack of intellectual ability to conceptualise and formulate their thoughts rationally or base them on coherent, logical grounds. Jealousy can sometimes be ugly... ;)

Unable to update webpage because I don't have microsoft frontpage programme any more. Hence, due to lack of time to tear down everything and rebuild, I now update my fics on and on a blog() My old website ( ) can be useful to visit, as it contains the full complete version of my fics, with the appropriate formatting and all. I didn't realise that when I post on A LOT of words are missing because the symbols I use are mistaken as html... haiz...especially "What If".


In case you're stumbling across my writings for the first time, short commentary about the fics, in case you're wondering which one you would want to read... Have other ideas on the back burner... but anyway, these are the fics currently posted

1. "Filler" fics

I started off writing "filler" fics (made this name up, unless someone can tell me what's the proper name for them :) ). Basically, these are fanfics that attempt to realistically fill in the gaps between the actual written story. I based my fanfiction on quotes in the books and expand on them. They were written, and also occur in, this chronologically order... Myrrh and Onions in Port Legann, Daine's Dear Deer Danger, Balor's Needle and Brokefang's Call, Chance & Coincidence

2. Lost in Tortall fic

Moved on to a fun fun fic, Sparrow: Lost in Tortall . Had lots of fun writing this, as it involved what happened realistically if I fell into Tortall. No, I won't save the world. But what I know I will defintely do, is to scold some characters and say some things that what many other people have always wanted to say to them... shakes numair and daine! hurry up and get married! Would like to thank Faerie_gurl for lending me her idea of ranting and raving at characters. Her "Encounters with my enemy Cleon" has inspired me to do this fic.(yes, I asked her permission to use the idea)

3. What If

First somewhat fluffy fic, What If, based on the premise of what happened if Daine did not meet Onua at the horse fair. (Yup, I am aware there is another fic that has the same title and similar idea. But I am not going to bother to change the title since I did post the fic first. Besides, if I don't kick up a fuss and the other author doesn't kick up a fuss, I don't see why other people should be bothered about it.;) Oh come on, the more good fics the better, more for everyone to read!)

4. Modern fic

My first modern fic, the Billionaire Scientist & his New Secretary. The idea of Tortall in a modern context is taken unabashedly and admiringly from the fic "Modern". The fic that no doubt, started a different kind of genre of Tortall fan fiction. After reading quite a number of teacher-student modern fics, I thought, why not just do the cliche boss and secretary story... hee hee ;)

5. Experimental One Shots

I have quite a number of ideas brewing in my head and would like to try out different writing styles, but know that I've pretty bad stamina in writing long fics, as evident from the long gaps between my updating. Hence, I have started to write, and probably will write more, one-shots.

My most mature fic to date, Life Mates. Was VERY tempted to put Numair down as a vampire, but decided not to at the last minute.

Followed by The Bet, the cliche plot device of a romantic bet with a Tortallan spin.

Challenged self to write a fic in half-an-hour, that resulted in Wuffy Wolf Fic. A normal Tortall fic except from another perspective. (It's really been some time since I wrote some totally based in Tortall fic! ;) )

E-mail Exchange was quite fun to write. The story unfolds through, yes, e-mail exchanges between Onua and Daine. Seems vaguely familar? Perhaps, becuase I originally intended to use the plot line in BSNS (but in a completely different wayand style of course)It is currently found on the blog as I'm having great difficulty with the formatting on as it doesn't allow e-mail addresses.

What are you looking at? a fun fast dribble for that fast boost of fluff!

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DN fluff. An old friend of Daine realises that she smells... rather different.
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DN. Daine didn't meet Ouna,ends up in another part of Tortall & hides her looks with a pendant.Visiting Numair c her with AND without pendant, thinking she's 2 DIFFERENT persons.He wants ugly her as a student & WORSE, wants beautiful her romantically!
Song of the Lioness - Rated: K - English - Romance/Parody - Chapters: 6 - Words: 17,571 - Reviews: 88 - Favs: 34 - Follows: 31 - Updated: 10/2/2005 - Published: 7/15/2003
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COMPLETED My first long humourous, I hope epic! Sparrow is granted one hour in Tortall, at first things go smoothly, for her that is, but complications soon arise! Pls RR!
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Daine and co. is called to help round up killer unicorns at a keep which once belonged to Sinthya. However, they find more than just killer unicorns... The three Bs. Blonde, Books and Betrayal... Please Review!
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Forgive the title. It used to be Daine's Dastardly Dear Deer Danger before I decided I was overkilling it. This fic is about Daine who shapeshifts into a Deer during Winter and runs into quite a bit of trouble.... she also meets a possible love interest.
Song of the Lioness - Rated: K - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 5,191 - Reviews: 38 - Favs: 10 - Follows: 3 - Published: 11/25/2000 - Complete
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