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Hiya! Welcome to the profile of dazzleCROWNS. People here in the real world call me Tash, though it's not my real name. I'm from the U.S. of A...from the South if you want to get technical. But I'm not a hick and I don't have an accent...things that people always assume of us Southerners. Oh, and I'm a girl (if you twats couldn't tell).

Hmm...nothing much else to tell about me as a person... Let's move on to hobbies.

Writing, reading, drawing, playing video games (only the awesome ones), watching movies...

Mostly on my days off I sit and write my novel, watch movies, read fanfiction, or draw. I AM writing a novel, though, so if I get a fanfic up here don't expect me to update weekly...or even monthly...

Augh, I'll try and update monthly. And write during my Humanities class.

I'm currently obsessed with X-MEN: TAS. It's sooooo win! I can't believe that I've unearthed this little piece of childhood on youtube! ROMY all the way!!

Ahem. If you don't have a clue about what I'm talking bout, I command you to go onto Youtube and watch the X-Men cartoon from the early 90s. It's so addicting...I re-watched all of the seasons non-stop ('cept for school, food, sleep...ok, maybe not so nonstop) and finished it in a month.

Gambit and Rogue are my favorite, and I will not tolerate Gambit with anyone else. The movies...they just...killed it. Rogue's a total wimp, Gambit is somehow involved in Wolvie's past (srsly, wtf?) AND Gambit doesn't even have his funky eyes!

Favorite Pairings:

X-Men (evolution, movie-verse, and otherwise): Gambit/Rogue, Logan/Rogue (movies), and Logan/Storm (movies, also; only in the movies is Rogue enough of a simpering twit to settle for Logan...and Logan is hot :))

Naruto- Neji/Ino, Kakashi/Sakura (though I hate her, there's NO real Kakashi/Ino floating around), Sasuke/Ino, Itachi/Ino, Deidara/Ino... really just Ino/anybody. I love Ino.

InuYasha- Kagome/Sesshoumaru (why is it that the main female characters of anime are so damn annoying? Why, why, why??), Sango/Sesshoumaru, Sango/InuYasha, Sango/Kouga, Kagome/Miroku

Harry Potter- Lucius/Hermoine (read Eden. It will convert all the non-believers), Draco/Hermoine (Unfortunately, most, if not all, fics with these two are sucky, OOC, and horribly cliche). I hate Ron/Hermoine...Ron's a sodding idiot and Hermione's too good for him, really

Final Fantasy VII- Reno/Tifa, Reno/Yuffie (I love Reno, I love Tifa, and I love Yuffie.) Cloud/Yuffie is ok too...as well as Vincient/Tifa

Final Fantasy X/X-2- Gippal/Rikku (someone on DeviantArt once said that this couple is like pure sex, and I have to say I'm inclined to agree with them), Tidus/Rikku (aww...Rikku's so cute, how could you like Yuna over her?)

Kingdom Hearts- Axel/Kairi (waaahhh!! I love Axel!!), Axel/Tifa, Axel/Yuffie, Sora/Yuffie, Riku/Yuffie, Leon/Yuffie, Cloud/Yuffie

Lost- Sawyer/Claire and Desmond/Claire (these are the ONLY pairings I ship; all of the other women in that show are as ANNOYING as FUCK. Especially that slutastic bitch Kate. Anyone besides me notice that she's wearing less and less in each scene she's in?)

Dazzle/Hatenkou Yuugi- Alzeid/Rahzel, Baroqueheat/Rahzel, Rayborn/Rahzel, Alzeid/Baroqueheat/Rahzel and Alzeid/Baroqueheat


Twilight. I could have a two-day long rant on how much I fucking HATE this stupid piece of TRASH, but I'd probably cause some internal hemorrhages to the fan girls if I put it up here. I'll just redirect you kind people to this amazing website:


Enjoy. I know I do.



Multichapter, In the works. I got down the prologue, and chapters 1-5. I'm totally speed-writing this awesome piece of awesomeness. And it's AU because I was taking the request to re-write that sodding piece of shit that is Twilight and make it good. I made it 100000000X better just by replacing Bella the Bitch and Edward the Dick with Rogue and Remy, which basically means that it's probably not going to turn out like Twilight at all. Yeah, I can definetely say for sure that only certain elements of Twilight are present in the overall storyline and theme aspect of it. Everything else is more like the EXACT opposite...so you can call it the "Anti-Twilight."

Currently beta'd by my friend...who has awful grammar...so a lot of mistakes slip by the radar. People, if you see a typo or error, please point it out to me! Thanks!

Wendigo reviews
Rogue's been kicked around foster homes for the last seventeen years of her life. Sentenced to New York after running away, her life becomes even more hectic. Take for example, the stalker with red eyes and that everyone she gets close to dies. AU ROMY
X-Men: Evolution - Rated: M - English - Romance/Supernatural - Chapters: 7 - Words: 35,118 - Reviews: 45 - Favs: 26 - Follows: 36 - Updated: 5/12/2009 - Published: 2/24/2009 - Rogue/Anna Marie, Gambit/Remy L.