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Hello Beautiful, it's 7:05 here in Australia, so please Hold On while I explain to you what happens When You Look Me In The Eyes. But Hey, We're Gonna Be Alright, because I'll Be Be Good to you. In Year 3000, you would be What I Go To School For and I'd always say Nick J Is Off The Chain because That's Just The Way We Roll. Now I'd Appreciate it if you Don't Tell Anyone, but I've got this Crazy Kind Of Crush On You, You Just Don't Know It. I wish I could trade places with Mandy just for 6 Minutes because I know we would be Inseparable, and then I could just Move On like the Games they play in Hollywood. But deep down Im Still In Love With You, and you still Got Me Going Crazy. I dont wanna be Just Friends, and I wish I was the Girl of Your Dreams. I'm Burnin' Up to be your Lovebug. I don't want Tonight to be a One Man Show, because all you ever say is "Hellogoodbye." We Got The Party With US, so I'll just wait A Little Bit Longer, because right now I Can't Have You. I know I may be the Underdog in this situation, so I'm Sorry, but I Am What I Am, so stop Pushin Me Away! I've been sending out S.O.S's hoping you'd help out some Poor Unfortunate Souls because I Wanna Be Like You. Now I know we're talking about the Kids Of The Future and it seems like it just may be Eternity before you would Please Be Mine but we can always take One Day At A Time. Don't Walk Away, because then I'll be Wrong Again. Now it is Time For Me To Fly, so Take a Breath, and Goodnight and Goodbye!

Here I Am but Who Will I Be? even though i know This is Me. I Gotta Find You so we can Start the Party because Our Time is Here and i know we've got What It Takes. We're 2 Stars and We Rock so we gotta Play My Music. So now im gonna say Hasta La Vista because im Too Cool to know you!

that you think the Jonas Brothers are gay
and only because they dont talk about hooking
up with girls in their music.

that you think they are pansies,
and only because they aren't cussing
at us through their music.

that you joke at me for being in love with them
and only because you dont know them,
and haven't given them a chance.

That they call girls beautiful instead of sexy,
so you think that they are wussies
and only because you dont have the guts to
call us beautiful instead, too.

That you think their music sucks
and only because they arent talking about
getting drunk or high.

And most of all I'M SORRY
that you haven't even given them a chance.
You haven't even listened to their music. And
you haven't even thought about the fact that
girls LOVE when guys act like the Jonas Brothers do,
Ya know? Kind, Polite and Like Gentleman. PUT THIS ON YOUR PROFILE IF YOU AGREE

They told us that we were crazy and we said, "We knew that a long time ago." They tell us to stop talking about them and we say, "We can talk about whoever, whatever, whenever we want." We don't care what anyone says. We won't stop talking about them, thinking about them, wishing for them, listening to them, watching them, dreaming about them, and most of all, caring for them. Never ever. So you can either get over it or leave us alone.

Written for all the Jonas Brothers fans who deal with these problems.
Put this on your page if you've ever had to deal with problems like these.

I support Jemi 100...actually,make that 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 :D
Oh yeah,I said it,you now have permission to punch me through the web.

I support ALL three of the Jonas Brothers.Including Kevin.One thing I despise is Jonas Brothers fans who claim to 'love the boys with all their heart'..then make a rude comment that usually says something like,"Except for Kevin.He's ugly."
Are you seriously saying you only like Joe&Nick for their looks?Basically you are.You're never a true fan if you don't love all three boys.It pisses me off that girls say that they are true fans,but only to Joe and Nick.Kevin is an important part of the Jonas Brothers,and probably has more talent than you and I realize,so don't judge people by their's just immature.

Mitchie's outfit in Chapter 1 of Two Worlds Collide:

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