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Hey everyone, My name is Maria-Bree Andrews,

I'm from UK and I'm 17 seventeen year old. I love twilight series. I was introduced to fanfic by a friend and thought that i might have a go with it too. I love music and books, especially classic ones like Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights, hah, wonder where we've heard that before.

I live in a small rainy town in England and i absoloutely love it, and when we get sunshine eveything just looks even more grand and beautiful. I decided to update my profile and now i'm stuck for words and have no idea what i'm saying and i'm just babbling on! Haha!

You might think i'm wierd, heck, i find myslef wierd, i guess because i'm British lol! There's not much about me, i go to University and i'm in first of five years studying Pharmacy, wohoo! And soon i'll graduate and become a doctor! I realy LOVE making new friends, and i please do not hesitate to PM me, i really love talking to new people, it feels so cool! Crazy i know!

Oh and if i take too long to update its porbably because of the exams, been under so much stress so my updates are pretty irregular!

I really like getting to know people, and don't worry i won't bite!! I really get along with everyone and have made loads of friends on Fanfiction! So if you're stuck on your stories, or you want to kill me for not updating, feel free to PM me hehe! And if you want, you can just buz me on: - aww i love my email address ;)

And just to get one thing clear, i am definitely TEAM EDWARD and definitely ANTI-BELLA muahahahaha.

Im into music, hmm defiitely Taylor Swift, Eminem, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Ne-Yo, Flo-Rider, and saving the best till last... WESTLIFE!! Damn those guys have the WOW factor!!

Anything else you'd like to know about me, just email me and i'll be very happy to reply!!

My strories:

I have three stories on Fanfiction and this is how i was inspired to write them:

Forms of Love - I watched Step Up 1 and 2 and immediately fell in love with it and a story began to form in my mind, about Edward and Bella, so then i decided to post it up. But then, i thought it would be a LOT more interseting to have Bella with another dance partner rather than Edward, so that later on, Eddie would just get jealous of her partner and i guess, thats how it evolved!

A Cold Heart - Loads of people have stories which i read that were about Edward leaving Bella, then she gets changed. But i read one where Alice hugs her and she throws her on the ground and says get off. And she hates Carlisle and Esme, and i thought, that is so not right. She should only be mad at Edward, so i decided to write my own. But my story is really different, trust me, because in mine Bella has someone really really really special which not even Bella knew about, BUT, Bella's parents did. SO read and you'll find out how it is different

Soccer With Her - is like the story of my life! I love soccer, or as we call it here in UK as football lol but ill stick to soccer because people will get confused. So anyway, i live and breathe and soccer and so i just had to eite a fiction. This fic is partly true because i was captain on my football team a few years ago, when i was like fifteen and in high school. And yep, that was very controversial since i was a girl but hey, i made many friends who were on the team and they were like my backbone, especially when the girls who were really nasty to me for being a soccer player and not cheerleader or whatever they were lol!!

So read my stories and tell me what you think of them!!

Chapter 25:

The girl's outfits

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