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Date of birth: August 7th, 1994

Gender: Male

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Occupation: Writer, musician, artist, video editor

Hey there! I'm Incarnate Firefly, writer and beta-reader on If this is your first time here, I'd like to thank you for coming to check out my profile and I hope you see something that catches your interest. If you're one of my returning readers, please vote in that poll you see above if you haven't already, before you proceed with your business here today. If you're here because you want me to be your beta-reader, you know where the link is. But please drop me a message first so you can tell me if there's anything I should know about your story before I look into it. And if you're here for no reason...uh, hey, what's up? XD

I don't believe in the "fanfiction is for dorks" stereotype, because it's prejudiced, and quite frankly, incorrect. I'm of the belief that writing is writing no matter what it's about, and if you can do it well, then people shouldn't judge you on whether it is or isn't original material. And I even think that sometimes fanfiction can be done so well that it not only stands out on its own, but it makes what it's based on more developed, emotional, or vivid. To accomplish this is the goal I set for myself every time I write a fanfiction story, and I hope that one day I'll be good enough to create an entirely new world from nothing with that same feeling. In the meantime, fanfiction is a good practice for getting there and I'm enjoying giving something more to the stories I love, whether it's from a movie, book, video game, or anything that catches my interest. In other words, if you're not too old for writing, then you're not too old for fanfiction. And everyone knows that you're never too old for writing.

Apart from writing, I also like to listen to and write music, make animated music videos (grr, YouTube copyright policies), and if I have the time, draw whatever I feel like drawing. I guess I like to explore the realms of creativity and making something unique from artistic, open things because I simply love the idea of contributing to something of infinite possibilities. That's probably why I enjoy writing so much and all those other things I just mentioned.

If you want me to take the time to beta-read your story, please take the time to make read my beta profile first to make sure you're not sending me something I specifically said I wouldn't read. That way neither of us will waste our time and there won't be irritation on my part. And don't worry, I'm not a harsh reviewer; as long as you understand that I'm trying to help you, I'll do my best to make sure you get something out of me beta-reading your story.

Some of you may have heard of the 16 personality types. We all fit into at least one of them, although some of us fit into more than one. If you haven't taken this test yet, I strongly recommend you do because it will really help you read into yourself as a person. I guarantee you it is not some horoscope nonsense!

I am an assertive diplomat INFP, the personality type otherwise known as "Mediators". Maybe a lot of you are as well, since INFPs love to explore the realms of creativity and many of them have an interest in becoming an author. If you don't know about INFPs, it stands for "Introversion, Intuitive, Feeling, Perception". Here are a few fictional characters that are also aligned with the Mediator personality:

-Frodo Baggins
-Sweeney Todd (I know, right?)
-Holden Caulfield
-Anne of Green Gables
-Luna Lovegood
-Madoka Kaname
-Hiccup Haddock III (INFP/INTP)
-Many Jedi characters

[News feed]
With the end of Kopa's Legacy will come another exciting story for those who enjoyed following my series! This will be a massive project for me to undertake, and it will remain a work in progress for a very long time. So I'll be updating this section of my page with any news I have related to the project. You'll find more details below. If you have any more questions, just send me a PM and I'll do my best to answer them!

I'm planning to complete and publish this story sometime in 2016. Yes, it's a long way off, but I have several reasons for picking this length of time. One of the biggest reasons is that I am including new canon in this story from The Lion Guard, which will be releasing a film in November 2015, followed by a TV series in 2016. That means I can't solidify anything in regards to Kion, the Lion Guard, or the overall details on Pride Rock until then. I will, however, do my best to finish planning my story by then and in 2016 rework whatever disagrees with the new canon. Another major reason for the wait is that I do have other non-Lion King related writing to work on; I have spent nearly two years focusing mainly on Kopa's Legacy, and there are a lot of other projects that will require my attention for the next while. Lastly, since this will be a single story and not an entire series, I will be making it lengthier than any one of my Kopa's Legacy books; in addition, I will be putting a lot of effort into making the writing quality itself as high as possible.

For creative reasons, I will not be disclosing many details on my story. But I can reveal some of my plans that will not create spoilers. This story will include a substantially greater amount of supernatural elements than Kopa's Legacy or even the canon franchise itself. I can't say too much, but there will almost definitely be dark magic playing a crucial part of the story. It will not, however, be the driving force of the plot itself, nor will it overtake the more important things that make Lion King stories worth reading. Time setting-wise, the bulk of the story will take place approximately two and a half years after the conclusion to Kopa's Legacy; to avoid confusion, the characters will essentially have aged the lion equivalent of 17 years. And I'm not going to name any names here, but I will reveal that some of the deceased characters from Kopa's Legacy will most definitely make appearances in this story. In accordance with the increase of supernatural elements, all I can say is that the realm of the Great Kings will play a major role in influencing the events of the story.

For more details, come see me at my forum. I'll try and answer any questions you might have.

[The Lion King Animated Music Videos]
Simba/Nala/Mufasa — Heavens Divide [Creator's recommendation]
Simba and Mufasa — The Messenger
Kovu/Zira/Kiara — Numb/From the Inside
Simba and Scar — Hell *Disney AMV Contest 2011, 1st Place Best Action

I've made a trailer for Shembre's story, Just Beneath the Surface. If you haven't read it yet, take a look at the trailer and see if it sparks your interest in the story.

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A (growing) collection of shorts set during the events of Kopa's Legacy, based on songs from my music player. Scenarios may vary from angsty to downright hilarious. Warning, contains spoilers.
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It wasn't a lost cause, really. But there was only so much time before the Freelancers that were once a family turned on each other completely. Somehow, the Director didn't guess that it would come to this. But Tex was going to save everyone who would be dead because of him, starting with the Freelancer that Maine held by the throat and was about to throw off a cliff. Season 10 AU.
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