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"The difference between fiction and reality? Fiction has to make sense." (Tom Clancy)

Heya, guys! Sorry for 'long time - no updates' stuff happening. Yep, I know it's been a year... *sigh* Got a bit of priority twists in my life as of late, so I can't say when I'll be back. But I will :)

Writing is actually my job - and hobby at the same time. I was 6, someone gave me a pen – and it all went downhill from there. Can’t stop still.

Mostly write my own original fiction, but never minded writing a fanfiction, if the plot is good or at least has some interesting catches to develop. Besides, fanfiction is a nice excuse to practise my long-forgotten English.

Currently stuck in a NWN fandom, since NWN2 won me over completely and utterly with the variety of its characters, so I decided to toy with them a bit. Not being a great fan of fantasy in general (thus my writing style hardly fits for it) and 'Forgotten Realms' in particular, I take liberties with the lore and realities of the world without pangs of consience. So be warned.

"Half of you, half of me" - Neverwinter Nights 2 OC (and a bit post-OC) non-MotB story with some AU's here and there. As much as I was (and am) tempted to change the events of the OC and re-write the whole story (and who isn't, honestly, with all the 'WTF?' deus-ex-machina stuff the plot is gaping with;-)) for me it was actually much more interesting to explain why certain events and things 1. happened; 2. happened exactly the way they happened. The genre could be named 'Tragicomedy' with a bit of 'Romance' - the last bit is strange, and don't say I hadn't warned you:) Also warning for Chaotic Evil Bishop, which at times might look even a tad of OOC for him, especially towards the end - 'cause in game he was Chaotic Neutral at best, IMO. Nothing particularly explicit - I simply enjoy writing antagonistic pairings and challenged myself with getting into the head of a cynic self-centered calculating guy with a considerable mental devination towards sociopathy. So if you are looking for a story where KC would make him a better person - my story is not yours.

"Whoreson" - is a short story of Bishop's childhood, where again I tried to figure out why he is the way he is, because simple shrug-off 'Luskan made him bad' never sat well with me. Like all simple explanations. It's linked with the original story - psychologically, for the most part - but can stand alone. Rated M mostly because all the events happen to a child.

"We All Have Trolls" - small humorous one-shot of Del as a child and Daeghun. Kind of explaining some things about her future character.

"Of Black Blood" - a separate OC story with an utterly different KC. My take on an 'evil' path, since in the game role-playing an evil character turned out frustrating and utterly unbelievable. Also, felt a bit WTF on the fact that the choice of a patron deity (if any) didn't have any impact on the flow of the plot. The story is currently in a very unhurried progress. Sorry in advance for slow updates. And I mean - slow.

"Goldfishes" - a ADwR one-shot that simply went and wrote itself. Blame the pool with fish image that didn't wish to leave me.

One thing I certainly learned about fanfiction - is that it's bloody addictive. So, I can't promise there won't be any other one-shots or something like that cropping up. But I would be glad to know that I’m not just indulging myself - and someone is actually enjoying my stuff a little ;-) Review, please! I’m absolutely positive to criticism as long as it’s constructive. Otherwise would have throttled my editor a long time ago.

- WG

P.S.: Got my own deviantART account up and running - so if you'd like to see some sketches of the characters, check it out on the

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