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Author has written 3 stories for Pirates of the Caribbean, Phantom of the Opera, and Song of Roland.

Ello Everyone!

BLAH!! school's being lame at the moment so i haven't been getting much done >.

So i kinda got a lil bit behind in school so that's why i haven't been writing much... but now i'm almost caught up so i hope to be writing more for PotC!! yes.. not for PotO or SoR but for POTC! = ... Hopefully i'll know where to go with it after i make myself a outline for the time spaces =). May be posting soon!

OK! So I've been writing a lil more for the PotO To Follow the Angel, so I shall have it posted soon! It being the 3rd Chapter =). Also, I've been slowly making progress on the Song of Roland so I think I might have the next chapter for that up soon as well!!

WEEEEEEEEEE!! School's going MAR-ve-lous for me right now... well kinda... so I just got done with working on the THIRD chapter to the short story (keep that in mind guys... it won't go on forever ya know...) of "To Follow the Angel. Along with that, if u want something a lil different or variying, I would recomend my newest publishing, (my version of ) The Song of Roland. If you like colorful writing, that should hopefully do it =). Keep watching!! i may post that third chapter pretty soon!!

NOW I have an account on . You can look me up as "pychicelf". On there you'll see more of what I write then JUST fanfiction, because, whether you want to admit it, FFN is kinda limited in subjects you can write about. I wanna be able to write about ANYTHING and still share it =.

OK! I've added a tinny tiny bit onto my chapter two of PotO story. NOW I think that's it more complete =). Also, I separated my chapters for Pirates of the Caribbean and added more =). Hope you like it!!

HEY PEOPLE!! So I requested a new book to be added to the list of books. It's called The Song of Roland. I REALLY can't wait to put up the first chapter, but i gotta get it done first lol. Just a heads up!! = Btw, I'm working on the PotO !

I've FINALLY uploaded another chapter to my Phantom of the Opera story! it's really short, but i may add on to it lata! = maybe... (though more chapters should be following). This one might be a lil rougher cause I didn't edit it as much and I didn't have as clear of a picture as to what is going on, but ENJOY IT ANYWAYS!! =P

Ok, I've just uploaded a NEW story called "To Follow the Angel". It's a Phantom of the Opera story and the first one that I've attempted, so hopefully u all like it =) . Also, I should be putting up new updates on the PotC one as soon as QueenNefertiri helps me with getting the chapters unmixed up (cause I have like 3 chapters under "Chapter One" lol though u can see them in my actual writing = ).

Some of you may know QueenNefertiri.Amun. Well it just so happens that she has successfully convinced me to make an account on here. Also, I'm the person that had co-written the Pirates of the Caribbean stories with her. Hopefully, I'll be able to get back into that full fledged!

Besides the POTC 4 stories, I also dream up my own personal stories. Most of which have some form of inspiration behind them. Since I'm REALLY new to this whole website, I'm still trying to get everything figured out so that I can post some of my work! Sorry if I totally confuddle you! =P

Some things about ME!

- If your wondering why I'm TheElf911, it's because that's my latest nick name among my friends because (can u guess it?) I'm SHORT! =P. My friends have been playing with it A LOT lately ... like cute, psychic Elf etc.. lol I find it REALLY amusing =P.

- I LOVE to write, though sometimes I'm just too dead to create any worth while work.

- Drawing is also one of my favorite hobbies which I should really get back into.

- It's a MUST with me to have pets in my life. I have a dog, rabbit, and two hamsters =P They're ALL adorable!

- I'm a Christian...and PROUD of it! =)

- Also, I'm home schooled so I may have more random hours to devout to writing then normal kids my age.

- Finally, I HAVE to warn you... my spelling isn't the greatest, so don't rip on me about it plz ! haha!

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