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I guess I should put something of a bio up here, so people know at least a little about me. My name is Sarah, as you've probably figured out. But I like to go be Fae, because it's a much cooler name than Sarah (no offense to any Sarah's reading this.) I'm 16-years-old - and, unfortunately, I do not drive yet - I live just outside of Pittsburgh, PA. I've been writing my whole life (you should see some of the stuff from when I was about nine! On second though, you shouldn't.) and I saw that some of my friends had accounts here and I thought it would be cool to get my own account, see what people thought of my poems because up until I got an account, I'd been the only one ever to read them.

About my poems: It's true - they're all very angsty. There's an occassional sweet poem thrown among them, but even those tend to have an angsty undertone. I guess I just write better when I'm depressed.. which happens to be all the time, so there you go.

And thank you to everyone for reviewing my stuff. I absolutely adore reviews. Very little makes me happier then coming online and finding that I have even just one review. *smile* So, please, keep reviewing! And if you think a poem sucks, then tell me. Critique is just as welcome as praise. Thank you, again!

Hope the year took off at a good start for all of you. It did for me. I think.

Take care,