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There's not really much to tell about little old me, therefore I'll just use this otherwise blank space to ask (beg?) you for your feedback if you're out there and reading. Of course, like everyone else, I love the good stuff, but constructive is also helpful because I'm quite serious about getting better about this writing lark; even if I do only do it for my own amusement.


Lily x


19 June 2013

A Dark Alliance - The Endless Night

In the brief note at the beginning of this story I mentioned a longer author's note concerning the rationale behind the story. So far I've never posted it - simply because I wasn't sure if it was a help or a hindrance both to you the reader and me as a writer - but I'm posting a revised version of it now I'm a few chapters in so you can see where I'm slowly headed.

A very long time ago this story began life as a rather smutty little thought; an "if only Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance had romance elements" thought, if you will. There is one hinted at romance in the game but it's of a 'blink and you'll miss it' variety and not the romance I wanted to play out, so I started writing it. But then the thing that usually happens to me when I write happened and what I intended to be a Plot-Light-One-Shot started to grow. I started to wonder what happened after the game ended on a massive cliffhanger, I started to wonder why the developers chose Baldur's Gate as the setting for the games when they bear no relation to the original PC game series. I started to wonder if I was up to the challenge of completing an unfinished story which would take us well beyond the reach of any of the game(s) canon. For those of you wondering why this is in the Baldur's Gate section of, well, there's no Dark Alliance section on account of the distinct lack of DA Fic and it is my intention to introduce some more familiar characters in later chapters - I'm not telling which ones, however, you'll just have to wait and see.

A couple of comments re: characters.

Allessia Faithhamer

As far as I can tell, Allessia's character in game is actually a bit of a game-breaker insomuchas her skills and abilities appear to go way beyond her Cleric class. I'd theorised that she is in fact a mult-class Cleric / Paladin, which would explain her ability to wield all weapons from the beginning of the game - rather than a standard class where she'd only gain access to her deity's favoured weapon, a bastard sword, beyond a certain level - and I refer to her as a paladin through much of the story. In fact, further research leads me to think she's most likely a specialist Helmite Bulwark class character as both her in-game appearance and skills fit that class better. From 2E's Warriors and Priests of the Realms:

'Bulwarks certainly live up to their name. They cut an imposing figure in their plate armor, open-faced helm with a sky blue plume, and a two-handed weapon such as a polearm, battleaxe, or two-handed sword (Allessia's personal quest reward is a hugely powerful undead-obliterating bastard sword). Bulwarks give the impression of being immovable objects, planted in locations by their duty and staying there until their job is done.'

Either way, priest or paladin are interchangeable for her.


There is nothing I could find to indicate that the NPC Harper character Jherek from the Baldur’s Gate : Dark Alliance games and Jherek from author Mel Odom's 'Threat From The Sea' trilogy of Forgotten Realms novels are actually one and the same character. However, for the purpose of this story I've used the books a reference point for his back-story. Some things are a little different, not least because Jherek’s rendering in the game would likely lead you to conclude that he is a fighter/mage or ranger. Still, I felt there were enough loose ends left at the end of the trilogy - and that the poor swine had enough issues - to give me some interesting ideas to explore.

In my original note I did try to work out where this story should sit in the canon timeline but I don't think it's important beyond knowing that it's post ToT / Bhaalspawn Wars and the events in The Threat from the Sea trilogy (1369) and pre Spellplague.

22 January 2011

Corruption of Courage / Reflection in Shadow / Spirits in the Material World

Having re-read these I decided to delete the 2nd and 3rd of the stories because, well, they weren't great, weren't finished and featured an OC who seemed to be developing an awful lot of emphasis on the Sue in Susie. (Never good). I've left Corruption up because there is, I believe, some salvageable stuff in the story and I might be able to pull her back from the brink!

11 January 2011

A Rock & A Hard Place: My latest offering set in the Baldur's Gate / Forgotten Realms universe. Features an LG Sir Anomen Delryn and my Paladin Bhaalspawn, Valauren. The story was inspired by thoughts I've been having about an expansion to the Bioware romance based on PC Classes and Alignments however, as I am no coder I figured I might explore the idea in fic first. I'll admit it, I love Anomen, but that's not to say there weren't points in the game that I wished I, er, my Charname could really give him a piece of my, uh, her mind. This is pretty much the result.

30 October 2010

So, I thought it might be useful to add a couple of comments re: the stories you see below.

A Dark Alliance: Is a work in progress based very loosely on the Baldur’s Gate & Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance games, and also takes considerable liberties with Mel Odom's 'Threat From The Sea' trilogy of books, which feature a character with the same name as an NPC in Dark Alliance. Unlike most of my stuff this does stand a very good chance of being finished.

The Flight: Is the only one of my Ashes to Ashes / Life On Mars set stories I consider completely finished. Set between the end of A2A Series 2 and Series 3, it is also my favourite of the stories so if you’re interested I suggest you start there.

Corruption of Courage / Reflection in Shadow / Spirits in the Material World: Were intended to be a trilogy of sorts linking Sam’s post LoM finale world and Alex’s Series 1 Ashes to Ashes world. I am unsure if they ever will be finished at this point because TBH ‘the love’ is sorely lacking in me at the moment. Reflection in shadow is finished but it perhaps only makes sense when read with the other two, although you can read it as a stand-alone piece.

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