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Author has written 2 stories for D.Gray-Man, Haruhi Suzumiya series, and Young Avengers.

I have a signature of sorts; you'll know a story is mine if it utilizes the phrase "Bunny Boy" at any point. The phrase means a lot to me, so I try to integrate it into all of my stories. So even if you don't see it in one yet, you will.


I've been busy with school all year, but now that it's out, I plan on updating some of my stories! Hooray~! (Even though I only ave two at this point, yet so many planned... TT_TT)

Where I'm Going:

Just Another Apocalypse has a planned ending and I know where I'm going, I just don't know how to get there.

The Afterlife of Haruhi Suzumiya has no planned ending, but I have a LOT of details planned, and I want to make it epic.

I think I'm going to make a Tales of Symphonia fic about the Four Seraphim and how they got started. It'll be as close to stated canon as possible, and it'll go in depth about the human that betrayed them and killed Martel. I plan to make THAT epic, too.

Just So You Know:

I like making my stories funny. But what I like even more are plot twists. They are FUN.

The Afterlife of Haruhi Suzumiya

Chapter One Notes: This is a prologue more than anything else, but it'll explain a lot of things that happen in the future. It's important, and it was kinda sweet to write.

Chapter Two Notes: Chapters 2 and 3 were originally the same chapter, but I had to split it in half because it seemed a little long, and the introduction seemed like a great place to stop.

Chapter Three Notes: As much as I hate to admit it, Kunikida is fun to torture. I'll try not to have too many scenes like this, but it's pretty much the male equivalent of Mikuru's moments, so they're going to be there plenty of times.

Chapter Four Notes: You'll start to notice a pattern here. There are several things that are lightly hinted at, and one thing that's pretty obviously going to happen.

Chapter Five Notes: You all knew it was going to happen. But did you think it would end like this? More hints, and pretty heavy ones.

Chapter Six Notes: Not much exciting happens, but it was still fun to write. Important points for later in the story are set up here.

Chapter Seven Notes: A really important chapter. I felt so bad for poor Kaiba, it almost makes me regret making him so sad. Almost. I liked writing this chapter, you learn more about two of the characters, and the tension builds up to the breaking point. Expect it to snap in the next chapter.

Chapter Eight Notes: I am really sorry that it took so long to upload this chapter. I kept starting on it and leaving, and I was really procrastinating. If you MUST blame anyone, blame for distracting me. I am simply a victim of it's horrible plot for world domination.

Chapter Nine Notes: It's been a year, but it's here at last! My apologies about the delay, school and life and all that jazz. This chapter has a lot of stuff come to light, and I'm actually happy with it, for now. I used to HATE it everytime I tried to write it, but I took a break, came back with some fresh ideas, and viola~! Here we are! I hope this makes up for the wait! (Though I doubt it's that good.)

This story started out as... how did it start again? I guess it was just one idea piled on top of another, and I thought it would be fun to write. I hope you enjoy~!

Just Another Apocalypse

Prologue Notes: This is how it started. It'll give you an idea for how long the story should last.

Chapter 1 Notes: This should give you an idea of how the story will pan out. I plan to stick as close to canon as possible, and make the characters act as in character as possible. Sarcasm, weird talents, and everything.

Chapter 2 Notes: All the introductions are taken care of, and all that's left is plot! I'll get to that later, this story is a little boring to write...

This story started out as a "what-if?" I wondered that, since the Marvel Universe has all these alternate worlds, could pretty much any anime or manga crossover with them and still be canon-ish? After that, I just picked one at random, and figured out how it would make the cross-over. I kinda liked it at first, and it's an interesting mix that somehow works out. I hope to come back to this someday, it sounds interesting!

Currently Untitled (Tales of Symphonia)

There are so many things that tell small tidbits of the past, the great Kharlan War. You know the original heroes, the Four Seraphim, and you know what happened to them in the end. But do you know the beginning? How they met, what they did, and why they were betrayed; are all humans really the same?

Silver Sidewalks (Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler)

A recent string of burglaries in London has police baffled, but that's the Yard's problem, not Ciel's. Elizabeth has a nouveau riche playmate (and a boy, too!?!) that's a bit older than her, but that's her problem, not Ciel's. There have been sightings of a terrible man-beast or lichen of some sort on the outskirts of London, but that has nothing at all to do with Ciel. Until he's given orders to investigate, straight from the Queen. Ciel, attended by his shadow-like butler, travels to London to uncover and end these frightful rumors. But he learns that some things are connected in unexpected ways, and who or what is this "silver servant"?

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