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Author has written 2 stories for Thor, and Avengers.

Marion Cotillard as Meredith - Mackenzie Foy as Little Darcy - Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts

Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark - Kat Dennings as Darcy Lewis

Another Stark One

TUMBLR page - Darcy's stuff

They never knew. No one knew. Except for Happy Hogan and Pepper Potts. No one knew that beneath that genius, playboy, billionaire, philanthropist was a deep secret. Tony is not the last Stark. Somewhere in the world, someone shares the same blood as him. Tony Stark has a daughter… and it’s Darcy Lewis…

This story will cover Darcy’s origins, her childhood experiences as a Stark, meaning school life, elementary to high school to college. It will cover Iron Man, Iron Man 2, THOR, and the Avengers. Darcy will be paired up with someone [to be announce] in the Avengers. It is very wordy and detailed but please bare with me. This is my first fanfiction and I want to please everyone.


Darcy Lewis is the daughter of Meredith McCall-Lewis and Anthony Stark.

Meredith was Tony’s childhood friend but she had to leave because of her parents’ divorce. She was also Tony’s first girlfriend but they ended their relationship in mutual understanding, seeing that being “best friends” was the only way for them to maintain a relationship.The day that marked the 5th anniversary of Tony’s parents, when Tony has always locked himself in his big mansion, drinking and drinking, alone. Meredith comes back from New York after long ten years, bringing him out of the dark shadows of misery. That night, their old love was rekindled, bringing back feelings of romance and nostalgia to forget away all the sadness.

The next day, Meredith goes back to New York to work again. Knowing that Tony is hopeless without an assistant (all his assistants quit after one day), she called up a close friend to work for him. That close friend was no other than Pepper Potts.

After a year, Tony realized that Pepper was an efficient assistant, and he slowly opens up to her. Suddenly, one day, Pepper gets a call from Meredith asking her to come to New York immediately, and alone. Pepper, worried, comes to New York and was directed to Mount Sinai Hospital where she first meets the beautiful girl, Darcy.

Darcy has Meredith’s blue eyes and curly dark hair but Pepper quickly recognized a smirk she always see everyday… so she realized, Tony was the father. Meredith forbid her to say anything about Darcy to Tony. She felt like a child shouldn’t grow in such environment in which Tony is always working around weapons and the grounding stupor in alcohol. Meredith also believed that Tony would never want a child.

Pepper took the secret to her heart, and went back to Malibu with her usual stoic face. But everything changed, when seven months later, she got a call from an NYPD officer during one of Tony’s weapons demonstrations. She rushed off immediately without any warning or permission to New York, being brought with the news that Meredith and Darcy has gotten into an accident.

When she arrived at the hospital, Meredith finished surgery but in critical condition. Pepper looks after, and tells stories that Tony is changing day by day, drinking less and less and is slowly learning to rely on other people, mainly her. Meredith wakes up, and tells her that she does not have time. She makes Pepper promise that she will take care of Darcy and Tony in her stead and slowly close her eyes.

As of that day, Pepper became Darcy’s legal guardian.

While Pepper was checking up on Darcy in the nursery ward, little did she know, Tony has followed her into New York. He founds about how Meredith has kept his child away from him. He has grew in the authority of Howard Stark, a man who, he felt, has always neglected his son. Tony was furious that Meredith and Pepper thought of him like Howard Stark. He rushes towards the nursery room and sees the baby, with the same blue eyes as his best friend. Pepper slowly breaks into tears, stating that Meredith has passed. Tony, also heartbroken, did nothing but look at the child in front him. Giggling beautifully, smiling with those azure he always loved. As picked up the child, he made a promise he vowed to never break: “We’ll never be alone anymore. Never again.”

Tony firmly decided that Darcy Lewis-Stark’s existence should be kept secret, afraid that the vicious media and paparazzi will never give her a normal life. Pepper also wants Darcy to live freely, like Meredith. So Tony renovated his father’s old office into one-of-a-kind living establishments for Darcy. He also improved JARVIS to teach her instead of going to public.

That plan however did not satisfy Pepper’s wishes. Darcy being locked in a room with a talking computer wasn’t just the way to live a ‘normal life’ so at the mark of Darcy’s 7th year, Tony enrolls her to a boarding school in New York, under the name Darcy Lewis.

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