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This is Kim. Im pretty chill, I'm fifteen, and just getting started at this fan-fic writing. I like it though, so I plan to keep it up. Ahmm, yea. Read my story and tell me what you think!

I'm putting up pictures of how I imagine Jared and Kim to look. Everyone's vision is different, but these are just my personal preference's for anyone who want's to see.





The First Day Of My Life playlist:
(So far)

The First Day Of My Life-Bright Eyes
Concering The UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinoise-Sufjan Stevens
Alley Cat-Sherwood
Control Freak-Copeland
Goldmine Valentine-The Bigger Lights
Grand Theft Autumn-Nickasaur
The Way We Get By-Spoon
Red Eyed Eileen-Cameron Leahy
Another Heart Calls-The All-American Rejects
Silhouette-Swimming With Dolphins
Coming Clean-Chase Coy
Father Parts The Clouds In The Sky-A Kiss For Jersey
Not a Second To Waste-A Rocket To The Moon
Dear Child-Anthony Green
Trashbag-Broken Toy Airplanes
Apologize-Charlotte Sometimes
Telescope Eyes-Eisley
Dog Problems-The Format
Nobody Put's Baby In The Corner (Acoustic)-Fallout Boy
Ball Of The Dead Rat-The Teeth
Slower-Theatre Breaks Loose
The Shake-My American Heart
Postcards-An Horse
Swing Swing -The All-American Rejects
Smooth Sailing-The Morning Of
Love Potion Number 9-The Hollies
The Compromise-The Format
Katie and I-Kill Paradise
Teasing To Please-Cute Is What We Aim For
It Ain't Me Babe-Dave Melillo
The Fourth Drink Instinct-Cute is What We Aim For
Mr. Right-Cameron Leahy cover
She Changes Your Mind-Copeland
Say Yes-Elliott Smith
Despite What You've Been Told-Two Gallant's
In Our Talons -Bowerbirds
Why Do You Let Me Stay Here? -She & Him
Pretty Buildings- People In Planes
Lost and Found- Taken By Trees

My Favorite Songs:

I Will Follow You Into The Dark-Chase Coy
Turn Back The Time-Dear Juliet
It Ain't Me Babe-Dave Melillo
Is Anybody Out There?-The Downtown Fiction
Dog Problems-The Format

Only In Texas, people act like the Alamo is a bigger deal than it actually is.
Only In Texas, people remember it's called the RIVER walk. Not the boardwalk.
Only In Texas, people correct propper grammar.
Only In Texas, people are actually surprised when you forget to ask about our stereotypical 'cows and farms'. Which we have.
Only In Texas, people constantly remind you that we were once our own country.
Only In Texas, people are regretful that we are not our own country anymore.
Only In Texas, people pray for sleet.
Only In Texas, people are shocked to realize they have an accent.
Only In Texas, people are related to your father's dad. And your mom. But you aren't inbred. Curious?
Only In Texas, people buy ticket's to the rodeo in advance.
Only In Texas, people live their live's in a rodeo, but insist on paying money to enhance the feeling once a year.
Only In Texas, people leave shotguns lying around everywhere about their house.
Only In Texas, people obsess over tan leather jackets.
Only In Texas, people laugh at the other state's that've been snowed in.
Only In Texas, people know what the 'lone star state' actually stands for.
Only In Texas, everything's bigger. Everything.
Only In Texas, people let a giant mulch fire burn for an entire year before attempting to put it out.
Only In Texas, people are born knowing what mulch is.
Only In Texas, people are Texas born, Texas bred, and when we die we're Texas dead!

I'll continue to update my profile with stuff from my story.

Ill put my disclaimer here, I own nothing from Twilight or any future book I write a fan-fic of. All credit goes to who it belongs to. Don't sue me.

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