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Author has written 3 stories for X-Men: The Movie, Power Rangers, and House of Wax.

Hey Everyone!

Thanks for checking out my profile and for hopefully reading my stories. I have written a couple of stories but have not finished them yet, the stories i have started are: Boondock Saints, Green Street, House Of Wax, Jurrasic Park, Mean Creek, National Treasure, Power Rangers, A couple of wwe pairings, Snatch, Stand By Me, Twilight and X-men.

As you can see i am the kind of person to start several different stories at once and then lose track of which one to write i think it's because of my short attention...ohhh a penny...Umm anyways if you want to suggest a story, critise or even just want to say hello drop me a message i will always answer :D

Current Stories:


So PerfectlyImperfect - I may have lost my way a little with this one but i am still writing it guys i just need a little inspiration. this story is a Pyro/OC story.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Anything But Ordinary - This is the story i am currently writing because i have watched the movie again and got excited about the thought of writing in a new power ranger so this will probably be the most updated story-Adam/OC

Young Nikki:

Teen Nikki:


. Skating:

.First day at school:

House Of Wax

Stranded In A Ghost Town - I got the title from the information on the house of wax imdb page because i didnt name my story until i posted it on here. This is another story i am still interested in writing. I am sticking to the film as much as i can but i have added another character into the mix. Nick/OC

Ashley Fox:-


Ashley's Clothes-


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