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Be warned! This page is home to a proud and slightly fanatical equestrian! As my (non-equestrian) friend says about the cross-country portion of eventing, "You are fucking insane." We all are, Tiffany! Muhahahaha! Let me tell you, anyone who'll do cross-country is at least partly crazy. So anyway, I guess this means that I, too, am "fucking insane". Proceed with caution!

Hi! My name is Gretch. I'm 15, female, and I live in Tennessee.

If you wonder what I look like, I'm 5'6, 155 pounds, and very large-framed. (My wrist is nearly nine inches around... lol?) I have dark brown hair and hazel eyes, and very pale skin. My hair is almost always pulled back into a ponytail, because even though it's relatively short it makes me feel sick when I feel it brushing my neck.

I'm prone to high shreeking noises (eek! eek! eeeeeek!) when excited/embarrassed/anticipatory/otherwise emotional. I also talk A LOT and tend to correct peoples' grammar, spelling, semantics, and pronunciation. (You should see me when I go shopping. I'll actually tell the shopkeepers that their 'Sale- the shirt's are half off!' signs are incorrect and make them seem stupid.)

I'm more of an 'animal person' than a 'people person'. I have a Great Pyrenees, a Shiloh Shepherd, and a Caucasian Ovcharka, and they're the best dogs ever. I also have several horses, several birds, chickens, guineas, guinea pigs, a rabbit, a chinchilla, a baby possum (seriously! A couple of days ago while hiking, my Pyr found him on the ground and was fixing to eat him before I intervened!), and a goat. And yes, they're all mine. When the other people in my family take care of them, THEN they can claim them. Lol.

My hobbies/talents? I do six equestrian sports and that's probably my biggest hobby. I can play the guitar, violin, and piano. Also, I can and do consider 'politics' a hobby. I can argue about it all day long and into the small hours of the morning. (For the record, I'm a rabid American-style libertarian, not European-style.) I love to exercise and usually jog an hour and a half a day. I do three martial arts and fencing. I'm also on the cheeleading team at school. Schutzhund is another hobby, but most of my friends maintain that it's abuse. Screw them!

Also, go visit my LJ! It's . :)

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