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Author has written 3 stories for Twilight.

Update 08/24/11: Almost done with the new chapter. You people are saints for waiting. If you want to wait until the whole fic is done, I don't blame you. Thank you for sticking with my story.

I like pina coladas and getting caught with your mom.

Find me on Twitter: Tiggzie

Mary, Full of Grace has been in my head a long time. Who was Mary Brandon? Why was her life so difficult, so shamed? Why would her parents hide her away and then put on a show, mourn her as if she had died? My head began filling with all these scenarios and one day I just bit the bullet and started writing it down.

It features a lot of original characters but, since Smeyer gave us nothing to work with, them's the break. I assure you I'll show her meeting Jasper (and maybe the Cullens) towards the end. For now, you really should get to know Mary. She's a sweet little thing.

Give Us This Day is bits and pieces of MFoG that didn't quite fit in but I hated to just delete.



Sweet Tea recipes

Love Me and the World is Mine

The chapter is named after the song, released in 1906. It was written by Earnest Ball and still remains a classic barbershop quartet tune.

Click here to listen to the song.

Click here to look at the sheet music and lyrics.

The Pleasant Family: I based the Pleasants on Pleasant Reed and his family. Pleasant Reed was a former slave who lived freely in Biloxi and worked as a carpenter. Read more about the real Pleasant here.

Edith’s party dress

Some of These Days

Click here to listen to Some of These Days by Sophie Tucker.

Click here to read the lyrics and understand why Marianne might be singing this to Jimmy.

Over There

The title of this chapter comes from the song “Over There” which was written in 1917 after Wilson declared war.

Click here to listen to “Over There” as sung by Eric Caruso.

Click here to see Lewis Hine’s photographs of child labor in Biloxi. In the search box, type “Biloxi”.

Interlude: Pecans

Recipe for Pecan Pie

After You’ve Gone

Click here to listen to “After You’ve Gone” sung by Marrion Harris.

Ain't We Got Fun?

Click here to listen to "Ain't We Got Fun?"

Read about Lettie Lane and other paper dolls.

See and read about Effanbee dolls. Scroll down to see the Mary Jane.

I'll See You In My Dreams

Click here to listen to "I'll See You In My Dreams"

Read about Isham Jones whose music I will refer to at least once more in MFoG.

See an ad for Kotex in 1921

How to make your own corn husk doll.

Oh, How I Miss You Tonight

Click here to listen to "Oh, How I Miss You Tonight".

Watch a documentary on the Biloxi Lighthouse.

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At one point everyone in Biloxi knew the story of Mary Alice Brandon... This is the story of the girl Alice Cullen used to be. Pre-Twilight, Canon.
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