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Hello, all.

I am a college student who has been a rather inactive member of the fanfiction community since about 2000. My prior account was Cathaign, but due to a sudden and rather rude email shut down, I can no longer access any of my information on that profile. That's what I get for changing schools...

I enjoy good writing, preferably about my favorite characters, but any good writing will do.

What I consider good writing is this: few grammatical errors, no glaringly obvious spelling errors, well developed characters, reasons for characters' personality changes if there are any, and a strong plot.

Because of school, I rarely write anymore. However, I am not above reviewing those with potential or those who simply blow me away. That said, I am also not above reporting you if your story breaks the rules. Why? Because I am sick and tired of weeding through original stories and Jonas Brothers fiction just to find a decent crossover. First, FictionPress is a magnificent site that all original writers should visit and post on. It's much more in depth than simply because the people there are more serious about the quality of their own work. Second, the Jonas Brothers are real people, and therefor cannot have fanfiction written about them; it's stated in the rules when you click that happy little agreement button to create your account or post anything. Third, Jonas Brothers fics as well as any other band fics are rampant with Mary Sues, moreso than Twilight.

That's another thing: Twilight annoys me. Bella has absolutely no personality and manages to make every creature and human male in the vicinity fall in love with her. Plus, Kristen Stewart could not act in Twilight: the Movie. I haven't seen any of her other stuff, but she was just plain bad in that, and I wouldn't pay money to see what other works she's done.

On the flip side, I am a huge Hermione fan, so long as people write the poor girl in character or give good, solid reasons for her personaliy to change. Anyone who writes a fic where Hermione's looks, personality and name change are not true Hermione fans, and it makes me sad. Hermione Granger is a strong, intelligent, funny character with a beautiful look and really has no need to be changed.

Fandoms I read most anymore are Harry Potter and Harry Potter crossovers, also Buffy and Buffy Crossovers. I used to read Sailor Moon and the subsequent crossovers, but the whole fandom has turned into a Serena as Mary Sue love fest. That, and people have lost the depth of the characters. I'm still a die-hard Mercury fan. I also still love my Gundam Wing.

On the subject of anime: In the last few years, I have moved away from anime fandoms because I found dramas, which I totally love. I'm watching too many right now to keep up with anime, although I try to keep reading my manga.

I also love Justice League, Batman, Stargate, X-Men (Astonishing, Ultimate, not movie-verse )

I would love to see more Hermione centric crossovers, simply because there are enough Harry centrics out there to appease the world, and it's been done to death. Actually, I really just enjoy minor characters and seeing the author's perspective on their actions and reactions. It fascinates me.

If I do write, then I would appreciate a solid review. I don't care how much you "ZOMG i luv ur stroy" because that in no way helps me improve. I want to know what about my story you liked, didn't like, felt could be more or less developed. I want to know what questions you have and why, and how you feel the phrasing and dialogue flowed. I'll give you the same courtesy because I know that the only way to improve is to hear both sides of the argument.

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