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Kiionay: Ko. Ni. Chi. Wa. Watashi wa Sasami Kiionay desu. (He. ll. o. My name is Kiionay Sasami. ) Yes, Yes! I know Japanese! (Soo smart...)

Kiio: Yea, you know a lil Japanese but not all of it. (Smirks evilly.)

Kiionay: Smacks Kiio with a little fan Nobody asked you! Excuse me if I want people to think I'm smart... (Frowns.)

Kiio: Ouch! You little bitch. (Kiionay glares at Kiio, looks at the fan, then back at Kiio.) Okayy! Dont hit me.

Kiionay: Good twin brother. Yes, yes. My name is Kiionay yes, Kiio is my real twin brother.

Kiio: Sometimes, I wish we werent.

Kiionay: That I will agree with you...Do you know how hard it is to be compared to a smartass, jackass (rambles on with a serenade of cusswords)

Kiio: (Ignores Kiionay as she continues her of ramble). Well, go ahead and talk about me like I'm not here. Anyways, yes for more reassurance we are twins. Alsoo, 'Kiionay' and 'Kiio' are our middles names. Just to tell you no, we're not Japanese, because of the names. Though you can spell them in Japanese kanji...Sigh

Kiionay: Hey, dont ignore me! I'm supposed to tell them about us! Anywayyss... (Smacks Kiio wid the fan for no reason.) Sooo... We both love Anime...especially Naruto.

Kiio: She likes Naruto...especially. I like more actiony shows. (Kiionay smacks me aside the head.) STOP HITTING ME!

Kiionay: HATER!

Kiio: Ugh! Gonna have a headache later on... Anyways, I'm more into vampires, and supernatural things, but I do enjoy watch Naruto.

Kiionay: Things about me, I love SasuNaru, ItaNaru, SasuNaru. I love more anime, but I'll tell you more later.

Kiio: I like watching D. Gray-man. So far that's the only one I'm into.

Kiionay: Whoo cares about what you like! It's all about me...

Kiio: You're soo egotistical...

Kiionay: (Smacks Kiio with the fan 12 times harder) You shut up...baka.

Annniimme Kiio & I agreed that we like:

1. Naruto Shippuden/Naruto

2. xxxHolic

3. Case Closed

4. Code Geass

5. Death Note

6. Bleach

7. Kuroshitsuji

8. Pandora Hearts

Manga Kiio & I Agree On:

1. D. Gray-man

2. Naruto Shippuden/Naruto

3. Kuroshitsuji


Sorry, we dont read that much manga. That's mostly the ones we read now...

My pairings that I loooveeee:

1. Kuroshitsuji - SebaCiel SebaGrell

2. Naruto - NaruSasu ItaDei ItaSasu ( I knooo! It's nasty, but not when they're actually doooing it. Sleeping together when someone misses each other or having bad dreams. That's okay. Brotherly love would pretty much explain what I like from them.)

3. Pandora Hearts - GillOz

4. Vampire Knight - KanaZero IchiruZero ( Once again brotherly love. )

5. Alllsooo In Naruto - KyuuIta NaruMinato ( As Fatherly love people. DONT BE NASTY. )

Foorr now, Kiio might be posting up stories on my account. Thoough his lazy ass wont make an account for himself. He wont be making yuri stories, cause I will fucking kill him if he does. I hate yuri, but I'm way into Yaoi. Wayyyyy into Yaoi. Kiio: You're sooo damn perverted... Kiionay: Youuu shut the furk up, ooor I wil tell Mom. -.-

Okkayy more with me and Kiio bickering... If you want to read that tooo...

Not really...we're not gonna do that. We love each other so very much.

Kiio: That's what you think... I could go my days without you.

Kiionay: Omfg...do you see what I have to put up with! Slams Kiio with a rock.


Kiionay: I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE, SLEEP, AND EAT! (That's so stalkerish.)

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